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In This Issue: July '17

Jul 01, 2017 08:30AM ● By Jason Huddle
Jason Huddle, Publisher

Isn’t it funny how one group of people can go from heroes to villains in the blink of an eye? I remember, after 9/11, police, fire fighters and other emergency first responders in communities across the nation were held in high esteem. People would stop them on the street and thank them for serving their community so selflessly. 

Last summer, we saw an about-face in the way some of the nation viewed our police forces. Instead of heroes, some began to proclaim that racism and hatred had infiltrated units across America. Because of the actions of a few officers (as well as false narratives in some cases), it seemed all police officers had been demonized to the point where people actually began to target and kill these men and women who have devoted their lives to protecting and serving the people of their communities.

I’ll be the first to say that some of my colleagues in the media perpetuated this movement. They fueled the fire of racism with half-truths and biased reports. It was as shameful to watch as the events that led to riots across the country last year. It is my belief that our nation is more racially divided now than it was 30 years ago.

Regardless, one can’t deny that there is a need in this country, and our community, to come together and understand one another. That starts by examining all areas of any issue. That is what we have attempted to do this month. We went out with police officers to experience what they experience on a daily basis. We spoke with African-American members of our community to gain their perspective and we also delved into what the local police forces are doing to maintain and even improve relations with their communities.

This month’s edition may not be the Cabarrus Magazine you are used to, but I believe it is necessary. Even as a lifestyle publication, we can’t just ignore important issues of our community. On the contrary. We need to face them head on so that we might move forward, together.


Jason Huddle

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July, 2017

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