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If I only had a...

Jul 01, 2018 08:30AM ● By Jason Huddle

If I only had a...

On the way to see the Wizard of Oz, Dorothy and Toto find a scarecrow and a tinman who desire vital organs – a brain and a heart. After they travel to Oz with Dorothy, they discover that they took for granted what they already had.

We, as a society, tend to be the same way. We have the organs we need but take them for granted until a crisis happens. As a general rule, most individuals are born with healthy organs. Over time, they are compromised by chronic diseases that cannot be cured by medications or prevented by vaccines. Lifestyle is a large contributor to chronic diseases, but not the sole cause.  

When the chronic disease state progresses, we get in crisis mode and may have a self-talk that says, “If I only had a (healthy)…”

According the National Institutes of Health, “Not all chronic diseases are fatal, and not all fatal conditions are chronic. Nonetheless, seven of every ten Americans who die each year – more than 1.7 million people – succumb to a chronic disease.”

In light of this statistic and to honor National Donate Life ECHO (Every Community Has Opportunity) week, Cannon Pharmacy’s Amanda Buck and Angie Cawa offer some vital  information for you.

• Talk with your doctor and pharmacist about conditions/medications that impact organs, and how to help prevent further damage. Follow the recommendations provided.

• If you have had an organ transplant, follow your medication regimen exactly to prevent any rejection of your new organ.

• Take care of your organs, as we are only guaranteed one set. We can change tires or parts on a car, but we are not always guaranteed an organ repair/replacement.

• Consider being an organ donor.   According to the United Network for Organ Sharing, 20 people die each day waiting for an organ.

If you have any questions, please consult with your pharmacist or Amanda Buck at 704-933-6337, ext. 3007. For organ donation, visit By using our brain and heart, we can make a difference!

By Amanda Buck and Angie Cawa

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