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Charlotte's Carolina Energy AAL Football Team Wins Inaugural Game, Excited for the Future

Mar 27, 2018 04:48PM ● By Melanie Heisinger

"Play of the game last night!" | Courtesy of the Carolina Energy Facebook page

The Carolina Energy is a Charlotte-based American Arena League football team, and is the newest professional sports team to be added to the area. Their first official game was at Bojangles' Coliseum on March 24th, 2018 where they successfully beat the Triangle Torch 64 to 25. 

After their last game, they took to social media asking for feedback on the game, as well as thanking the crowd, "Thank you fans that were there to cheer us on to a 64 to 25 victory. The coaching staff, the players ownership, thanks everyone that was involved to some capacity. I ask that everyone continue to pray over us that we impact this community in a positive way. Everyone has Energy so you choose which way you will use yours. Again thanks and we're so proud to be call your Carolina Energy. No coffee no sugar just Energy!!!!"

Led by coach Ervin Bryson, the Energy is excited for an exciting upcoming season. 

Wanting to know more about the new AAL team, we got in touch with Michelle Mitchell, their Assistant General Manager, to find out all the details. 

How did the Carolina Energy begin?

Arena football has been around in many different areas, and here in Charlotte in the past. Charlotte is a great area for Arena football, because everyone here is very supportive of all things football. Arena football is a family friendly game that includes the ENERGY of the fans to make the best environment.

Who played a key role in its creation?

Ervin Bryson, who is our Head Coach and Owner is one of the major players in creating this 2018 Charlotte Team. He loves the game and working out in the community and knows that this is a great way to bring the community together with affordable game day tickets starting at just $12.

I see that the Carolina Energy is a professional arena football team with the American Arena League. Can you tell us about the league?


The Carolina Energy is a first year team, with the AAL who is a first time league. The league is actually a combination of 2 smaller leagues, with teams up and down the East Coast.

What's something someone should expect while attending an AAL game?

You should expect nothing but pure fun and entertainment, from the players, cheerleaders, on field activities, as well as, the after game festivities. One of the biggest things that Arena football is known for are the balls that get thrown into the stands. Once a ball goes into the stands, it stays there, and whomever catches it, gets to keep it and get it signed at the end of the game. We will be having tailgating before our games, and all fans are invited onto the field after the games. Our players and staff are very hands on.

Are there any notable players we should look out for?

We do not have any big time players, but we do have some local players who are getting the opportunity to play at a professional level and can move up. Players are always coming in and going out, because they have been recruited by a higher league (NFL or Canadian), so it is never too late for a notable player to join our team.

Anything else we should know about?

We are super excited about the support Charlotte has given us this far, and can only image how much more we will get in the years to come. We plan on making Charlotte Our home. 

To find out how to get tickets, you can visit their website or follow them on Facebook

Carolina Energy

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