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SAVVINESS FOR FREE! There may be no such thing as a free lunch, but there is such thing as savvy Realtors across the U.S. (legal in 41 states) that offer their clients listing discounts and free rebates for home buyers! Our very own, Cabarrus County "5 Star Real Estate Agent" (9 year winner. See details below.) and as seen on HGTV Realtor® is one of those ready to keep more money in your pockets!

WHEN PURCHASING A HOME: Not only is Bryan Kalentek's award winning service and protection free to you, but you'll also receive an instant credit of $1,000 at your closing!* This is ALL 100% FREE TO YOU, because the seller or home builder pays all of the real estate commissions. (*Contingent upon your lender's approval.) WHEN SELLING A HOME: Take advantage of keeping thousands of dollars in your pocket with Bryan's reduced 2% listing fee! You'll save $1,000 for EVERY $100K of the selling price. (ex. At a selling price of $270K, utilizing Bryan Kalentek will save you $2,700; compared to a conventional 3% listing fee.)

Sellin' or Buyin', call on Bryan! 704-232-5615 _______________________________________________________________________________________

TOP 7% IN CLIENT SATISFACTION: With great thanks to past clients appreciation by submitting a survey conducted by a 3rd party research company, we just learned 2016 is the 9th year in a row Bryan Kalentek has scored in the top 7% in overall client satisfaction among over 8,000 real estate agents in the region!

"The Five Star Real Estate Agent Program is designed to identify real estate agents in a given market who satisfy objective criteria that are associated with providing quality services to clients.

Award candidates are identified through nominations received by consumers. To receive the Five Star Real Estate Agent award, a real estate agent must satisfy five objective eligibility and evaluation criteria that are associated with real estate agents who provide quality services to their clients. The award process is conducted annually in each market.

Recent homebuyers (all area residents who purchased a home over a pre‐defined minimum ($100,000‐$200,000) within an eight to 36-month period, depending on the market size) are asked to evaluate real estate agents with whom they have worked and evaluate them based upon ten criteria. Recent homebuyers may evaluate up to two real estate agents in order to measure the experience associated with the purchase and sale side of a move. Self-nominations are not accepted." -Five Star Professional (Crescendo Business Services, LLC)

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