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How to Successfully Deal with Business Growing Pains

Sep 08, 2017 07:12PM ● By Melanie Heisinger

Photo by Markus Spiske

by Warren Williams

I live in Cabarrus County; Kannapolis, to be specific. I have lived here since 2001, and have seen a lot of growth and change since then.
We are currently undergoing a significant level of road improvement projects, centered around the widening of I-85. There are plenty of side projects related to this major overhaul, including bridge replacements, local road re-routing, new exit/entrance ramps, and the like. Needless to say, it has been and will continue to be a major disruption for travelers and residents alike until the work reaches some degree of completion.
The size and scope of these projects presents all kinds of communication challenges, between government and municipal leaders, businesses, and consumers alike. The desire all around is to get this project completed sooner rather than later, as to minimize the negative impacts of construction, and gain the benefits that will come at the end of the inconveniences.
This challenge is clearly on display right now, with decisions to close several bridges that cross the interstate (a change that apparently very few were prepared for nor aware of). Affected businesses and residents are rightfully concerned, and the finger-pointing has already begun.
Growing pains? Of course. Avoidable? Not sure, but the communication breakdown certainly could have been avoided.
If you are still reading, you may be wondering what this has to do with growing your business!
My point is this: often we have to undertake major ‘reconstruction’ projects as our business grows. From new computer systems and software, to phone system replacements and upgrades, to reorganizations or relocations. It’s a par for the course and a cost of doing business, and the last thing you need is for something like poor communication clogging up the process. The project itself is hard enough without adding the complexity of unsnarling mixed lines of communication and the damage-control that inevitably follows.
Don’t overlook the fact that your team(s) have to stay informed in order to stay effective during a time of disruption. The goal is not to just ‘survive’ the turmoil, it is to minimize the negative impacts while keeping your team intact and focused one moving the business.
Difficult? Of course, but it can be done, and your business will be stronger for it.

By Warren Williams, President of TurningPoint Coaching 

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