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In this Issue: June, 2019

Jun 01, 2019 08:30AM ● By Jason Huddle
Jason Huddle, Publisher

I remember trying to help my dad fix his car when I was a young man. I wasn’t very good at it. He grew frustrated at my attempt to assist and it became evident this would not be where my talents lied. My friends were the same way. While, they tinkered and torqued, I was merely a spectator. I wasn’t bored though. I’ve always loved cars – especially the Mustang.

My best friend owned (and still owns) a 1970 fastback Mustang, canary yellow with the black stripes down the side. If you recall, it was this car that was featured on our cover a few years ago when Mustang came to Concord to celebrate its 50th anniversary. It was the car I grew up in. You could find me riding in the passenger seat on just about every Friday and Saturday evening as a teenager.

I think that’s what we love about cars. They’re such an integral part of our lives. It’s not just a mode of transportation, it’s a memory. Think about some of your firsts and how there was probably a car involved – the first time you drove (obviously), the first time experienced real freedom, the first time you kissed a special someone (and so on).

Cars are deeply rooted in Cabarrus County as well. We’ve just spent the past two months attending drag races, stock car races and live events and festivals to celebrate those races. Part of our local economy is built around the public’s love for cars!

So, with the opening of the Mustang Owner’s Museum in May, we thought this would be a great time to revisit the subject. This month we’ll give you a look at the new museum and get into how it came to be and why Concord was chosen to be its home. We’ll also look at Dennis Carpenter’s life and how he became one of the most famous restoration experts in the country, not to mention quietly becoming the owner of a nationally known thriving business based here in Cabarrus County, Finally, we’ll explore some ways you can have your own exciting, car-related experiences locally.

So, roll down the windows, punch the gas and enjoy the drive!


Jason Huddle


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