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uBreakiFix Store Opens in Concord

Sep 24, 2018 06:34PM ● By Melanie Heisinger
There's a new tech repair store in Concord, uBreakiFix, and it's something we didn't realize we needed until it was here. 

September 6th marked the opening day for the chain tech repair store, and so far it's been successful, according to local store owner Casey Higgins. "It’s gone well," Higgins told us. "Quite a few people have been seeing the opening sign up and have been waiting for us to open, because of the nature of our business." 

It's all about quality repairs at uBreakiFix. Despite being a fast-growing company that partners with major OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturer) like Samsung & Google, they're really focused on customer experience, as well as quality repair. 

"uBreakiFix services anything with a power button, including smartphones, game consoles, tablets, computers, drones, hoverboards, and everything in between," a recent press release stated. "To date, uBreakiFix has completed more than 4.7 million repairs. While common fixes include cracked screens, software issues, and camera issues, the brand offers support for most technical problems on any electronic device, regardless of make or model."

But, why Concord? Higgins is a local resident that opened his first uBreakiFix in Huntersville last year. Higgins always had a desire to open here, being a resident of the area itself. Seeing the success of the Huntersville store encouraged the opening in Concord. In fact, de[ending on how successful this store becomes, he hopes to open one more after this. "I'm definitely looking at the possibility of opening a third, but I want to get this one going first," Higgins said.

Higgins had his own device broken years back, and found himself at a uBreakiFix. He was immediately impressed with the level of customer care, as well as the convenience. It was then that Higgins found the inspiration to open his own store.

Also, tech is not going anywhere, Higgins noted. uBreakiFix is constantly at the cutting edge of new devices and he felt that this business would have a foreseeable future for years to come. There's an importance to a business that offers that level of customer care. 

When looking back at his experience of owning uBreakiFix stores, Higgins has found that assisting others through repairing their devices has been incredibly rewarding. "I have a number of memorable moments that makes the repair of a person’s device very fulfilling, and that is when we’re able to save precious memories from a device they [the customer] thought was dead," Higgins told us. "Either through water exposure, or a malfunction, we can help fix both laptops and desktops. Regardless of the device, we repair about as many computers as we do phones."

As far as the store goes, the total focus is to serve the users of tech. Higgins let us know that the experience and customer service is high priority, and they offer a national warranty, as well as a low price guarantee. 

"We're looking forward to serving the community and to partner with schools and hospitals to bring the best level of service possible," Higgins said. 

uBreakiFix Concord is located at 534 Kannapolis Parkway, Concord, NC 28027 and can be reached at 704-793-1299.

For more information and to view a service menu, visit

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