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Don’t Hesitate to Learn About Your Prostate!

Prostate cancer is very common and most men diagnosed are above the age of 50. Our friends at Cannon Pharmacy explain why you shouldn't wait to get checked!

Vaccines…Not Just for Children

Did you know older adults need vaccinations from at least three separate diseases beginning at age 50? Our Friends at Cannon Pharmacy are here to help!

In This Issue: August '18

Come with us as we explore agritourism and what Cabarrus County's great outdoors has to offer!

If I only had a...

Taking care of your organs might not only prolong your own life, but could save someone else's in the future! Our friends at Cannon Pharmacy explain!

In This Issue: July '18

That's Entertainment! This month we explore the many forms of entertainment offered in Cabarrus County, whole also exploring how we stack up against larger tourist destinations!

Keeping Seniors Safe from Falls

It's a national problem. Thousands of senior citizens are injured each year due to falls. Our friends at Cannon Pharmacy are here with good advice on how to prevent this from happening.

In this Issue: June '18

Skills, Careers, Education - What kinds of opportunities are available to students coming up? What kinds of jobs await them when they're ready? This month, we explore both!

Focusing on Child Wellness

April has several observances dedicated to the wellness of children National Autism Awareness Day, Infant Immunization week and Child Abuse Prevention Month! Sponsored by Cannon Pharmacy!

In This Issue: April '18

This month CM is all about fashion as we explore the trends of the last 100 years and meet some local designers who are setting the tone for the next 100. Make it work!

Helping Others Cope

Some are fighting private battles with physical and mental wellness every day. It's a good thing there are places like Cannon Pharmacy to help. Here is one man's story.

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