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How Do You Manage Your Social Media Marketing?

Feb 15, 2019 08:30AM ● By Jason Huddle

Every year, the small businesses and nonprofits we work with want to know what the social media trends are for the coming year. The platforms are always changing, but so are the consumers in how they use the different platforms. These continuous changes make it very difficult to keep using the same marketing strategies year after year.

The struggle hits hardest for what I call marketing “do it yourselfers” – owners of small businesses, solo entrepreneurs or the individual within a larger company who is assigned the task of digital communication. Trying to keep up with all of the information out there and knowing where to spend their time and money can be very frustrating. Most people end up just throwing things on Facebook or Instagram without a true plan or strategy in place and rarely have time to go back and analyze their own analytics to see what is working and what isn’t.

As a social media strategist, I am constantly plugged into the latest news coming out of the social media world and I enjoy figuring out how that translates to making an impact for small organizations and I have outlined three of my favorites for this year below.

1.     Humanize Your Brand

The biggest advice I am giving this year is that you have to drive a truly human-centered approach to your customer relations and look at social media as more of an avenue to build relationships than to sell products. Make sure that if someone leaves a comment on a post, you engage with them and thank them – maybe even take that a step further and start implementing user-generated content in your posts. Someone who took the time to share a photo and tag your brand LOVES being recognized. It builds a true relationship with that individual and they then become a grassroots part of your marketing team!

We have started using this strategy on the Cannon YMCA’s Instagram page and it is working GREAT! Check it out at Take a look at the writeups and see how we weave in giving them a shout out! This has resulted in more followers on the page over the last few months.

New to Instagram? We have put together an Instagram Challenge that walks you through 5 steps in 5 days to amp up your profile. Sign up at

2.     Video Is Still King

If you have not yet added video to your marketing plan, you absolutely have to in 2019. It is how people get their information! You do not have to have fancy video equipment – the average smartphone has more than enough horsepower to give you great video quality. You can use a simple editing program like iMovie which is a free app on your phone. (Remember that social media videos don’t need to be overproduced.) The umms and ahhs are acceptable and more authentic. Being yourself goes a long way with connecting with your potential customers.

PerryPro Tip: We use to generate captions for our videos as 90% of people watch videos with the sound off. With Rev, the captions are almost always perfect AND it is only $1 per minute. No joke – it is the best.

3.     Marketers, Give Email It’s Due

An email newsletter is the only place where individuals—not algorithms—are in control. So as much as people want to know about social media, I always remind them that they need to have a strong focus on growing their email list too. That is where people act – they may have seen something on social media about a product or event, but they don’t click purchase until an email lands in their inbox. We recently promoted a free webinar on Facebook and only had 5 people signed up for it. We sent one email and that number jumped to 86 in one day.

But, remember, people get a lot of emails and that yours needs to have a reason to be opened. Make sure you think about your customers pain points and how you can assert that you are the most qualified person to solve them. Answer questions like…Is my reader going to learn something new from this email? OR Is this email going to inspire them to purchase or support this cause?

Lisa Perry, perryproductions

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This article written by: Lisa Perry

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