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Old Courthouse Theatre Presents Their 5th Annual Halloween Fundraiser "The Art of Murder"

Oct 25, 2016 02:12PM ● By Melanie Heisinger
This Halloween season, The Old Courthouse Theatre is presenting their 5th Annual Halloween Fundraiser "The Art of Murder." The funds to this fun and unexpected performance goes straight to the Old Courthouse Theatre, so it's certainly a good cause.  

We were able to get in touch with the show's director, 
Brian Rassler, to learn more about what we can expect, as well as where to buy tickets. 

Tell us a little bit about the upcoming show “Art of Murder" What is the overall plot?

Art of Murder is a comedy/thriller. It's about a (sometimes) loving artistic couple (played by Danielle Rhodes as Annie & Charles Chuck Riordan as Jack), who have major issues in their relationship. The couple is trying to convince their art dealer to sell Jacks latest unusual painting titled, Study in Red #4, but there is is no #1, #2 or #3. The canvas is also painted entirely in yellow, as their art dealer Vincent (played by Craig Spradley) points out while explaining why he is having problems selling the piece.

Their college-educated Irish maid (played by Lesi Jonap) just wants to get away from Jack’s wandering hands for the evening. Throughout the evening, Jack is not the only one to show his psychotic behavior, which is always occurring, followed by clandestine discussions of murder and betrayal, lust, greed, joy, and anger.

Overall, it is a very fun show to watch with some unexpected reversals and outcomes.

What is the cast/director most excited about for this show?

This show brings some old and new things to the stage for me. Craig Spradley directed me as Miles Gloriosus in the first show I did at the Old Courthouse Theatre 24 years ago in 1993, A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum.' And now I am directing him in my first full-length show. Ive been testing the directing waters for the last few years by doing several 10-minute plays and I am having a blast directing this show. Craig has been a big part of that enjoyment.

Andy, my wife, and I had been trying to convince my good friend Chuck to try out for a show for over 20 years and now he is in his third or fourth full-length show, including many 10-minute shows in the last 3 years. It appears Chuck has gotten the acting bug and I don’t see him getting cured anytime soon.

I met Lesi 3 or 4 years ago and she and I have been husband and wife in a couple of shows and those marriages have been almost as dysfunctional as the marriage in ‘Art of Murder.’ However, I hope Lesi doesn’t have any of the plans for me that the couple in ‘Art of Murder’ have for each other.

Danielle is a newcomer to Old Courthouse Theatre and to my theatrical life. She had a great audition for this show and I am very happy that she fits into this show so well. Danielle is sweet and devilish, just like her character Annie in the show, minus the diabolical side.

This whole cast has been very fun to work with and they all are bringing a lot of exciting and creative things to their performance.

How can someone get tickets? 

Either call the box office at 704-788-2405 or go online at  or Walk ups are also welcome at 49 Spring Street, Concord, NC.

Is there anything else we should know?

This is an adult show, so if you have younger children they may not respond well to some of the situations in the show and be frightened. There is adult language and a pistol is fired several times.

The performances are 8:00 pm Friday & Saturday, October 28 & 29, and 2:30 pmSunday, October 30. Come and see it more than once to see if you catch all the clues leading up to the twist ending.

The Art of Murder - start Oct 28 2016 0800PM

The Art of Murder - Oct 28, 2016 8:00PM

"The Art of Murder" (5th Annual Halloween Fundraiser) written by Joe DiPietro director Brian Rassler Synopsis: In a remote estate in the countryside of Connecticut, Jack Brooks, on... Read More » 


For more information about this exciting upcoming show and fundraiser, please visit their website.

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