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Here Comes Allergy Season. Be Prepared!

Mar 01, 2017 08:30AM ● By Jason Huddle

Here Comes Allergy Season. Be Prepared!

Due to this year’s relatively mild winter, allergy sufferers may already be feeling the effects of an early spring. When that begins, it’s always best to seek the counsel of your local pharmacists. They are a great resource and can help patients with allergy treatment.

Cannon Pharmacy’s David Line says that North Carolina, while a great place to live, is also ranked as one of the worst for allergy sufferers. This is due to its temperate climate and abundance of flora.

Line says there are several things sufferers can do to prepare for the season. “Reduce your exposure to allergy triggers,” he says. “Don’t hang laundry outside, wear a mask while doing outdoor lawn maintenance, make sure to shower and wash your clothes after being outside, and vacuum carpets frequently. If you have cats or dogs, make sure to bathe them frequently to reduce allergens brought into your house, and change your household filters frequently.”

Line also says to pay attention to projected pollen counts each day and monitor outdoor activities accordingly, and keep windows and doors shut at home when pollen counts are high.

But the key, he adds, is to be proactive with allergy medications. “Start taking your allergy medication before the season starts. Pretreating with your allergy medication will help arm your body with a proper defense to halt allergy symptoms before they start. Ask your pharmacist for the most appropriate allergy medication recommendation.”

Common allergies in this region during the spring (March-May) include trees (Hickory, Oak, Walnut, Willow Mulberry), weeds (Ragweed, Amaranth) and grass (Bermuda, timothy, fescue).

“Allergy shots (immunotherapy) are recommended for people who have allergies more than three months a year,” Line says.

“They are not a quick fix, and typically require multiple injections spanning over months. They are available at your allergist’s office.”

Article by: Jason Huddle and David Line

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