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Read some articles from back issues of the print edition and supplemental content.

Emily Francis: Perseverance Personified

Local Teacher, Astrid Emily Francis is quickly becoming a rock star. The subject of a People magazine article in January, then an appearance on Ellen in February!

The American Dream?

The United States Census Bureau estimates Cabarrus County’s 2017 population to have neared 207,000 people. Of that number, just under 19,000 are Hispanic – almost 10 percent.

Fashion Design: Instant Language

Local designers are putting their spin on today's fashion! Read all about it!

We Are What We Wear

What does your style say about you?

Breaking Bread: Chocolate-Hazelnut Granola

A sweet way to start the day and we've got the recipe!

Focusing on Child Wellness

April has several observances dedicated to the wellness of children National Autism Awareness Day, Infant Immunization week and Child Abuse Prevention Month! Sponsored by Cannon Pharmacy!

Fashion Statements

A quick look through the fashions of the last 100 years. What's next? As trends go, don't get rid of your old clothes just yet!

In This Issue: April '18

This month CM is all about fashion as we explore the trends of the last 100 years and meet some local designers who are setting the tone for the next 100. Make it work!

Helping Others Cope

Some are fighting private battles with physical and mental wellness every day. It's a good thing there are places like Cannon Pharmacy to help. Here is one man's story.

DNA: The Genetic Lottery

In the past 20 years, DNA testing has gone from science fiction to commonplace. Now we are just beginning to unlock the potential of what this science can tell us about ourselves.

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