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Mid-Year Business Check-up: 9 Questions For Every Business Owner

We've reached the halfway point of the year! How's your business fairing? Here's a quick check list to help you out, brought to you by our friends at C12 Group, and video about leadership!

5 Reasons You Need a Plan for Your Business

Warren Williams, President of TurningPoint Coaching, gives us 5 great reasons why your business needs a plan.

Outside the Boardroom: When God and Business Intersect (Video)

We've all heard that God should be the center of our marriage, business and our life. But what happens when that belief is put to the test? Here's a true story, presented by C12 Group.

Why Success? Why Failure?

Warren Williams, President of TurningPoint Coaching, examines some of the reasons why businesses both fail and succeed

Continuous Life-Long Learning

Warren Williams, President of TurningPoint Coaching, talks reinvention and being open to constant change, for continuous and lifelong learning.

C12 Business Advice: The Archer (Video)

Are you a good archer for your business? Are you hitting your targets? Watch this short video, presented by The C12 Group, and learn what it takes to properly calibrate your business.

The Right Data Means Better Decisions

Why take the time to dig deeper into your business? Warren Williams, President of TurningPoint Coaching, tells us why it's important.

Doing Business God’s Way

Does the secret to a successful business reside in the Bible? Some business owners, like Simon Roofing's Steve Manser say yes. This article is sponsored by The C12 Group.

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