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Local Pharmacy Offers New Resource for Seniors

Amanda Buck, of Cannon Pharmacy, has successfully completed her SCSA training which makes her a true asset to seniors trying to navigate pharmaceutical waters! Sponsored by Cannon Pharmacy!

Making Strides Against Breast Cancer

The American Cancer Society is preparing for its second annual march against breast cancer in Cabarrus County next month! Get involved! This article sponsored by The American Cancer Society!

In this Issue: September '17

This month it's all about the culinary arts! We'll look at how to cook healthy, but tasty, how to cook with wine and even look at new options for young chefs-in-the-making!

Cabarrus County Restaurant Health Inspection Report (7/17/17-8/16/17)

View the top 3 and bottom 3 performers in this month's restaurant health inspection report from the Cabarrus Health Alliance.

Cabarrus Health Alliance Turns 20, Talks Accomplishments & Goals for the Future

Early July 2017, Cabarrus Health Alliance turned 20 years old. We got in touch with Public Health Director for Cabarrus County Dr. William Pilkington to learn more.

Light On Their Feet

Some people in Cabarrus County are dancing their way to a new body and having fun in the process!

Vaccinations for Adults: The Basics

We all know that vaccinations for our children are important, but many adults are unaware they need to be vaccinated as well. Our friends at Cannon Pharmacy explain what you should know!

Martial Arts: Confidence in Self

Some people are choosing to get fit and learn self-defense at the same time. As it turns out, there are several types of martial arts offered in Cabarrus County. Hi-Ya!

The Women of Burn

This isn't your mother's gym. Women from all walks of life are finding a new and intense workout at Burn Boot Camp.

In this Issue: August '17

Let's Get Physical! America is one of the most overweight and unhealthy nations in the world, but there is a new revolution. Come meet some people in Cabarrus County who've made it their mission in life to get people off the coach and on the road to good health!

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