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Halfway There: Bon Jovi Contest Winner to Perform in Concord Saturday Night.

Mar 15, 2018 04:20PM ● By Jason Huddle

Last year, Michael Tracy was just one of thousands of musicians trying to make a career out of his music. Then, what may turn out to be his big break, happened. He won a contest to open for none other than Bon Jovi in Greenville, SC. This Saturday, Tracy plans to rock the crowd at Chez Francois Music Hall in downtown to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.

As to getting to open for the legendary 2018 Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame inductee band, Tracy says it was everything you could imagine. “The interesting part for me, since I grew up listening to him, it was surreal,” Tracy explained. “I’ve done a lot of shows, but his crowds are amazing. It still hasn’t sunk in.”

Tracy, who learned to play guitar at a very young age, says he has always had a passion for music, but he didn’t know that’s where his life was headed. “I Married and joined the Navy young,” he said. “I didn’t even have a band or anything until 2011.” Finally, Tracy began writing his own music and his wife convinced him to start performing what he was writing at local open mic nights. “Things just kept progressing forward and then I started recording.”

As to what people coming out to his shows can expect, Tracy said to count on a lot of energy. “We hear all the time that we are a lot more ‘rocking’ than people expect,” Tracy elaborated. “We throw in covers (classic rock) along with our own songs. We enjoy playing on stage and people pick up on that.”

Genre influences for his music include southern rock, blues and country, but Tracy is quick to point out his music is not necessarily exclusive to any of those things. “I grew up on Fleetwood Mac, Queen and (Led) Zeppelin,” Tracy recalled. “But really everything from 70’s to now (influences our music). I tried to mimic (Eric) Clapton and (the late) Stevie Ray Vaughn in my guitar playing. I’m older so I don’t write songs about one-night stands or partying. Most of my songs come from a more mature place like hope and life with some good rock and roll.”

The Bon Jovi opening gig for Michael Tracy has seemed to open some doors and he eluded that he may be a more well-known name in the non-to-distant future. Regardless, his commitment to make his career the most successful it can be is of top priority. “We want to be the best band we can possibly be,” He said. “I want to compete against the best out there. This is my career so I want it to be as successful as possible. I want my music to reach as many people as possible.”

One more step on that journey continues Saturday night at 9pm when Michael Tracy will take the stage at Chez Francois Music Hall in Concord. Catch him on the way up!

Article By: Jason Huddle
Photo Courtesy: Steve Moore

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