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The President's Effect

What, if any, impact on your IRA|401k|other Investments

There is no cost to attend and dinner is paid for by us. You will order when you arrive at the location and doors will open at 5:15pm. The President's Effect will begin at 6. People think who the President is, how the Economy is doing, and even how free a Society is all correlate with how well the stock markets perform ... but they do not. By attending the President's Effect you will see how our perceptions are rarely aligned with the reality and how to invest despite who is in office. • Discover how markets performed during presidential administrations and what role a President plays in how your investments rise or fall. • See how Perceptions & Realities do not always align. • Find out how to invest and what to do, no matter who is in the White House. • Realize what the media’s role is in all of this. • Learn strategies to have greater peace of mind about investing and saving for your future. ... and More.

Date & Time

November 1, 2016

5:15PM - 7:15PM


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