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Cabarrus Magazine Restaurant Report (9/16/15 - 10/15/15)

Oct 19, 2015 04:35PM ● By Jason Huddle
Top Three and bottom three restaurants are decided by inspection score and number of critical violations given by the Cabarrus Health Alliance.

Top Three Restaurants

Facility Type: Restaurant
Inspection Date: 10/01/2015
Score: 100
# CommentsPoints
47.4-601.11(B) and (C); Core; NonFood-contact surfaces of equipment shall be free of an accumulation of dust, dirt, FOOD residue, and other debris. Standing water found in drain near coffee machine. Drain is clean, but some odor is beginning to come from standing water.

Facility Type: Restaurant
Inspection Date: 10/15/2015
Score: 100 

# CommentsPoints
26.7-102.11; Priority Foundation; Sanitizer bucket with labeleing worn off. Labeled during inspection.0.0
45.4-101.19; Core; Some rust on shelving indownstairs cooler-if cannot keep clean, resurface. Broken door handle to one door cooler-per manager this had recently occurred. Repair.0.0
52.5-501.11; Core;Dumpster and grease bin on grass/dirt. 5-501.11 An outdoor storage surface for REFUSE, recyclables, and returnables shall be constructed of nonabsorbent material such as concrete or asphalt and shall be SMOOTH, durable, and sloped to drain. No points taken per supervisor0.0
General Comments
Discussed and left handouts on Active Managerial control and backup handouts.

3.) Taco Bell 030278
Location: 3815 Concord Parkway South CONCORD, NC 28027
Facility Type: Restaurant
Inspection Date: 10/02/2015
Score: 99.5
# CommentsPoints
42.4-901.11; Core; Air dry pans before stacking.0.5
General Comments

Bottom Three Restaurants

1.) CAPTAIN DS #507

Facility Type: Restaurant
Inspection Date: 09/30/2015
Score: 90
# CommentsPoints
1.2-102.12; Core; PIC did not have approved Food Safety training. Effective 1/1/2014, a two-point deduction will occur if PIC (person in charge) at time of inspection does not have food safety training. No one at facility has taken and passed an ANSIaccredited test.2.0
14.4-602.11; In EQUIPMENT such as ice bins and BEVERAGE dispensing nozzles and enclosed components of EQUIPMENT such as ice makers, cooking oil storage tanks and distribution lines, BEVERAGE and syrup dispensing lines or tubes, coffee bean grinders, and watervending EQUIPMENT: (a) At a frequency specified by the manufacturer, or(b) Absent manufacturer specifications, at a frequency necessary to preclude accumulation of soil or mold.ICE MACHINE WITH PINK SLIME/MOLD BUILDUP-NEED TO CLEAN AND SANITIZE ON A FREQUENCY TO KEEP SLIME AND MOLD FREE.1.5
14.4-501.114; Priority; 3-compartment sink was set up for washing and rinsing. Compartment for sanitizing was not set up, yet dirty and clean dishes were at 3-comp sink. Instructions were given on properly cleaning of containers and utensils.0.0
20.3-501.16 (A)(2) and (B); Priority; All cold potentially hazardous food shall be held at a temperature of 45 F or lower (deviled crab- 51 F, fish- 70 F, macaroni and cheese- 66 F, baked potatoes- 64 F, sliced tomatoes- 70 F, cut lettuce- 64 F, coleslaw- 49 F). CDI- All items were placed in walk-in cooler and allowed to chill.3.0
37.3-305.11; Core; Food shall be protected from contamination by storing the food at least 6 inches above the floor. Do not store box of French fries on floor of walk-in freezer.0.0
38.2-302.11; Priority Foundation; Unless wearing intact gloves in good repair, a Food Employee may not wear fingernail polish or artificial fingernails when working with exposed Food. Observed employee prepping cups of tartar sauce during inspection. CDI.0.5
38.2-402.11; Core; Food Employees shall wear hair restraints such as hats, hair coverings or nets, beard restraints, and clothing that covers body hair, that are designed and worn to effectively keep their hair from contacting exposed Food; clean equipment, utensils, and linens; and unwrapped single-service and single-use article. Observed Food employee cooking food without a hair restraint.0.0
45.4-501.11; Core; Equipment shall be maintained in good repair. Replace torn gaskets on refrigeration units in kitchen area. Repair loose door handle on walk-in cooler. Adjust refrigerator door so that it properly seals when shut. Repair leaking faucet at 3-comp sink. Repair leak at drink station on front counter.1.0
45.4-101.19; Core; Non- food contact surfaces shall be free of unnecessary ledges, projections, and crevices, and designed and constructed to allow easy cleaning and to facilitate maintenance. Shelving in refrigerator near fryer are all rusted and peeling (need replacing).0.0
47.4-601.11(B) and (C); Core; NonFood-contact surfaces of equipment shall be free of an accumulation of dust, dirt, FOOD residue, and other debris. Clean grease buildup on shelving near fryers. Clean exterior of refrigeration units, oven, and fryers in kitchen area.0.5
49.5-205.15 (A)(B); Plumbing system shall be maintained in good repair. Observed two clogged drains along fryer and hot-holing areas in kitchen. Drains do not appear to have sewage in them. The are not allowing water in the area to drain.1.0
53.6-201.11; Core; Except as specified under 6 201.14 and except for anti-slip floor covering or applications that may be used for safety reasons, floors, floor coverings, walls wall covering, and ceilings shall be designed, constructed, and installed so they are smooth and easily cleanable. Repair floor in walk-in freezer. Repair holes in walls in kitchen area.0.5
53.6-501.12; Core; PHYSICAL FACILITIES shall be cleaned as often as necessary to keep them clean. Clean floors in corners and hard-to-reach places. Clean splash from walls in facility. Clean dust from ceilings in kitchen area.0.0
General Comments
I presented the manager with paperwork to display for employees in regards to priority/priority foundation items.


Facility Type: Restaurant
Inspection Date: 09/30/2015
Score: 91
# CommentsPoints
1.2-102.12; Core;Person in charge does not have current certification as Certified Food Protection Manager to demonstrate proficiency of required information for food protection and service. Required as of 1-1-2014. Per 2-102.12, A) At least one EMPLOYEE who has supervisory and management responsibility and the authority to direct and control FOOD preparation and service shall be a certified FOOD protection manager who has shown proficiency of required information through passing a test that is part of an American National Standards Institute (ANSI)-ACCREDITED PROGRAM.2.0
8.5-205.11; Priority Foundation; Handwashing sink used to wash potatoes. Nothing else washed in sink during inspection. Need to make sure other sinks are used for food preparation. Discussed with manager. Per 4-205.11 (B), (B) A handwashing sink may not be used for purposes other than handwashing. Pf1.0
14.4-501.114; Priority; Dish machine that uses chlorine as a sanitizer had no measurable sanitizer in rinse. Manager said they will not wash dishes this evening since they have plenty of utensils and plans to have serviced if cannot make work in the morning. Please phone or e-mail inspector when consistent sanitizing verified (50 -100 ppm chlorine in rinse). May set up compartment of 3 compartment sink for sanitizing - monitor chlorine and make sure all food contact surfaces are submerged for 10 seconds in 50-100 ppm chlorine before air drying. Per 4-501.114, A chemical SANITIZER used in a SANITIZING solution for a manual or mechanical operation at contact times specified under 4 703.11(C) shall meet the criteria specified under § 7 204.11 Sanitizers, Criteria, shall be used in accordance with the EPA-registered label use instructions, and shall be used as follows P: (A) A chlorine solution shall have a minimum temperature based on the concentration and PH of the solution as listed in the following chart; P1.5
29.5-101.11; Priority;Well water supplying restaurant is unapproved since it does not meet standards required for a commercial food service permit in its current state (house constructed beside of well). Per 5-101.11, WATER shall be obtained from an APPROVED source that is: (A) A PUBLIC WATER SYSTEM; or (B) A non-PUBLIC WATER SYSTEM that is constructed, maintained, and operated according to LAW. Per Director of Environmental Health full points taken only.2.0
38.2-402.11; Core;Food employee preparing food without hair restraint at cooking equipment. Per 2-402.11, FOOD EMPLOYEES shall wear hair restraints such as hats, hair coverings or nets, beard restraints, and clothing that covers body hair, that are designed and worn to effectively keep their hair from contacting exposed FOOD; clean EQUIPMENT, UTENSILS, and LINENS; and unwrapped SINGLE-SERVICE and SINGLE-USE ARTICLES.1.0
45.4-205.10; Core;Domestic refrigerator, box freezer not approved and must meet NSF standards. Wooden shelving and supports in walk-in not approved. Sinks in food prep areas not approved and must be NSF.Per 4-205.10, Except for toasters, mixers, microwave ovens, water heaters, and hoods, FOOD EQUIPMENT shall be used in accordance with the manufacturers intended use and certified or classified for sanitation by an American National Standards Institute (ANSI)-accredited certification program. If the EQUIPMENT is not certified or classified for sanitation, the EQUIPMENT shall meet Parts 4-1 and 4-2 of the Food Code as amended by this Rule. Nonabsorbent wooden shelves that are in GOOD REPAIR may be used in dry storage areas.1.0
47.4-602.13; Core;Need to clean corners of meat glass front cooler.0.0
49.5-205.15 (A)(B); Core; Plumbing leaking at 3 compartment sink hose access and under pre-wash drainboard area. Keep in good repair.0.0
52.5-501.11; Core;;Dumpster located on ground and grease bin is on dirt on top of parking lot surface. Per 5-501.11,An outdoor storage surface for REFUSE, recyclables, and returnables shall be constructed of nonabsorbent material such as concrete or asphalt and shall be SMOOTH, durable, and sloped to drain. Per supervisor, no points for existing owner taken due to nonabsorbent pad for dumpster not being required by plan review at the time this facility was permitted.0.0
53.6-501.11; Floors and walls(broken, loose or missing tilework) in poor repair. Lavoratory cabinet in back men's restroom poor repair.Ceilings in restrooms have been repaired. Per 6-501.11, PHYSICAL FACILITIES shall be maintained in good repair0.5
General Comments
Discussed and left Active Managerial Control Handout. Note that no mop water can be poured on ground. All mop water (waste water) should go into septic system.

Facility Type: Restaurant
Inspection Date: 10/07/2015
Score: 93
# CommentsPoints
6.2-301.14; Priority; Employee just rinsed hands in pre-wash after loading dirty lunch plates and scrubbing cutting board in pre-wash and started other tasks including putting up clean utensils. Lead cook instructed employee to wash hands in handwashing sink with soap after loading dirty utensils. Per 2-301.14,FOOD EMPLOYEES shall clean their hands and exposed portions of their arms as specified under 2-301.12 immediately before engaging in FOOD preparation including working with exposed FOOD, clean EQUIPMENT and UTENSILS, and unwrapped SINGLESERVICE and SINGLE-USE ARTICLESP and: E) After handling soiled EQUIPMENT or UTENSILS; P2.0
13.3-302.11; Priority; Bag of raw gyro meat stored on shelf above ready to eat foods in walk-in cooler. Moved to shelf with raw meat. Per 3-302.11,(A) FOOD shall be protected from cross contamination by: (1) Except as specified in (1)(c) below, separating raw animal FOODS during storage, preparation, holding, and display from: (b) Cooked READY-TO-EAT FOOD; P0.0
21.3-501.18; Priority; Meat sauce in large bucket not date marked. Staff did not know when meat sauce was made. Hot dog bag opened but not date marked-marked by staff during inspection. Corn dogs date marked but were 9 days old per date marking. Per 3-501.18,(A) A FOOD specified in 3 501.17(A) or (B) shall be discarded if it: (1) Exceeds the temperature and time combination specified in 3-501.17(A), except time that the product is frozen; P (2) Is in a container or PACKAGE that does not bear a date or day; P1.5
26.7-102.11; Priority Foundation; Spray bottles with chlorine bleach and degreaser in them (after asking dish washing staff) had no labeling. Per 7-102.11, Working containers used for storing POISONOUS OR TOXIC MATERIALS such as cleaners and SANITIZERS taken from bulk supplies shall be clearly and individually identified with the common name of the material. Labeled during inspection.1.0
31.3-501.15; Priority Foundation; Observed whole turkey breast cooked in foil and cooled in foil. Although at 43 F, verify that cooling time and temperatures are being reached when cooling using this method. Turkey should cool from 135 F to 70 F within the first 2 hours of cooling and down to 45 F or below within a total of 6 hours. This should be cut into smaller pieces to support rapid cooling. Left handout on rapid cooling. Cooling a large piece of meat in the walk-in that is tightly wrapped is not a proper cooling method. Per 3-501.15, A) Cooling shall be accomplished in accordance with the time and temperature criteria specified under § 3 501.14 by using one or more of the following methods based on the type of FOOD being cooled: (1) Placing the FOOD in shallow pans; Pf (2) Separating the FOOD into smaller or thinner portions; Pf (3) Using rapid cooling EQUIPMENT; Pf (4) Stirring the FOOD in a container placed in an ice water bath; Pf (5) Using containers that facilitate heat transfer; Pf (6) Adding ice as an ingredient; Pf or (7) Other effective methods. Pf (B) When placed in cooling or cold holding EQUIPMENT, FOOD containers in which FOOD is being cooled shall be: 1) Arranged in the EQUIPMENT to provide maximum heat transfer through the container walls; and (2) Loosely covered, or uncovered if protected from overhead contamination as specified under Subparagraph 3 305.11(A)(2), during the cooling period to facilitate heat transfer from the surface of the FOOD.0.5
37.3-305.11; Core; Prepared garden salads in bowls stacked on top of each other with bottoms of bowls directly on the top of the salad underneath-use paper or tray to separate. Pan of cooked bone-in chicken not covered on lower shelving in walk-in cooler, open jugs of dressings in reach in salad cooler on lower shelving, water from freezer defrost leak overflowing pan to catch water and freezing on top of food packages. Several broken lids of rolling dry storage carts are not protecting food inside including rice, seasoning mix, and pinto beans. Handle of large ice scoop down in ice. Box of raw chicken wings and box of meat stored directly on floor of walk-in cooler. Per 3-305.11, A) Except as specified in (B) and (C) of this section, FOOD shall be protected from contamination by storing the FOOD: (1) In a clean, dry location; (2) Where it is not exposed to splash, dust, or other contamination; and (3) At least 15 cm (6 inches) above the floor.1.0
45.4-501.11; Core; Gaskets on pizza prep cooler, reach-in cooler at fryer, and walk-in freezer and cooler torn. Replace gaskets. Water leaking at condenser drain in walk-in freezer. Repair. These violations were noted on the last inspection. Walk-in freezer handle missing-repair.1.0
45.4-101.19; Core;Lids to rolling cart bulk storage bins broken, replace. Large wood block table with wood separated throughout top. This is a non-food contact surface since cutting board placed on top but is no longer easily cleanable. Replace. Per 4-202.16,NonFOOD-CONTACT SURFACES shall be free of unnecessary ledges, projections, and crevices, and designed and constructed to allow easy cleaning and to facilitate maintenance0.0
47.4-602.13; Core; Shelving in walk-in cooler moldy in few areas. Shelving around wing sauce area at pizza prep cooler dirty. Keep clean.0.0
53.6-501.11; Core; Need to repair threshold to inside walk-in cooler where cracked and no longer sealed to floor. Floor tiles in poor repair around ice machine drain and dirty standing water here. Keep in good repair.0.0
53.6-501.12; Core; Dining room air vent dirty. Keep clean.0.0
General Comments
Although previously left at facility, handout on Active Managerial control and supporting handouts on labeling chemicals, proper cooling methods, etc. left. Failure to regularly practice Active Managerial Control may result in a 2 point deduction for person in charge not performing duties.

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