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Straight from the Heart

Feb 01, 2018 08:30AM ● By Jason Huddle

Straight from the Heart

February is Heart Healthy Awareness month. According to the American Heart Association, “Someone dies from heart disease, stroke or another cardiovascular disease every 43 seconds.” 

Nutrition Tips to Keep Your Heart Healthy

Take it slow and steady – Consider adding a piece or two of fruit each day.

Enjoy home cooking and save money –

Preparing meals at home can be more nutritious than eating out.

Be strategic when eating out – Consider asking for more vegetables instead of deep-fried foods.

Beware of those ‘popular’ diets – Companies attempt to profit from weight loss at New Year’s resolution time.

Drink to your health – Choose water instead of soda or sweetened beverages. Limit alcohol intake and high-calorie specialty coffee drinks.

Approach exercise the same way: start slow. If you smoke, you need to quit. Sedentary people are at greater risk of having their heart muscle shrink and stiffen in late-middle age, which can increase their risk for heart failure. Studies have shown this can be reversed with moderate aerobic exercise five times per week.

Cannon pharmacist, George Veltri, states that it’s important for everyone to “know their numbers.” New guidelines recommend a stricter blood pressure goal of less than 130/80 across the board. However, this needs to be tailored to each patient. 

He recommends those with blood pressure that averages over 140/80 see their doctor. They may need to be treated with medications. For those over 50, a risk assessment can be done to see if low-dose aspirin is beneficial. It’s also wise to check with your pharmacist before purchasing over-the-counter medications or homeopathic supplements. Many can either raise your blood pressure or interact with prescribed medications.

Veltri encourages his patients to have a home blood pressure monitor or come into the store to check their blood pressure at least three times per week to help evaluate control and minimize overtreatment.

People say that when someone dies of a heart attack, they died of natural causes. Let’s make this the year that we say there is nothing natural if we can do something about it.

Article by: George Veltri

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