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Asthma: Know the Signs. Know the Treatment.

Apr 01, 2017 ● By Jason Huddle

Many people are unaware Asthma can occur later in life. Do you know the symptoms or how to treat it? This month, our friends at Cannon Pharmacy help us breathe a little easier.

In this Issue: April '17

Apr 01, 2017 ● By Jason Huddle

Dig in to our Foodie issue, where we highlight some of the newest and most unique eateries in Cabarrus County! Just try not to drool all over the screen!

Here Comes Allergy Season. Be Prepared!

Mar 01, 2017 ● By Jason Huddle

Spring is here and so are pollen and mold, among other culprits, that often cause misery for allergy suffers everywhere. Fortunately, our friends at Cannon pharmacy are here to help.

In this Issue: February '17

Feb 01, 2017 ● By Jason Huddle

Kid Stuff! We explore resources for kids around Cabarrus County, including: Big Bothers/Big Sisters, Boys & Girls Club, as well as options prospective parents have in the area for adoption!

Flu Shots: It’s Not Too Late!

Feb 01, 2017 ● By Jason Huddle

It's not too late to get your flu shot and the folks from Cannon Pharmacy are here to abolish some myths regarding the vaccine!

The Faces of Pharmacies are Changing

Jan 01, 2017 ● By Jason Huddle

Cannon Pharmacy is striving to bring back what pharmacists used to be. Their plan? Listen to their patients.

In this Issue: December '16

Dec 01, 2016 ● By Jason Huddle

Racing and shopping are big attractions in Cabarrus county, but they're not the only thing! Come with us as we experience all the entertainment Cabarrus County has to offer!

Medicare 102

Nov 01, 2016 ● By Jason Huddle

We continue our series on Medicare enrollment and making sure your get the right plan for you - especially when it comes to prescriptions. Sponsored by Cannon Pharmacy.

In this Issue: November '16

Nov 01, 2016 ● By Melanie Heisinger

Retail Therapy! Just in time for shopping season, we've got the scoop on what exciting changes are coming to Concord Mills, plus we'll take you to some great local boutiques and much more!

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