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Amos McClorey Believes He is the Right Man for County Commission

Sep 28, 2018 11:45AM ● By Jason Huddle

Prosperity in the 21st century is based on creating and maintaining a sustainable standard of living and a high quality of life for all. In order to meet this challenge, a comprehensive model need to be created that recognizes the economic value for everyone of all social status and ethnicity. What is the comprehensive model? That answer as well as solution will be provided once elected to the board of commission. We must believe and understand that we are one county that need the support of all Cabarrus County citizens in order to make that difference and change that so many of our citizens are desperate to see and believe in. It is  my goal to become the next county commissioner so that children and adolescents who are living in communities like the one I grew up in, will know for surety that poverty is not a form of disability. Having an opportunity  and understanding that their environment does not define who they are as a person and does not define their future.  We must demonstrate to all youth today that you must be determined and strong-minded to push out your dreams into realities.

As a community oriented leader for over 30 plus years I believe we are stronger standing together as one united county, with more diverse and inclusive commissioners in leadership, we can and will elevate the voices of every citizen in Cabarrus County.

This comprehensive model what I am so eager to set forth  with striving solutions that will make us stronger in our Economy, healthcare, affordable Housing, leading into Education, water concerns and most importantly jobs!

Cabarrus County, we got next!, with your vital votes its time for change. All political parties who are fed up with 20 years of bare minimum change that hasn’t been beneficial to our entire  county. It’s time for elevate the attitude of the faces of those who govern for other reasons other can helping others grow to more productive citizens of this amazing county. I challenge each reader to take a complete tour of Cabarrus County as see with your own eyes the pockets of the community that looks the same way from 80 years ago, being mindful that is it not historically preserved areas either. But the  spoken history within those unspoken communities are richly preserved to truly make you wonder why? What happened?

I am running for Board of County Commissioners to be the leading tour guide for those who genuinely are aware of what is happening right before your every eyes. I am running to be the leader that will not turn the blind eye to the impoverished, struggling and working abled bodies that just need that boost of encouragement.


*Disclaimer: The views expressed by Mr. McClorey are not necessarily those of Cabarrus County, Comfort Publishing, LLC or any of its affiliates. This is sponsored, paid content.

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 Photo Courtesy: Amos McClorey

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