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Don’t Get Stranded on the Sideline of Life

Jan 02, 2018 02:16PM ● By Jason Huddle

Don’t Get Stranded on the Sideline of Life

While traveling on the road to good health, an unexpected illness or diagnosis can leave one feeling stranded on the sideline of life. Feelings can range from fear, uncertainty and even denial.

While physicians and pharmacists are there to help explain what is happening to the physical body and how medication can help, patients can still be overwhelmed by how a physical diagnosis can completely change their relationships and interactions with the world around them. 

Emily Evans, a social worker with Cannon Pharmacy, understands that a person’s physical body is just one aspect that can be affected by a new diagnosis. Other areas that can experience strain include mental, emotional, spiritual, financial, relational and recreational. All of these areas need attention to bring about improved health and lead to a balanced and well-rounded treatment plan.

When faced with a new diagnosis, there is often a temptation to retreat and isolate from others; however, science has shown there is a profound link between one’s physical health and mental health. Those who take the time and energy to care for their whole selves – not just the physical area that is ailing them – can see better outcomes and improved quality of life. 

There are numerous resources and services available in the community to help meet needs and alleviate stress in all areas of life. Sometimes the journey to better health and well-being starts with just asking for directions. If you are feeling lost in the wake of news about a new diagnosis, and are unsure of where to turn next, consider talking to a patient advocate, social worker, senior advisor or others that can help you locate resources.

If you need help locating someone, please call Cannon Pharmacy; they will be happy to assist you.

Article By: By Amanda Buck with Emily Evans


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