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In This Issue: August, 2015

Aug 01, 2015 12:00AM ● By Jason Huddle
“Youth is wasted on the young...Don’t trust anyone over 35...If it’s too loud, you’re too old!”

 These sayings, and many like them – set to disparage the members of a different generation – have been repeated for years. One generation always thinks it has the most knowledge, wisdom and know-how than the others. It’s human nature. In today’s culture, some of the younger generations might believe Baby Boomers’ ideals to be outdated and obsolete, while older members of our society may see generations X and Y as reckless. And Generation Z? Well they’re just too young to know what’s good for them yet, right?
The truth of the matter is that everyone has something to contribute to our community. We need the experience of the ‘greatest generation’ to couple with the innovation of Generation X to work together to build a better society.

It is with this idea that we present this month’s issue, aptly entitled, The Generation Gap. We took people from all walks of life and asked them the same questions so that our readers could see that each one of them has relevant points of view.

We hope you’ll use this issue as a means to start a discussion with your own family and friends – especially ones of a different generation – and open your mind to how they think.

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Here are the individual articles for August, 2015:


Traditionals: Doing More With Less


Baby Boomers: Work to Live, Not Live to Work


Generation X: Latchkey Kids?


Generation Y: Life in Real Time

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