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In this Issue: Sept. '15

Sep 01, 2015 12:02PM ● By Jason Huddle


 I think it’s a quality that many of us possess – to make a difference. Whether that impact is felt globally, in our community or simply in our homes, the fact that we have an effect on the world around us gives us a sense of purpose.

Likewise, as a community, I believe we collectively want to know that we’re making an impact on the world. For some regions, the effect felt beyond their own borders is minimal at best. But, for Cabarrus County, the reverberations of new industry taking root here are being felt around the globe.

Does that sound a bit dramatic? Perhaps. But it doesn’t make it any less true. In a plant that used to produce ‘cancer sticks,’ there’s now emerging a new breed of energy conservation that might one day solve the world’s energy crisis, courtesy of Alevo.

Companies like Amazon, FedEx and Pepsi Bottling Ventures have taken notice of this area and are investing into it with distribution centers and, more importantly, jobs. Where a mighty textile plant once stood, a research campus that may truly change the way we live has taken shape. The discoveries being made there are not only changing the world, they’re changing lives.

These companies aren’t just using Cabarrus County as a base of operations, their philanthropic impact is being felt here at home as well. It is with that in mind that we have dubbed this issue Good “Works,” works in terms of employment and charity.

People sometimes ask me why I’m so proud of this community. The truth is, there are many reasons, but this issue certainly represents a big one. Enjoy!


Jason Huddle

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