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The Faces of Pharmacies are Changing

Jan 01, 2017 08:30AM ● By Jason Huddle

The Faces of Pharmacies Are Changing

Years ago, pharmacists were your go-to people, not only for a prescription, but as trusted friends. They gave advice, knew your family by name and even stopped by sometimes if they were in the neighborhood, to see how little Timmy was improving with that pesky cold.

But somewhere in our overprescribed, underserviced world, those relationships were lost. Our pharmacists became nameless faces that we saw through a drive-through window on our way to pick up dinner. And, for their part, our names were replaced with numbers.

Cannon Pharmacy and its staff have never lost sight of the importance of the relationships with their patients. Whether it’s about a new baby that’s just been born to a family or a new devastating diagnosis, Buck says it’s important that we get back to taking the time to hear these stories out.

“What would I do if it were a family member,” is a question Cannon staff are encouraged to ask themselves. “This philosophy has helped Cannon focus on the fact that what is important to the patient is important to us,” Buck says.

“People love the fact that we are taking time to know them and their story, and not just as a prescription to be filled,” she adds. “The fact that there is someone willing to listen, hear the concerns and offer some resources to address the concerns can literally mean life and death, staying at home or going in a nursing home, or feeling a burden lifted from the stressed family.”

One example Buck recalls involved a family caregiver who was “at the end of her rope.” But, because Buck was willing to listen to her woes, she was also able to suggest some services and resources that ultimately proved very beneficial for the woman.

So, is bringing back the old way of doing things the way to go? Buck thinks so. “New treatments will be developed that may change the outlook of a diagnosis,” she says. “However, there will still be a ‘story’ that needs answers and support.”

Article By: Jason Huddle

Photo Courtesy: Rady Children's Hospital - San Diego 

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