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Local Artist Shane Pierce Talks Recovery & Providing Hope with His Latest Mural

Nov 19, 2018 06:52PM ● By Melanie Heisinger

"Emily and I after completing the Nazareth piece."

Local artist Shane Pierce recently wrapped up a mural he painted in front of Salisbury's Nazareth Child & Family Connection outpatient facility, a local recovery center for families. The 24 by 8 foot piece is Pierce's way of providing comfort for those fearful of entering recovery, and letting them know that they will find peace. 

Pierce's friend Emily Soward attends Nazareth and is involved with some of their art projects. It was Soward that requested the mural of Pierce, located on Mahaley Avenue, as well as assisted with the design and painting. The design itself took sever hours, while the painting of the mural took Pierce and Soward upwards of 8 hours.

Art was always something that Pierce has felt passionately about. Growing up around Cleveland, OH, there is an abundance of graffiti in places abandoned warehouses and on the streets. According to Pierce, some of this street art still blows his mind.

"Doing this piece just made sense for me," Pierce said. "I come from the birthplace of recovery. It all started in Ohio so the recovery scene is huge up there. I literally have hundreds of friends in recovery."

Having experienced getting sober himself, this piece is meaningful to Pierce. He hopes that his mural will help anyone who is struggling with the idea of getting sober.

"Fear played a major part in my decision to get clean," Pierce told us. "Like, what will my friends think if I don’t show up at the bar on Friday night? Will they think I’m not cool anymore? Does this make me a weak person? It’s can be down right terrifying to think of all these things and to take a long look in the mirror."

Since the mural has been created, the community has reacted positively to it. Pierce feels that the more art he creates, the more he reveals about his own story and struggles, the more the community feels connected to him.

"This is the first time I went public about my sobriety," he said.

"The eye piece stolen from the park."

Pierce recently found out that two of his pieces that had been painted at the Salisbury graffiti park were stolen. "It appears the thief removed the eye paintings I did and replaced the panels with new material," Pierce told us. "I think it’s cool cause more than likely they would have been painted over soon anyway. Seems crazy the extent some folks will go to for a piece of art."

For this past year Pierce has been strictly focused on spray painting due to the public’s requesting of it. Before that, he was painting on canvas.

Since the Nazareth painting, Pierce has been painting at a lot of schools. He hopes to paint his next piece at Butler High School after the horrific shooting that took place in October. 

Pierce's ultimate goal is to paint a school in Syria. "I know it sounds crazy, but lately everything happening with me and my art seems crazy, so I think it tangible," he said. "I really want to travel and experience other cultures around the world while doing street art. That’s the end game for me."

Learn more about Nazareth Child & Family Connection here

Shane Pierce's website to learn more about his story, as well as his art.

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