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Cabarrus Magazine Restaurant Report (12/16/15 - 1/15/15)

Jan 18, 2016 01:41PM ● By Kevin
Our restaurant rundown from the last 30 days, Dec. 16, 2015 - Jan. 15, 2016. Our top three performers are first, followed by the bottom three. Bold entries denote critical violations.

Top 3

1. Jack in the Box #6812 - Concord, NC
Location: 7770 Lyles Lane.
Facility Type: Restaurant
100 points

#45, 4-202.11 - Priority; Several pan lids cracked. Discarded during inspection (0 points)
General Comments: Discussed Active Managerial Control. Previously left handouts.

El Amigo Mexican Restaurant - Kannapolis, NC
Location: 1776 S. Cannon Blvd.
Facility Type: Restaurant
100 points

# 13, 3-302.11 - Priority; In walk-in freezer, must store food items following same storage procedures for walk-in cooler and by final cook temp. Chicken on the bottom, then ground beef, pork, beef steak, fish/seafood, ready-to-eat foods. Discussed this and items relocated... (0 points)
# 54, 6-303.11 - Core; Replace one light out in hood system.

La Pequena - Kannapolis, NC
Location: 923 S. Main St.
Facility Type: Restaurant
99.5 points

#33, 3-501.13 - Core; When thawing the menudo, thaw under cold, running water or in the refrigerator. You have no more than 4 hours to thaw under the cold running water and to either start the cooking process or get it back down to 45 degrees. Menudo had been thawing in water for about 7 hours. Menudo was put into the cooler during the inspection.

Bottom 3

1. Wasabi Cafe - Concord, NC
Location: 845 N. Church St.
Facility Type: Restaurant
91.5 points

# 1, 2-102.12 - Core; 
PIC did not have approved Food Safety training. Effective 1/1/2014, a two-point deduction will occur if PIC (person in charge) at time of inspection does not have food safety training. (2 points)

#6, 3-301.12 - 
To avoid re-contaminating their hands, food employees may use disposable paper towels or similar clean barriers when touching surfaces such as manually operated faucet handles on a handwashing sink or the handle of a restroom door. Observed food employees wash hands and cut off faucet without using paper towels. CDI. (2 points)

#14, 3-501.114 - 
Priority; A chemical sanitizer used in a sanitizing solution for a manual or mechanical operation at contact times and shall be used according to written procedure. Dish machine did not register chlorine strength at the end of cycle. CDI. (1.5 points)

#14, 4-601.11 (A) - 
Priority Foundation; Equipment, food-contact surfaces and utensils shall be clean to sight and touch. Observed an employee wash and rinse containers at 3-comp sink. No sanitizer step was implemented at this time. CDI- educated employee on the importance of wash, rinse, and sanitizing. (0 points)

#20, 3-501.16 (A)(2) and (B) - 
Priority; All cold potentially hazardous foods shall be held at a temperature not to exceed 45 F (salmon- 48 F, tuna- 49 F). Items were brought out to sushi cooler around 10:00 am. CDI- Items were placed back into cooler and allowed to chill. (0 points)

#35, 3-302.12 - 
Core; Except for containers holding Food that can be readily and unmistakably recognized such as dry pasta, working containers holding food or food ingredients that are removed from their original packages for use in the food establishment, such as cooking oils, flour, herbs, potato flakes, salt, spices, and sugar shall be identified with the common name of the food. Observed containers of seasonings and other spices that were not labeled. (1 point)

#45, 4-501.11; 
Core; Equipment shall be maintained in good repair. Replace torn gasket at sushi cooler. Thermometer in sushi cooler is reading 54 F. Cooler needs to be repaired before any potentially hazardous items are held in it. (1 point)

#47, 4-601.11(B) and (C) - 
Core; NonFood-contact surfaces of equipment shall be free of an accumulation of dust, dirt, food residue, and other debris. Clean exterior of fryers, oven and refrigeration units in kitchen area. (0.5 points)

#53, 6-501.12 - 
Core; Physical facilities shall be cleaned as often as necessary to keep them clean. Clean dust from vent screens in ceiling. Clean splash from walls at prep tables and grill. (0.5 points)

The Mayflower Seafood Restaurant - Concord, NC
Location: 1493 Highway 29 North
Facility Type: Restaurant
92 points

# 1, 2-102.12 - 
Core; Person in charge must be food safety certified. No one onsite is certified today. Discussed with Sherry and Ricardo. (2 points)

# 4, 2-401.11 - 
Core; One employee drink set on top of cutting board at salad cooler, relocated while here today and discussed with Ricardo. Do not store on top of any food contact or food prep surface in the kitchen. (0 points)

# 14, 4-602.11(E4) - 
Core; One ice machine with small amount of mold build-up, cleaned by Ricardo while here today. One soda nozzle with some build-up, taken to dish to be cleaned also, recommend using a brush to clean. (0 points)

# 14, 4-601.11(A) - 
Priority Foundation; One tea bucket dirty inside that was empty and turned upside down under prep table, taken to dish room to be cleaned while here today. (0 points)

#17, 3-403.11 - 
Priority; When reheating foods from cooler, must reheat to at least 165 degrees F. Clam chowder and meat spaghetti sauce reheated on stove top and placed into warmer that was not turned on. Educated employee and Ricardo, food removed and placed back onto stove top to reheat again today. Insure employees are using thermometers to check food temps. (1.5 points)

#20, 3-501.16(A)(2) and (B) - 
Priority; Small make unit cooler at 46 degrees F on thermometer inside and 50 degrees F on thermometer left inside. Foods were 49.8-51 degrees F. All foods discarded except parmasean cheese. Per Ricardo, service call will be placed, can use ice under pans on top until repaired. Maintain 41 degrees F and below (ideal). (1.5 points)

#21, 3-501.18 - 
Priority; One pan of corn on the cob form 12/20/15 discarded while here today. Foods may only be kept a total of 7 days (including cook/prep/open day) if held 41 degrees F and below. 42-45 degrees F can only be kept for a total of 4 days. (0 points)

# 21, 3-501.17 - Priority Foundation; Must date mark gallons of milk once opened if not used within 24 hours, both dated while here today. (0 points)

# 26, 7-102.11 - Priority Foundation; 3 spray bottles with no names on bottles where it has worn off. Spray bottles must have the name of the chemical on the bottle at all times. Relabeled while here today. (1 points)

# 34, 4-302.12 - Priority Foundation; Must replace thin probe digital thermometer to check thin mass food items. Discussed with Sherry today. (0 points)

# 35, 3-302.12 - Core; Relable cinnamon sugar bucket, labeled while here today. (0 points)

# 40, 3-302.15 - Core; Must wash all potatoes and sweet potatoes. Potatoes to be removed from oven that were not washed and on rack that are already wrapped. Sweet potatoes pulled from window that were reheated due to not being washed. Educated Ricardo and Sherry today. (0.5 points)

# 45, 4-501.11 - Core; Replace cracked gaskets on reach-in cooler units and drawer unit. (1 point)

# 45, 4-202.11 - Priority Foundation; 3 wire baskets used for shrimp rusty and plastic coating coming off. Pulled from service by Ricardo. Blade on chopper used for cabbage in back room has some pitted spots that are not easily cleanble, try to repair/replace. Several pans cracked and in poor repair, buckets too, remove from service. (0 points)

# 47, 4-601.11(B) and (C) - Core; Clean underside of the shelf at the dirty side of the dish room table; clean drawer and top of drawer by ketchup/sauce station; clean inside top of the microwave oven; Clean inside bottom of hot pans where food particles collect to the bottom; clean all gaskets, some mold. (0 points)

# 51, 5-501.17 - Core; 2 stalls in women's restroom need lids on trash cans. (0 points)

# 53, 6-201.11 - Core; Wall in poor repair by the rear ice machine, black plastic is taped to the wall. Repair. Wall tiles have come down in dish area, repair. (0.5 points)

Casa Grande Mexican Restaurant - Kannapolis, NC
Location: 2206 Roxie St.
Facility Type: Restaurant
92.5 points

# 4, 2-401.11 - Core; Employee drinks must have a lid and a straw and be stored below and not with any food prep/equipment storage area. Identified a shelf in the back that could be used if needed. Discarded couple drinks today. (0 points)

# 7, 3-301.11 - Priority; Observed employee cutting lettuce using bare hands. Lettuce was discarded and employee began wearing gloves. Must wear gloves when handling all ready-to-eat food items. (1.5 points)

# 18, 3-501.14 - Priority; One pan of cooked beef, four pans of shredded chicken, five buckets of cheese dip all discarded from being cooked and cooled from previous night. Cheese dip still at 48-59 degrees F on items (see temp log.). Proper cooling procedures discussed with Fernando, must cool from 70 degrees F within first 2 hours, then to 45 degrees F and below within next 4 hours for a total of 6 hours. (1.5 points)

# 21, 3-501.17 - Priority Foundation; Must date mark several food items with the date the package of food was opened (chicken tenders in cooler) or the date the food was cooked. Foods dated while here today. (1.5 points)

# 31, 3-501.15 - Priority Foundation; When cooling large pans of food, need to separate into smaller portions to cool, spread out, use ice baths, or use the freezer to help cool. Do not fill pans and stack on top of one another in the walk-in cooler, traps heat. (0.5 points)

# 34, 4-203.12 - Priority Foundation; Need a thermometer in white chest freezer that has bags of chicken tenders inside. Bags of chicken pulled from freezer and placed into walk-in freezer, just ice cream inside now. (0 points)

# 35, 3-302.12; Core; Label the sugar bin. (0 points)

# 40, 3-302.15 - Core; Must wash lettuce before cutting. (0.5 points)

# 42, 4-901.11 - Core; Must air-dry all red plastic cups, pans, plates, bowls, etc. Do not take straight from dishmachine and stack together until they are completely dry. (0.5 points)

# 42, 4-903.11(A) and (B) - Core; Clean out bins where clean lids/extra equipment are stored, some water and debris inside. Clean inside the beer glass cooler. (0 points)

# 45, 4-202.11 - Priority Foundation; Inside top of microwave oven is rusted and paint is chipping off, this is a source of contamination. Replace. Also, lemon juicer in the bar has plastic coating/paint peeling off very bad. (1 point)

# 45, 4-501.11 - Core; Top of freezer is in poor repair, lid is cut open and not holding together. Paint/seal raw wood under the grill piece that is being used as legs. Paint rusty shelves under several prep tables, not easily cleanable. (0 points)

# 47, 4-601.11(B) and (C) - Core; Clean under flat top grill, build-up; clean the shelves inside the walk-in cooler. (0 points)

# 52, 5-501.15 - Core; Dumpster lids are open but trash can is completely full, per [manager], coming to dump today. Keep lids closed when emptied. (0 points)

# 53, 6-501.12 - Core; Clean the floors by the back bar storage area. (0.5 points)

# 53, 6-201.17 - Core; Clean the grease off the vents in the kitchen, repaint rusty ones. (0 points)

# 53, 6-201.11 - Core; Couple ceiling tiles need to be replaced with the smooth/easily cleanble type in the kitchen. Some floor tiles in poor repair, replace. Repaint ceiling strips where rusty. (0 points)

# 54, 6-303.11 - Core; Must repair all lights that are not working in the kitchen to maintain at least 50 foot candles of light at all work surfaces, some areas today very dim. (0 points)

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