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What's Next for Kameron Marlowe After 'The Voice'

Jan 07, 2019 12:30PM ● By Melanie Heisinger

Kameron Marlowe

In Cabarrus County it's been the local buzz that A.L. Brown High School graduate Kameron Marlowe made it onto the 15th season of NBC's 'The Voice.' We actually covered his exciting entrance onto the show with Team Blake, as well as his advancement where he successfully won a Knockout Round

After many twists and turns, including joining Maroon 5's Adam Levine's Team Adam, Marlow was eliminated in the live round where 24 singers were cut in half thanks to a combined viewer and coach votes. 

Despite leaving the show early, he notes that it was definitely for the best, for exciting reasons that can't yet be disclosed. (He's currently working on an album with a singer to be named later.) 

"It was the best two months of my life," Marlowe told us of his experience. "We lived in California, and I lived with amazing people. It was a lot more TV than I was expecting, but I still had a blast."

This season, producers of 'The Voice' used social media to reach out to potential contestants. Marlowe was actually approached this way, through a direct message on Instagram. Though he had his own hesitations, his family was a big support for him finally taking the leap and going for it. 

The stage itself was much smaller than expected. "The cameras make it look much bigger than it really is," Marlowe said. 

Before getting onto stage, the nerves were there for everyone, Marlowe told us. They're about to perform in front of superstars and that can definitely rattle a person. However, the minute he began singing, he felt comfortable. "Once you get on the stage and sing, you're in your element and everything else fades away."

While filming the show, Marlowe learned the most from the other contestants. Everyone was in different levels in their own career, and he found out more about himself and his music through them than the judges themselves. 

"We're all in the same boat but in different places," he said. "They’d teach me things from upper levels."  

Despite the exposure that the show has brought Marlowe, he stressed that he wanted to stray from being "The Voice Guy," as he called it. He hopes to branch out on his own and simply be Kameron Marlowe. 

His love for music has been a big part of him since he was a child. At 13, Marlowe knew that he will always be chasing the music dream. 

In 2019, Marlowe hopes to establish 3 tiers. The first tier, he's releasing his EP and album, where he will be recording in February. The second tier, getting that album in people's hands is the number one priority, as well as hoping people like is. The third tier, he hopes to get more opportunities with even bigger names. 

Expect to see Marlowe's EP release in March, and follow him on Instagram to keep up with every update. 

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