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From Boston to Cabarrus: Legendary Band’s Lead Singer Coming to Concord

Mar 01, 2018 08:30AM ● By Jason Huddle

From his early teens, Tommy DeCarlo, current lead singer for one of the most famous rock bands of all time, Boston, knew he wanted to write music. He didn’t want to just write a few good songs, however. His life’s ambition was, and still is, to write a hit album. DeCarlo recently spoke with Cabarrus Magazine exclusively to talk about his life, career and upcoming show in Concord at Chez Francois Music Hall on March 9.

DeCarlo was not even a teenager yet when Boston released it’s second album in 1978, Don’t Look Back. But he knew from the moment he heard it, he had found his favorite band. Over the years he found himself influenced by the vocals of original lead singer, Brad Delp, although he never joined a band. Tragically, in March of 2007, Delp took his own life and the band attempted to assemble a concert to honor their fallen lead man.

There was no question DeCarlo was going to attend, “but as a fan”, he noted. “I figured it would be the last chance I would have to see them perform.”  Little did he know; his dream shot was about to happen.

DeCarlo had read on the band’s website they were having some trouble with talent pulling out from the show. “I decided to send in an mp3 of my vocals, never dreaming it would go anywhere,” DeCarlo explained. However, it didn’t take long for the track to make its way to Boston’s founding member, Tom Scholz. That’s when he called DeCarlo.

“I was in complete shock,” DeCarlo remembers. “I had no idea that opportunity would await me. After (Brad’s) death, I wanted to be a part of the tribute show and show my support as a fan. I had no clue I’d be a part of the show with the band!” After the show, Scholz asked DeCarlo to be their lead singer long-term.

Being the lead singer of a legendary rock band like Boston doesn’t come without its critics. “Of course, people are going to compare me to Brad, but they compare me to 25-year-old Brad.” DeCarlo noted. Still, DeCarlo’s vocals have been well-received on tour and by Scholz himself. “Tommy does things live that Brad did in the studio,” he once noted.

Comics and critics have also given the band a hard time for the small number of albums it has released in the past four decades. DeCarlo has a response for that as well. “As a fan, I would rather have four amazing albums, than 25 – of which I really only like two,” he retorted. “Even as I am partial to the band, because I’m a member of it, I can tell you that I’ve loved every song on every album and I think I speak for most Boston fans…It’s about quality over quantity.”

 Aside from Boston, DeCarlo also fronts his own band, called, DeCarlo. “I’m more of a (singer/songwriter) and I love to perform all kinds of different music and that’s what I do with (my own band),” DeCarlo explained. “My goal has never been to be a lead singer of a legendary rock band, or any band. It’s to write a hit album. If I’m not on tour, I’m usually in my studio writing.”

March 9 at 9pm, DeCarlo will take the stage at Chez Francois Music Hall in downtown Concord. He says fans who come expecting songs from bands like Boston, Styx and Journey won’t be disappointed. “We tend to play all the songs what would be most (classic rock) bands’ ‘showcase songs. We play all the greats and we really consider our show a concert. From start to finish, there’s very little talk and lots of music. I hate taking breaks.”

It looks as if Tommy DeCarlo is fronting one legend and creating his own, and that's more than a feeling.


For more information of DeCarlo’s upcoming show in Concord, NC, visit

Article by: Jason Huddle

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