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8 Attitudes of a Guerrilla Marketer

Apr 07, 2017 08:29PM ● By Melanie Heisinger
Marketing is the art of getting your message out such that your ideal target customers will learn of you and respond. The challenge? The sheer number of marketing messages that hit each of us every day makes it easy to tune things out. So how do you get noticed?

In 2007, Jan Conrad Levinson released an updated version of his book, Guerrilla Marketing. Originally published in 1983, the book revolutionized the way small businesses approached the issue of finding clients. Levinson drew a stark contrast with the way marketing was traditionally conducted by larger businesses, and how a smart small-business owner could and should market themselves. Large businesses tend to have oversized marketing & advertising budgets and thus could rely on brute force. Guerrilla marketers “rely on the brute force of a vivid imagination.”
An interesting story about a small bookstore drove home the point. This business owner found himself sandwiched between two giant booksellers, both of which were trying to outdo the other. Each megastore hung huge banners that were each larger than the small business storefront, loudly proclaiming huge discounts. What could the small-business owner do? Thinking like a Guerrilla Marketer, he simply hung his own banner that read “Main Entrance”.
Marketing is about contact, about getting people to change their mind about doing business with you. It is about being fascinating, and about making your existing customers want to go nowhere else.
A chapter in Levinson’s book addresses these 8 attitudes of a guerrilla company:
1.     Passion    Genuine enthusiasm about what your product or service can do for your customers.
2.     Generosity    Listen and see things from your customer’s point of view. Give additional value, not just free stuff.
3.     Speed    Respond to your customers’ requests, and do it fast. “Making them wait is showing disrespect for their time, and time is something they cherish.”
4.     Neatness    “If people see that your premises are neat, they assume that’s the way you do business.”
5.     Telephone demeanor  Consistent, polite, responsive. Remember, they are calling you; don’t blow it!
6.     Value    “Value is far more crucial than price. And perceived value is far more crucial than value.”
7.     Easy to do business with     “Heightened awareness and acute sensitivity to customer needs.”
8.     Flexibility    It’s expected. If you don’t offer it, somebody else will.
Guerrilla marketing doesn’t have to be expensive. It does have to be creative, and involves getting inside the head of your customer and never letting go.

By Warren Williams, President of TurningPoint Coaching 

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