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In This Issue: January, 2019

Jan 01, 2019 08:30AM ● By Jason Huddle

Happy 2019, everyone! Can you believe it? We’re almost out of the teens in this young century! Some things don’t change, though. For instance, I’m sure, on New Year’s Eve, you promised yourself a change in your life. Perhaps you resolved to quit smoking or lose some weight. Maybe this is the year you told yourself you would finally get back to the gym or begin eating healthier. Regardless, most New Year’s resolutions usually revolve around some form of self-improvement.

There are some things that do change, however, like the way we go about making those changes. Typically, we like to focus on health or well-being in January, because that’s usually on everyone’s mind. But, this year, we wanted to find some new and inventive ways to look or feel better. Therefore, this issue is entitled, Not Your Mom’s Fitness Routine.

This month, we’ll visit with Lori Kelley, ringmaster at Cirq-U. She’s teaching physical fitness in a unique and fun way by instructing even the most novice of athletes on circus acrobatic skills. If flying high in the air isn’t your thing, how about working out some aggression while getting fit at i Love Kickboxing? Finally, let’s examine the world of CBD oils. What are they? Why are they legal? What is in them that is helping young and old alleviate chronic conditions? There are very few of us who aren’t looking for some way to look and feel better, so perhaps this issue has something for you!

By the way, this edition also marks our 18th anniversary of bringing you this publication. Please allow me to take a moment to thank each and every one of our readers, subscribers and advertisers for their support throughout the years. We look forward to continuing our mission to provide informative and entertaining editorial content to the people of – and visitors to – Cabarrus County!


Happy New Year!

Jason Huddle


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January, 2019

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