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Cabarrus County Restaurant Health Inspection Report (8/17/17-9/16/17)

Sep 18, 2017 09:44PM ● By Melanie Heisinger
Our restaurant rundown from the last 30 days, August 17, 2017 - September 16, 2017. Our top three performers are first, followed by the bottom three. Bold comments denote critical violations.

Top 3

1) Subway #53273

Location: 330 Oak Avenue Mall Dr KANNAPOLIS, NC 28081

Inspection Date: 09/01/2017

Score: 100


6-501.11; Core; threshold to walk-in cooler loose ono one side. Reattach and seal edge. Per 6-501.11, PHYSICAL FACILITIES shall be maintained in good repair.




Inspection Date: 08/25/2017

Score: 100


5-501.11; Core;Dumpster and grease bin on grass/dirt. 5-501.11 An outdoor storage surface for REFUSE, recyclables, and returnables shall be constructed of nonabsorbent material such as concrete or asphalt and shall be SMOOTH, durable, and sloped to drain. No points taken per EH Director since this was not required by when permitted.


3) Subway # 44426

Location: 8532 N Highway 49 MT. PLEASANT , NC 28124

Inspection Date: 09/08/2017

Score: 99.5


4-204-112; Core; Reach-in cooler up front does not have a thermometer. Discussed with Phillis. Thermometer was located while here and placed back into unit. Insure this thermometer is checked regularly to check operating temps of unit. (B) Except as specified in par. (C) of this section, cold or hot holding EQUIPMENT used for POTENTIALLY HAZARDOUS FOOD (TIME/TEMPERATURE CONTROL FOR SAFETY FOOD) shall be designed to include and shall be equipped with at least one integral or permanently affixed TEMPERATURE MEASURING DEVICE that is located to allow easy viewing of the device's temperature display.        

4-501.11; Core; Gasket on left side door is cracked and in poor repair, replace.         

General Comments:

Phillis, Serv Safe 4/27/17 JLH


Bottom 3


Location: 3000 Cloverleaf PKY KANNAPOLIS, NC 28083

Inspection Date: 09/14/2017

Score: 90.5


2-102.12; Core; PIC did not have approved Food Safety training. Effective 1/1/2014, a two-point deduction will occur if PIC (person in charge) at time of inspection does not have food safety training. Facility has 180 day to have someone pass an ANSI accredited test.

6-301.12; Priority Foundation; Provide paper towels (or another sanitary means of drying hands) at all hand-sinks. There was not any paper towel at hand sink in kitchen area at time of inspection. Observed no paper towels at hand sinks in bar stations. Ten days to comply.

3-202.15 ; Priority Foundation; Observed two dented cans of food product stored in storage room. CDI- can were discarded.

3-402.12; If raw fish is served in a ready to eat form, the PIC shall record the freezing temperature and time to which the fish are subjected and shall retain the records of the food establishment for 90 days beyond the time of sale. If frozen by supplier, a written agreement or statement from the supplier stipulating the fish supplied was frozen for the proper time will work. Facility did not have documentation on hand for sushi. CDI-white fish and tuna had information faxed from distributor. Distributor did not have information faxed telling the diet of the farm-raised Salmon other that it was "farm-raised". Ten days to comply.

4-501.114; Priority; Plates and utensils sanitized in quaternary ammonium shall have a sanitizer strength of 200 pm. Sanitizer at 3 comp sink did not register while wash, rinse, and sanitize steps were taken place on containers. CDI.

3-501.16 (A)(2) and (B); All cold potentially hazardous foods shall be held at a temperature not to exceed 45 F (tomato salad- 50 F, boiled eggs- 46 F). CDI- Items were placed in walk-in cooler and allowed to chill.

3-501.17; Priority; Date mark all potentially hazardous foods once the package is opened. Foods at 42 F to 45 F to be date marked for 4 days and foods at 41 F or less to be date marked for 7 days (fried chicken pieces, pork roast). CDI

3-501.19; If time without temperature control is used as the public health control up to a maximum of 4 hours, the food shall be marked or otherwise identified to indicate the time that is a 4 hours past the point in time when the food is removed from temperature control. No time was posted for sushi and sushi rice at beginning of inspection. CDI.

7-102.11; Priority Foundation; Working containers used for storing poisonous or toxic materials such as cleaners and sanitizers taken from bulk supplies shall be clearly and individually identified with the common name of the material. One sanitizer container was not labeled. CDI.

3-305.11; Core; Food shall be protected from contamination by storing the food at least 6 inches above the floor. Observed several boxes of chicken on the floor of walk-in freezer. Food shall be protected from contamination by storing the food where it is not exposed to splash, dust, or other contamination. Observed condensation from walk-in freezer on food product and food product bags.

3-304.12; Core; During pauses in food preparation or dispensing, food preparation and dispensing utensils shall be stored in a container of water if the water is maintained at a temperature of at least 135 F. Spatulas near grills were stored in water at 106 F.

4-903.11(A) and (B); Core; After cleaning and sanitizing, equipment and utensils: shall be air-dried or used after adequate draining as specified in the first paragraph of 40 CFR 180.940 Tolerance exemptions for active and inert ingredients for use in antimicrobial formulations (food-contact surface SANITIZING solutions), before contact with FOOD. Allow containers proper time to air dry before stacking.

5-202.13; Priority; an air gap of at two inches shall be provide between the sink and the drain on all prep sinks. 3-comp does not have an air gap between the sink line and drain. Ten days to comply.

5-501.13; Core; Receptacles and waste handling units used outside the food establishment shall be designed and constructed to have tight-fitting lids, doors, or covers. Keep dumpster doors closed.

6-201.11; Core; Except as specified under 6 201.14 and except for anti-slip floor covering or applications that may be used for safety reasons, floors, floor coverings, walls wall covering, and ceilings shall be designed, constructed, and installed so they are smooth and easily cleanable. Observed cracks on the walls of facility.

General Comments:

Follow-Up: 09/24/2017


2) Copper Ale House

Location: 1044 Copperfield BLVD Suite 101 CONCORD, NC 28025

Inspection Date: 08/23/2017

Score: 92


2-102.12; Core; Bartender is a Certified Food Protection Manager but did not appear to have authority over kitchen staff. To be in compliance, at least one employee who has supervisory and management responsibility and the authority to direct and control FOOD preparation and service shall be a certified FOOD protection manager who has shown proficiency of required information through passing a test that is part of an American National Standards Institute (ANSI)-ACCREDITED PROGRAM. If bartender cannot direct and control kitchen because of his other duties, need to make sure someone with authority over food service is present with training and certification.

3-301.11; Employee observed reaching into bag of chips with bare hands and filling bowl for nacho service to customer. Discarded and new bowl was used and chips poured in since no gloves available. Per 3-301.11, food employees may not contact exposed, ready-to-eat food with their bare hands and shall use suitable utensils such as deli tissue, spatulas, tongs, SINGLE-USE gloves, or dispensing equipment. P Priority;

3-302.11; Unpackaged fish filets in open pan stored under pan of opened ground beef patties. Fish discarded. Per 3-302.11, food shall be protected from contamination by separating types of raw animal FOODS from each other such as beef, FISH, lamb, pork, and POULTRY during storage, preparation, holding, and display by:(b) Arranging each type of FOOD in EQUIPMENT so that cross contamination of one type with another is prevented.

3-501.16 (A)(2) and (B); Priority; Ten pound box of raw bacon out on counter at 70 F and had been out since before lunch after purchase. Staff said that they were going to cook but had not had time and cooked at 3:30 pm. Keep bacon refrigerated until ready to cook. cut lettuce 45-53 F and blue cheese crumbles on salad bar 43-52 F. Both discarded. Make sure all potentially hazardous foods are maintaining 45 F or less and monitor.

3-501.17; Priority Foundation; chicken wings in buckets not date marked. Manager said that these were prepared Saturday and marked. Panned cut peppers not dated and were placed in pan today. Marked during inspection. Cut fruit including melon and cantaloupe was not date marked. Opened cream cheese not date marked. Fruit and cream cheese discarded. Opened or prepared ready to eat foods shall be date marked if held over 24 hours and not exempt from rule.

3-305.11; Core; Box of food stored on floor of walk-in cooler. Some spices missing lids. Packaged of food stored in water collected in bottom of prep cooler. Per 3-305.11, FOOD shall be protected from contamination by storing the FOOD: (1) In a clean, dry location; (2) Where it is not exposed to splash, dust, or other contamination; and (3) At least 15 cm (6 inches) above the floor.

4-501.11; Core; Water collecting in bottom of prep cooler. Repair so water drains out properly and do not allow food packages to contact water until repaired.

4-602.13; Core; Need to clean grills, range and inside of fryer cabinets where grease and food debris have collected including shelving over grill tops. Can rack and bottom of old pizza oven dirty.Keep clean.   

6-501.11; Core;Floor covering peeled up and missing in high traffic areas. Per 6-501.11, PHYSICAL FACILITIES shall be maintained in good repair.

6-501.12; Core; Floor dirty under dish machine and against walls in bar. Keep clean.



Location: 8361 CONCORD MILLS BLVD. CONCORD, NC 28027

Inspection Date: 08/22/2017

Score: 93


2-401.11; Core; Employee drink stored on prep table where some clean utensils stored. Moved during inspection. Keep employee drinks stored away from exposed food and utensils.

2-301.12; Priority; Employees washing hands at handwashing sinks that have no hot water in kitchen and restrooms since hot water heaters are both out (except for center bar which has it's own handwashing sink. Per 2-301.12, B) FOOD EMPLOYEES shall use the following cleaning procedure in the order stated to clean their hands and exposed portions of their arms, including surrogate prosthetic devices for hands and arms: (1) Rinse under clean, running warm water; P 2) Apply an amount of cleaning compound recommended by the cleaning compound manufacturer; P (3) Rub together vigorously for at least 10 to 15 seconds while: (a) Paying particular attention to removing soil from underneath the fingernails during the cleaning procedure, P and (b) Creating friction on the surfaces of the hands and arms or surrogate prosthetic devices for hands and arms, finger tips, and areas between the fingers; P (4) Thoroughly rinse under clean, running warm water; P

3-501.16 (A)(2) and (B); Priority; One prep cooler not holding potentially hazardous foods at 45 F or below. Observed pico de gallo 49, boiled eggs 50 F, sliced cooked pork ribs 49-50 F, shredded cheese 48-50 F, etc. All potentially hazardous foods removed from cooler at 1 pm after a mxaimum of 4 hours and discarded. Manager said he will not have staff use cooler until maintaining 45 F or less for all potentially hazardous foods. If gogin to use time as a public health control, then need written procedure making sure to include instructions for marking time on items and discarding after 4 hours.

6-501.111; Core; Observed fruit flies in bowling bar area. Note that floor is dirty against wall where fruit flies observed. Some flying insects and earwigs observed in kitchen against wall where grout missing and tiles eroded. Per 6-501.111, The PREMISES shall be maintained free of insects, rodents, and other pests. The presence of insects, rodents, and other pests shall be controlled to eliminate their presence on the PREMISES by: (A) Routinely inspecting incoming shipments of FOOD and supplies; (B) Routinely inspecting the PREMISES for evidence of pests; (C) Using methods, if pests are found, such as trapping devices or other means of pest control as specified under sec.sec. 7 202.12, 7 206.12, and 7 206.13; Pf and (D) Eliminating harborage conditions.

6-202.15; Core; Door sweep on back door no longer fully protects bottom of door and gap exists. Door must be tight fitting. Replace door sweep.

2-402.11; Core;Employees prepping food with long beards (one about 5 inches long and the other over a half inch. Will need beard nets for longer beards. Per 2-402.11, FOOD EMPLOYEES shall wear hair restraints such as hats, hair coverings or nets, beard restraints, and clothing that covers body hair, that are designed and worn to effectively keep their hair from contacting exposed FOOD; clean EQUIPMENT, UTENSILS, and LINENS; and unwrapped SINGLE-SERVICE and SINGLE-USE ARTICLES.

2-303.11; Core; Employee preparing food with plastic bracelet. Per 2-303.11, Except for a plain ring such as a wedding band, while preparing FOOD, FOOD EMPLOYEES may not wear jewelry including medical information jewelry on their arms and hands.          

3-304.12; Core; Several portion cups floating in sauces/condiments in top of sandwich prep cooler and being used to dip sauces/condiments in food preparation. Per 3-304.12,During pauses in FOOD preparation or dispensing, FOOD preparation and dispensing UTENSILS shall be stored: (A) Except as specified under par. (B) of this section, in the FOOD with their handles above the top of the FOOD and the container;

4-903.11(A) and (B); Core;Cutting board stored behind faucet in bar utensil washing sink. This is not a clean place. Bar manager rewashed and sanitized. Several bins with tableware and small wares need to be cleaned out in bottom where some food debris had collected. Keep clean utensils in a clean place.

4-501.11; Core; Handle to walk-in freezer broken. Condensation water dripping into inside of prep cooler cabinet. Repair. Per 4-501.11, (A) EQUIPMENT shall be maintained in a state of repair and condition that meets the requirements specified under Parts 4 1 and 4-2. (B) EQUIPMENT components such as doors, seals, hinges, fasteners, and kick plates shall be kept intact, tight, and adjusted in accordance with manufacturer's specifications.

4-602.13; Core; Some plastic shelf covers and sheet pans used to cover shelves dirty in kitchen. Grill drawer cooler dirty in bottom and around bottom of drawers. Keep clean.

5-205.15 (A)(B); Pre-wash faucet nozzle is spraying water from leaks and is being wrapped with towel by staff. Repair sprayer nozzle. Core;

5-501.113; Core; Outside used grease receptacle lid left open. Keep covered.

5-501.13; Core;Recyclable blue bin in center bar broken out in bottom. Replace. Per 5-501.13, receptacles and waste handling units for REFUSE, recyclables, and returnables and for use with materials containing FOOD residue shall be durable, cleanable, insect- and rodent-resistant, leakproof, and nonabsorbent.

6-501.11; Core;Floor and wall base tiles broken or missing and missing grout and caulk in several areas throughout kitchen. Door frames rusted out in many areas and broken wall corner edging. Wall not finished and holes in wall behind bar equipment in bowling alley bar.

6-501.12; Core; Wall dirty from splash behind soda gun storage in bars. Floor dirty against walls in and corners in many areas and under back-up fryers. Dirty standing water under bowling alley bar cooler and under dirty dish drainboard in corner. Per 6-501.12, A) PHYSICAL FACILITIES shall be cleaned as often as necessary to keep them clean.

6-202.11; Core; Several cracked light shields in back kitchen need to be replaced. Per 6-202.11, light bulbs shall be shielded, coated, or otherwise shatter-resistant in areas where there is exposed FOOD; clean EQUIPMENT, UTENSILS, and LINENS; or unwrapped SINGLE-SERVICE and SINGLE-USE ARTICLES.

General Comments:

Note that the electrical plug of prep cooler that was not maintaining 45 F or less was tied with string to hold the plug into outlet that it was plugged into. Please check with licensed commercial electrician to make sure this is a safe practice. HOT WATER DISH MACHINE IS SANITIZING AND HOT WATER IS AVAILABLE IN MIDWAY BAR. DO NOT WASH UTENSILS IN BARS(EXCEPT FOR MIDWAY) OR 3 COMPARTMENT SINK UNTIL HOT WATER HEATERS ARE REPLACED AND HOT WATER IS AVAILABLE. MUST BE CORRECTED WITHIN 10 DAYS. PLEASE PHONE INSPECTOR WHEN HOT WATER IS AVAILABLE AT ALL HANDWASHING AND DISHWASHING SINKS.

Follow-Up: 09/01/2017

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