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Viva Boutique

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Founded 2012

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BECOME A VIVA DIVA and SAVE! Viva Boutique is now available online only. Find out why everyone's talking about our great fashions at Viva Boutique! Check out our great selection of casual to dressy styles from sizes 2-22! Try our awesome collections of jewelry, scarves, purses and other accessories to go with our amazing vintage to traditional styles. Join us for a UNIQUE SHOPPING EXPERIENCE!


Viva Boutique is packed with a great selection of colorful, trendy and comfortable clothing! The staff is very helpful and knows just what would look great. I highly recommend checking out this wonderful new women's clothing store in downtown Concord, NC. I hear that she will ship orders too.

Service on Aug 08

Viva Boutique has made a new me! I feel better about myself than I have in a long time! Virginia has a great selection of styles and colors!

Service on Feb 04