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5 Things Cougar Run Winery Absolutely Knows About Wine

Jun 10, 2016 10:30AM ● By Melanie Heisinger

Cork wreath & wine at Cougar Run Winery.

Cougar Run Winery offers hand crafted wines, made in small batches. Since they found their hobby of wine-making so enjoyable, they also decided to introduce others to wine-making and providing them with the equipment they will need to be successful at home. 

You can learn more about their wine-making hobby and their story by checking out our article "Delicious Handcrafted Wine at Cougar Run Winery".

In leu of their hobby, they've compiled 5 things Cougar Run Winery absolutely knows about wine:

1.      Wine should be enjoyed.

2.      Wine tasting should not be intimidating.

3.      We think that all you really have to know about any wine is "do I like what I have in my glass?"(Think about that one.)  Anything else you learn about it is an "extra".

4.      You know your tastes and preferences.  If you think you would like white wine with your steak, or red wine with fish, you should have it.  Seriously, breaking the red wine for beef and white wine for fish rule will not result in a felony jail sentence!

5.      Never drink wine you don't like and always have whichever wine you want with whatever food you choose.  It might not be right for someone else, but if it makes you it!  Life is short and you should do things to make yourself happy every day.


The next time you have a glass of wine, just taste and enjoy it.  And please, don't be intimidated by it.  


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