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Read some articles from back issues of the print edition and supplemental content.

Small Business: A Political Conversation

The elections are over, but what does it all mean for Cabarrus County? We sat down with local leaders and business owners to get their take on what's ahead for our region in 2017.

The President’s Effect

Does a new President have a serious effect on our investment portfolio? Keith Laibson, of Family Wealth Partners, is here to offer some insight.

The Faces of Pharmacies are Changing

Cannon Pharmacy is striving to bring back what pharmacists used to be. Their plan? Listen to their patients.

Breaking Bread: Boeuf Bourguignon

We welcome our new sponsor (and restaurant in Concord) for this feature for 2017, Chez Francois! This month, warm people's hearts and tummies with some French cooking!

In this Issue: January '17

The elections are over! But what does it mean for Cabarrus County? Come with us as we discuss the subject with several local leaders and business owners.

Escape Rooms: Experiential Entertainment

You're in a room with no windows and no doors. You and your friends have to find the clues that will enable your escape? Are you game? Some new local businesses hope so!

Sam Bass: Passing Along Creativity

Local artist and celebrity, Sam Bass, has new digs and is taking a renewed stance to give back to this community he loves so much.

Old Courthouse Theatre: Catch the Acting Bug

Old Courthouse Theatre is Cabarrus County's only true community theater in that all events are performed and produced by local volunteers.

K-1 Speed: It’s a Rush

Go karts aren't just for kids anymore and weather is not a factor at K-1 speed.

Southern Grace Distilleries: Now Behind Bars

Southern Grace Distilleries has grown from an idea to brewing award-winning potent potables ironically out of a place where some used to be sent for doing just that - an old prison.

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