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Latest Episode of 'Up Front' takes a look at Essential Oils and CBD Products

Aug 16, 2019 11:23AM ● By Jason Huddle
Some people say they are a hoax. Other swear by them. We went to the experts about the benefits of essential oils and CBD products and whether they are a viable alternative to medical treatment. With us on this episode are Sybil Bralley, owner of Apothecary Creations in Concord, as well as Up Front sponsor, Shaun Simmons, owner of Your CBD Store of Concord. They help us get through the rumors and facts about these trending treatments!

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Huddle: (00:00)
Just a head on upfront with Cabarrus magazine. "I know at first listen you go, well wait a minute, wait a minute, hold on. How can aromas and oils help somebody from getting killed by a car?"

Bralley: (00:09)
"When I was originally given a room, they told me I would be in the hospital for about two weeks, but I was out in just four days.".

Huddle: (00:17)
"I was looking through some old newspaper ads for the turn of century and there's all these ads for these miracle tonics, right? That had, you know, we will cure everything from headaches to cancer to whatever, and these tonics absolutely had no medical value at all. But some people say CBD oils, it's the same thing. It's just different packaging. What do you say to those doubters?

Simmons: (00:38)
"I guess it's a, it's kind of a tough question to answer."

Huddle: (00:41)
We're talking to area business people who are trying to educate our readers on the importance of holistic and alternative healing methods, including essential oils and CBD products. That's all right ahead on upfront with Cabarrus magazine, sponsored by Atlantic Bay mortgage, CERTEC automotive, Code Ninjas, Concord downtown Development Corporation, family wealth partners. Merle, Norman cosmetics and Edie's Salon and Your CBD store of Concord. I'm your host Jason Huddle.

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Welcome to another fine edition of up front with Cabarrus magazine. So pleased you're here. Today we're going to be talking about essential oils and CBD products. I know you're thinking, oh, Jason, come on man. You're going off the deep end. Listen, we use essential oils in our house and I can testify to you that it works like we diffuse lavender and Cedar Wood oils in our room at night and it helps us get to sleep, helps us sleep longer and better. I'm telling you there is something to this, but don't take my word for it. I wanted to go to the experts and talk to them. We're going to be talking to Sybil Bralley who you may remember was hit by a car walking on a sidewalk on highway 49 in Harrisburg just a couple of years ago, left for dead. They never caught him and despite the miracle that she survived at all, she is now walking around virtually pain free. She's having a great life and she attributes it to her oils that she takes. So I definitely want to tell her story. We also wanted to bring in one of our sponsors, your CBD store of Concord. Shaun Simmons over there is doing a great job of educating people on what CBD oil is, what it does, and also about the fact that there are lots of imitation products or subpar products out there and how to be careful about what you buy. So we're going to get into all that today, but before we do, we're not going to do shameless plug time today. It's contest time, people!

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Coming up after the break. We'll get started with our show. Shaun Simmons from your CBD store of Concord is in studio. Next.

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Huddle: (05:42)
Welcome back to upfront with Cabarrus magazine. I am pleased to have in studio with me today, Shaun Simmons. He is the owner of your CBD store in Concord right There on Union street at 110 union street north and we are pleased to him in today to talk about his business. First of all, Shaun, thank you so much. Not only for opening up a business in Concord, but for your sponsorship of this very program.

Simmons: (06:07)
Yeah, absolutely. Yeah, we're, I'm glad to be able to come in and talk about the store too. So, um, but uh, we're proud to be a sponsor.

Huddle: (06:14)
So Shaun, CBD oils, although they are not exactly new as far, as you know the world is concerned, it is sort of a new trendy thing that is happening right now with um, people looking for alternatives to mainstream pharmaceuticals. I was looking through some old newspaper ads for the turn of the century, meaning 19th, the 20th century. And there's all these ads for these miracle tonics, right, that had, you know, it'll cure everything from headaches to cancer to whatever. And these tonics absolutely had no medical value at all. But some people say CBD oils, it's the same thing. It's just different packaging. What do you say to those doubters?

Simmons: (06:54)
I guess it's a, it's kind of a tough question to answer. I know a lot of people doubt the effects of CBD. Um, I think a lot of it has to do with the quality of the products that are out there. It's pretty tough at this point now with as much anecdotal information that's out there and the thousands are probably really at this point now, millions of people that have, um, gotten their hands on, on high quality CBD products and they're doing really well with them for, for a whole, you know, whole list of, uh, various issues that they might have going on. So, um, it's hard for us to really get into depth on, you know, some of the things that CBD could do or potentially help ways because of, uh, you know, FDA guidelines right now. And it's fairly unregulated industry. But, um, we try not to make a, you know, direct health claims or anything, but it's very easy to when we, you know, we've been here since January and, um, since we've been in, uh, in Concord, the repeat business with people that are having good results with the product line kinda speak for themselves I guess. So let's back up a little bit and talk about what CBD oil is. CBD Oil is oil from the cannabis plant. That is correct, but it does not have the THC in it, which is what gets you high if you smoke marijuana. That's correct. Yes. Yeah, absolutely. We can generalize cannabis. Um, cause I offer in all forms. It was really cannabis originally and then, then we broke it down into, um, the differences between, you know, marijuana when we refer to it as marijuana. It's more of a high THC concentration. And of course that's the products that are going to end up a eventually getting high. And then the hemp plant, um, which is just, it's just low THC marijuana. So, um, right now the federal standard is 0.3% or less THC in the product for it to be federally legal across the country. So we keep all of the products underneath that threshold. And then we also have, uh, some products that are a zero THC product as well. So we're able to go in and kind of remove even that little small trace amount. But with or without that little trace amount of THC, the products are still non-psychoactive and uh, and you won't have any type of a high or real medicated feeling or anything like that by taking them.

Huddle: (09:02)
What turns you on to CBD oil? What convinced you that this was a viable product? Not only to sell but to use?

Simmons: (09:09)
Great question because I like to talk about the story and how we got into the industry in general. So w we did a lot of research and homework before we chose a brand and how we wanted to open it up. Basically, I was kind of motivated by it by my sister who's got cerebral palsy and also has a seizure disorder. Um, she's 18, my parents live in New York and um, my sister's in New York. Um, but uh, but she has cerebral palsy. She's got a seizure disorder. She was having, you know, 40, 50, 60 seizures a month. She's got a nerve stimulator, she's on numerous medications and everything and nothing really seems to be helping with the seizures. So I put a lot of, you know, it took a really, really deep look at different types of cannabis products and talk to my parents about it and everything else and said, this may be a viable option, but the industry is wide open. What do you buy, what products do you try? Which ones are safe? And that was kind of a, it was a lot of work involved in that. And then I stumbled into the product line that we have in our stores and we started her on that around October. And since she's been taking our products, um, it's drastically reduced the severity and the frequency of, of her seizures. And when I see that, that makes us, uh, uh, you know, a pretty true believer in the quality of the product and everything. And of course I wasn't gonna send My, send my sister junk.

Huddle: (10:29)
Okay. When we come back, I want to talk about the different products that you have and if there's a different use for different treatments, things like that. So we're going to throw it to break real quick and when we come back, we'll continue on with Shaunn Simmons from your CBD store in Concord. Stay tuned.

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Huddle: (12:36)
Welcome back to upfront with Cabarrus magazine once again in studio with us is Shaun Simmons from your CBD store in Concord. Shaun, we talked a little bit about why you got into CBD oils and also what exactly it is before the break. Now I want to talk about the different uses for CBD oils. There are lots of different products as you mentioned before the break. It is unregulated right now. I think you and I both know that's not gonna last for very long. The government can't keep its hands out of an unregulated industry. It just can't. It's like a kid with candy. But let's talk about right now what is available and some give me some different examples of okay, I have this product and it's really effective for this treatment or I have this oil and it seems to work on this. Now, I will give you the disclaimer before I hand the mic over to tell our listeners, you are not a doctor. This is not a prescribed medical pharmaceutical and you are not giving medical advice. So I have covered my bases now with the U.S. Federal government and uh, everybody else. But uh, given that disclaimer, why don't you tell us a little bit about some of the products that you have?

Simmons: (13:45)
Yeah, what's great about our product line is we've got a really wide variety of products. It's nice to be able to source everything from one place instead of having to multiple different vendors and everything. So we've got our traditional oil tinctures that everybody's probably used to. If they've looked at CBD, I'm just a sublingual drops or, or oil that you put on under the tongue and there's probably hundreds of different uses for CBD across the board. One of the things that we tried to do a really good job with in the store is to talk about, um, absorption rates and bioavailability and things along those lines of, um, depending on what you're trying to take CBD for and help with. Um, we try to direct you to the product that's maybe gonna absorb the best for that type of, uh, uh, uh, an issue that you might have going on. So, um, but we've got oil tinctures, we've got a water soluble product that's really unique to the industry. Um, we, we basically Nananise the CBD and make it Lyposomal, um, the absorption rates through the roof on it and increases the bioavailability of it. It's a little bit more of a fast acting product in that sense. And then our oil tinctures tend to be a little bit more of a, um, kind of a little bit slower of an absorption in that sense. So, um, I think that those are the big ones. And then we've got everything from, from, you know, the, we've got topical creams, we've got gummies, vape products, little bit of everything.

Huddle: (15:04)
When you talk about absorption, can you tell our listeners what you mean by that?

Simmons: (15:08)
Um, yeah. I mean, depending on what people are taking CBD for, I think they're looking for something. Some people are think looking for something that's kind of almost like a one a day type of a, of just a vitamin or a supplement or something along those lines. Um, where they, they might be taking it for, you know, inflammation or just to help regulate their system a little bit. We all have a, an endocannabinoid system and what we're really doing with CBD is just to kind of refueling that system. And studies are showing that our endocannabinoid system regulates a lot of different function in the body, whether it be regulating our sleep patterns or regulating some inflammation or even just kind of the way we perceive stress and deal with things like that. But our systems are depleted, you know, after 80 years of prohibition and not having a hemp or cannabis or anything like that. Um, in our, you know, daily diet, we're, you know, generation after generation in of a, of a depleted system and that essence. So, um, but the bioavailability and the absorption just helps with a w with a couple of different issues. If you're looking for something that's more of a fast acting product, maybe, um, vaping CBD or a water soluble product might be something that's a little bit more effective for what you've got going on. And if you're looking for something that's a little bit more slower acting, you know, maybe gummies or an oil or something along those lines is a little bit better. And some folks that aren't quite ready to maybe ingest CBD want to use it topically. Um, maybe they just have a trouble area that they're trying to try to work with and they want to put it on a, you know, a, uh, you know, a sore spot or a skin condition or something along those lines. So, um, and then, uh, and then that can be really effective as well.

Huddle: (16:46)
Sean, before I let you go, why don't you tell us again where your store is located, how they can find you on the Internet and give us a basic price range if, if I'm coming into your store and I'm looking for just some basic CBD oils, you know, what, what can I expect to spend.

Simmons: (17:01)
From a price point where we've got oils that start off around 40 bucks and then we've got edibles that start as a little as $20. Um, so we've got a wide variety and then we've got stuff that ranges all the way up into, you know, some really high milligram products, uh, that could run about $300 a bottle. So it just varies. So some of our more popular bottles and products, um, I think sell for somewhere in the 70 to a hundred dollars range. So it's kind of our, our, our typical there. And then a location where at nine Union Street, Concord. So it's, uh, we're pretty easy to find. So we're right on the main drag, big, wide open windows. We've got a two different lounge areas where you can come in and sit down, relax and hang out. Um, you can also find us on Facebook, your CBD store of Concord, or we've got a second location in Morganton, North Carolina too, so you can find us at to you receiving E-store of Concord, your CBD store of Morganton, and make sure that you find those particular locations because we've got 400 stores now nationwide, so hey, I also wanted to mention too that we just won two really big awards at the largest U.S. CBD expo in the country so far for the industry that was done in Miami here a couple of weeks ago, but we won an award for the best topical cream and the best oil tincture voted, uh voted at the U.S. CBD Expo. Pretty proud of that.

Huddle: (18:18)
Shaun Simmons, Your CBD store of Concorde. Thank you so much for coming in and again for your sponsorship of the program. Absolutely. We appreciate being here. Stay tuned. Up next we have Sybil Bralley from Apothecary Creations. She's going to tell us her amazing story of how she says oils helped her recover from a car accident. Stay tuned.

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Huddle: (19:54)
Welcome back to Up Front with Cabarrus Magazine. I am joined now by Cybil Bralley. She's the owner of Apothecary Creations located right on Derita road in Concord. And she has an amazing story that I'm going to let her tell you because it really is incredible the way she recovered from a horrible, horrible accident that occurred, uh, not too long ago. So I'm gonna let her tell you about that. But uh, but apothecary creations, they have all kinds of oils. And when I say oils, I mean like essential oils and things like that and deodorants and all toothpastes, all kinds of things that are completely natural. And as we're talking this week, Sybil, about holistic and alternative forms of ways to take care of yourself. I wanted to come and talk to you. We met at the summer showcase down at Carolina Mall in July. And I found your story so compelling that I wanted to come and talk to you. So first of all, thanks for being on the program.

Bralley: (20:57)
Thank you so much for having me. And, um, it has been an interesting journey with essential oils. Um, I originally was a doubter, but after being exposed to the medical world by way of a vaccine injured child and studying foods and what they do for your body, I realized that there was something missing and um, I had become sick. So after 15 years in the, um, world of cosmetics, I realized that I was poisoning myself. So because I decided to take that approach of eliminating toxic chemical based personal care products for my lifestyle, my body actually changed. And I was able to, uh, see natural healing take place in my body by changing my toothpaste and my deodorant, my personal care products. I lost 20 pounds without even trying. And I thought that was amazing. So, um, as an aroma therapist, I decided to look really into how this information could help me in the future. Little did I know that taking this natural approach to my personal care would keep me from being killed by a hit and run driver on January the 13th of 2017.

Huddle: (22:10)
So let's get into that a little bit because you know, I'm, I know at first, listen, you go, well wait a minute, wait a minute, hold on. How can aromas and oils help somebody from getting killed by a car?

Bralley: (22:20)
Well, essential oils are nature's living energy, so they actually have the ability to heal instead of concealing, like medical concoctions tend to do. So instead of just masking a symptom, it works alongside the body to help the body do what it needs to do to heal itself. So think of the plant, for example, if it breaks a limb, it has the ability to repair itself. The fluid that is obtained from the roots, the stems, the leaves of these plants. Once they are extracted, they can be used and applied to our body to get similar benefits. And most people aren't aware that a pharmaceutical medicine was actually a takeoff of the constituents from the natural healing that was taking place. Um, pharmaceuticals are only about 150 years old. Um, if you look up the Rockerfellers, you can see a lot of the history there and how they made it, uh, an industry within itself. So natural healing, um, was demonized. And I thought that was interesting because I read a book called healing oils of the Bible and it actually gave me some interesting facts from history and how scriptural healing took place. And so, um, as a pedestrian struck by the car going over 50 miles an hour

Huddle: (23:44)
and was a hit and run right that you were left for dead?

Bralley: (23:47)
They left me for dead on the side of the road. I flew 30 feet into the air over my husband's head and landed on my face. I suffered a broken ice socket, broken cheekbone, a broken jaw, broken nose, broken mandible, broken teeth, broken chin, just shattered. My face is like a robo-Sybil is what I call myself. Um, I had a broken left shoulder. Um, it has pins and plates holding it together. I had a broken left ankle, has a rod and pins holding it together. I had broken right Tibia, a torn right ACL and a broken right wrist. And knowing what I did about pharmaceuticals and waking up in a hospital that scared me more than actually getting hit by the car. And so I had to take authority over my own, um, medical health in, in a situation where you should be able to trust what you're being given. However, my research showed me that God had a better way and um, I stood up for my medical rights and I declined their medicines I'm actually allergic to and said it's an opioid. So, um, those weren't even an option. So I brought in my own essential oils. Um, I am clinically trained in aroma therapy as a cosmetologist as well. So I knew what I needed that were standing substitutes for the medicine that they were going to give me. And I began using the natural waste appealing. So after three days in the hospital, the doctors came in and were just amazed because most people would not have survived what I did. And even to the point that I denied them their medicine that I refused their medicine and was using my own medicine when when I was originally given a room, they told me I would be in the hospital for about two weeks, but I was out in just four days and the pictures are on the Internet. If anybody wants to see the healing testimony, my journey of how powerful essential oils really are when they are used properly.

Huddle: (25:45)
Just a quick little disclaimer. You are not a doctor, so you are not giving medical advice to our listeners. You're just simply telling them what you did and what your choices were. Correct?

Bralley: (25:56)
Exactly. I am a holistic health practitioner. I'm a cosmetologist and that is the study of hair, skin and nails and most people just assume that a cosmetologist is a hairdresser, but cosmetologists actually learn as much as the dermatologist does, only differences. We don't learn to prescribe medicine and so knowing the power of the skin and the ability to absorb and educating myself about how oils work, this what I chose to do for myself, everybody is different. I thank God, I had a play in this because I honestly can say I've had very little pain. And knowing that there are options out there, encouraging people to do the research and to seek out a professional like myself who can help you make the wise decisions in using essential oils properly because they are a plant based medicine. And um, if the person selling you the oils is not trained, they could cause you injury. And I am clinically trained in aroma therapy, so I have that education behind me. Um, I take this very serious to the point to where I don't even want to overcharge you for your essential oils. If you're on a budget, you can come into apothecary creations and purchase the amount of oil that you need based on your budget. You don't have to come here and join a company or be part of any type of organization. Um, you can come in and get exactly what you need based on your budget. And what I think is important is that we help people understand that essential oils can be affordable.

Huddle: (27:30)
Incredible story, Sybil. As we close out here, I want to give you the opportunity, you said your story is on the Internet, where can they find that? And also where can they find Apothecary Creations?

Bralley: (27:39)
at Apothecary Creations, your time is very important to us. So we do recommend an appointment before you come. And um, we're located at 1930 Derita road, Concord, North Carolina. If you pop in on us, we might not be available to see you because we do therapies on individuals. So definitely call us and make an appointment so that you can have the time that you need to ask the questions that are specific to your issues.

Huddle: (28:05)
And where can they find your story on the Internet about your healing process?

Bralley: (28:09)
My story is actually on my Facebook timeline. Um, I'm in the process of creating a video journal of the whole process. But as, as of right now, I'm still in therapy. If you noticed the lisp, I have, uh, Invisalign because I have to straighten my teeth before I can get some dental work done. So my journey is still a progress in the making. But if you look me up on Facebook, I'll be glad to share with you and eventually maybe in the next month or so I'll have my story digitally.

Huddle: (28:40)
Wonderful, Sybil, thank you so much for joining us on the program today.

Bralley: (28:42)
Thank you so much for having me on. I appreciate seeking me out to learn more about how essential oils can help you experience wellness naturally.

Huddle: (28:50)
Alright, thank you, Cybil in about a minute and 10 seconds that I have left, I just want to reiterate that we are not trying to hand out medical advice. We're not telling you not to use doctors or anything of the sort. What we are saying is that there are alternatives that might be a plausible solution for you. It is worth examining. That's all we're saying. I'm not advocating for the abolishment of doctors and pharmaceuticals at all, so I just want to make that clear. At the same time with the oils and with the CBD products. You also have to be careful just like there can be bad drugs out there, there can be bad products. Some of the essential oils, and I say that with quotation marks out there are nothing more than oil and water. We heard a couple of years ago in Kannapolis how a smoke shop was busted for having fentanyl in their CBD vapes, so you have to be very careful. After the mic turned off, I talked to Shaun more about that importance and he reiterated, look, ask questions. If you go into a CBD store and they don't know where their hemp comes from, where their product comes from or if it's been tested, you need to walk out because they should know those things. If they don't find a store that does, as we pointed out, this industry, the CBD industry is unregulated right now, which means there can be a lot of fringe companies out there just trying to trick you out of your money. So do your research and make sure when you are trying these products that you're actually trying the product and not an imitation thereof. Okay. That's all the time I have for today. I didn't mention at the beginning of the show, but we were supposed to be doing high school football this week. It's hard to do a show when the coaches don't call you back, quite frankly. So we had to bump this episode up, but that's okay. Hope. The long story short is I have no idea what we'll be doing next week, but I know it will be fun and entertaining and informative, so make sure you come back, check out the group page and I'll be announcing soon what our subject will be. It might be high school football, maybe the coaches who go back to me. Who knows. In the meantime, I'd like to thank our sponsors, Atlantic Bay mortgage, CERTEC Automotive, Code Ninjas, Concord Downtown Development Corporation, Family Wealth Partners, Merle Norman Cosmetics and Edie's Salon, and Your CBD store of Concord. I've been your host, Jason Huddle. We'll see you next week!

Episode 24: Are Essential Oils and CBD Products Worth A Try?

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