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Mary Beth Wrenn

Sep 30, 2015 10:29AM ● By Jason Huddle

By: Kim Cassell 

An aura is defined as “the distinctive atmosphere or quality that seems to surround and be generated by a person, thing or place…a supposed emanation surrounding the body of a living creature, viewed by mystics, spiritualists and some practitioners of complementary medicine as the essence of the individual, and allegedly discernible by people with special sensibilities.” 

 Growing up in New Jersey and a Cabarrus County resident since 1993, Mary Beth Wrenn has always seen people’s auras; she actually thought everyone saw them and that the colors she perceived in her daily life were of the norm.

“When I realized not everyone could see them (colors), I was about 19, 20 years old. But I started getting weird visions when I was 14. My psychic ability would refer to people in the third person; I knew it was my intuition talking,” Wrenn explains, adding, “I see impressionistically. I see things differently and process them differently.” says, “Aura colors’ meaning will vary significantly, as auras contain many different colors, change colors constantly and each shade reveals a different meaning. Your mood, what you’re doing and what you’re experiencing in life all determine the colors of your aura at any given time. Make no mistake, colors do contain meaning, but attempts to create ‘cut and dried’ color codes greatly oversimplify the matter.

“Within each color, there are many different shades and tones. Each unique shade communicates a different aura color meaning. Take a simple example: the color red. A bright shade of red that contains a lot of yellow reads very differently than a dark shade of red that contains a lot of brown. Each of these tones would express something different about your aura. A trained clairvoyant reader can look at these shades of color and interpret their unique shades of meaning.”

According to Wrenn, spirits and ghosts are simply auras without bodies. They can come across as moving light beams, waves, orbs, etc. Her website says, “Your aura projects your thoughts, holds your soul’s past lives’ memories, and carries your internal and external images into the future. Your soul knows the future. Your soul still projects energy once it leaves our vessel of life (the body). It’s the ego that decides which direction to take.” 

Orbs: Fact or Fiction?

Orbs – or light anomalies – are probably one of the best-known pieces of evidence in the support of the paranormal. With the advent of the digital camera in the 1990s, more orbs are appearing in photos and video. Are they dust particles, insects, moisture, the result of a camera flash? Size, color and location may vary, but ghost investigators view them as ghost lights, giving off their own energy and moving at will.

According to, “Good indications of real orbs are those that have been photographed without the camera’s flash or those that are seen with the naked eye and self-illuminated. Video recordings of these lights did not require any artificial light source. Whether moving fast, moving slow or standing still, orbs are spiritually intriguing. Orbs have been known to, sometimes, ‘hang around’ people. This would tend to cause some to believe that orbs might be angels, spirit guides or deceased relatives.

“Not surprising, orbs have been seen with psychics and mediums while they work. Sometimes, the orbs are said to be within or emanating from their auras. It is also claimed that any spiritual ritual, such as prayer, worship or healing services, can bring forth spirit orbs in photos. Accordingly, some have asked if orbs could be an indication of the presence of enlightened spirits or if orbs could be halos.

“Orbs have been reported above fields with crop circles, at funerals, births, death scenes, religious services and around every facet of everyday life. Interestingly enough, orbs have been followed and even played with by animals, such as cats and dogs. Cats seem to be particularly adept at seeing orbs, and some people claim that animal friends who visit from the other side are occasionally seen as orbs.”

Some accounts have documented being able to zoom in on a photo of an orb and see faces – human or animal, one or several – within them. Others have reportedly seen buildings. These spheres can move slowly or dart across a room, then quickly change direction or speed. says that the various colors of orbs have different meanings. “Interpretation of the colors varies according to different beliefs,” the site explains. “However, in most cases, people interpreting orb colors and assigning a meaning do so based on spiritual beliefs about the meaning of various colors. It is important to note that these are spiritual theories only and have no basis in scientific fact.

“One theory of orbs with different colors is that spirits are manifesting in the best way they can. In these cases, the colors may have no meaning at all, or a spirit could be trying to communicate something with the color. Use your own feelings as a barometer to see what you believe the orb and its color means to you (see sidebar).”

Wrenn comes from a long line of religious men on her father’s side – ministers, professional organists – and faith plays a role in her readings. “I say The Lord’s Prayer to clear my energy. ‘Thy kingdom come, thy will be done’…that’s when I let go of me and it takes over,” she says.

So what she does in a reading, in essence, is enter the auras of both the living and the dead to see if there is a connection to be made. Sometimes there isn’t, but sometimes the results are pretty amazing.

“The very first time it happened (she started communicating for the general public), it was the years after graduation from high school,” Wrenn says. “It was my choir teacher. She came to a party where I was doing readings. It was an hour-long conversation with her husband.”


“A young lady had been coming to get readings with me at the old Central Sun Storehouse (metaphysical store) in Charlotte. She had to be 5’3”, a waif of a woman. She wanted to know what was going on in her future. I use tarot cards once in a while and a woman’s energy came up really close to me. She was in a wheelchair in my mind. She stood up and said, ‘Tell her I can walk now.’ She said her name was Lily. Her energy got three inches from my face.

“I said to the young woman, ‘She said to take the Valium out of your purse, you’re not going to kill yourself today.’ She was intending on downing the 100 pills she had right after the reading. She was taking such abuse at home, and her mother kicked her ass from the other side.

“The woman went to her minister and told him what happened. He poo-pooed the entire thing and told her that what she did was wrong. She came back the next day and said, ‘I knew you were talking to my mom.’ As a gift, she gave me a small bottle of perfume called Ghost.”

Wrenn does have one stipulation with regard to communicating with those who have passed on. “When a person comes to see me, and their loved one has just died, stop. Wait at least 45 days because the spirit is still adjusting to the energy,” she says. “The other side rules the show. I, personally, don’t like to ask questions of the living; it throws off my energy.”

Energy is key in other respects. “Once a spirit surrenders, energy is released. They don’t stay locked into one place because they pull energy from the living…watches, people, etc. Also, a person that’s committed suicide is still in heaven, but they’re still in the ‘food court’ of heaven…they have low energy. If you’re angry and cross over, your anger may last only five minutes because happiness is everywhere.”

Besides personal readings, Wrenn “cleans” houses. “People will feel the echo of someone, hear sounds in the house. One little girl heard footsteps; one bedroom in the house attracted other spirits on the property. In real estate, if a house is haunted by an echo, it could sit on the market forever.

“I’ve noticed that my best subjects are the pets. The pets won’t go into certain areas of the house. When they sit down and are comfortable, I know the house is cleared.”

Wrenn also goes on-site with paranormal groups. “I did an investigation in 1999 at the Old Courthouse Theatre for WSOC,” she says. “The deacon’s energy hit my stomach and the cameraman left. He got spooked out.”

It was in that decade that Wrenn began a full-time job as psychic Mary Beth on the KISS 95.1 morning show in Charlotte. She went on to do radio shows all over the Southeast and now has an Internet talk radio show: Wrenn & Friends. She also draws large crowds to readings at churches with her Messages from the Other Side. For more information, visit

Wrenn does have some warnings, though, both for those wanting a reading and those wanting to investigate. “I have to be super careful of people refusing to move on in life because they want to talk to the dead all the time. And if you’re going to ghost investigate, be sure you’re healthy and feeling on top of your game; don’t investigate if you have migraines. There is a demonic pull; I’m avid about The Lord’s Prayer. Place prayer at the top of your heart. Be safe, this not a game. Reality is what you make it, and make sure you make it the very best.”

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