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Safe, Radiation-Free Effective Health Screening is Now Available at Alliance Wellness Centers in Concord

Nov 02, 2019 07:00AM ● By Kimberly Brouillette

Many women, including some doctors, fear mammograms are causing over-treatment and resulting in more cases of cancer. According to a recent study published by scientists in the New England Journal of Medicine, 1.3 million US women have received unnecessary and invasive cancer treatments. Over the past 30 years, these have included surgery, radiology, hormone therapy and chemotherapy. This is primarily due to routine mammograms detecting harmless tumors. Other studies conducted in European countries have concluded that mammograms only reduced the risk of death from cancer by less than 10%, and sometimes not at all.

What is Medical and Breast Thermography?

Thermography, also referred to as Digital Infrared Imaging (DITI), can reduce the number of false positives and over-treatment of breast cancer by demonstrating whether a tumor is metabolically active or not, when combined with anatomical testing. As an effective alternative, thermography is a radiation-free, state-of-the-art screening procedure that uses heat technology (heat sensing) to screen for cancer and other pathology or abnormalities. 

Thermography is very effective for general breast health assessment, but can be used for a variety of health screenings. As toxins and excessive hormones create increased heat in the breast, monitoring of these heat patterns is an excellent way to promote wellness and see the response to various health approaches and treatments.

All living things emit energy or radiate heat, that heat is picked up by an infrared camera and the information is digitally plotted in a color palate. The most common palate is rainbow palate, heat shows up red or white (hyperthermia), cold is black or magenta (hypothermia). Areas of inflammation, lymphatic congestion, vascular obstruction or cancer will show up on a thermogram.

 Key benefits of Thermography:

  • 100% safe! No Radiation! Pain-Free!
  • University of Wisconsin study shows 70% of tumors can be identified on a thermogram up to 8-10 years prior to a mammogram.
  • 2008 Cornell Study showed 97% efficacy and sensitivity in detecting malignant cancer.
  • More reliable breast screening for women under 40 and/or dense breasts.                                                                       

Health Screenings:

Thermography is a safe, radiation-free, adjunctive screening method helpful in the diagnosis and detection of various disease processes, such as:

  • Breast Health Screening
  • Thyroid Screening
  • Lymphatic Congestion
  • Neuromuscular Disorders
  • Vascular Disorders

For more information or to book your health screening, click the link below:

Alliance Wellness Centers is conveniently located near Atrium Northeast Hospital at:
831 Arbor St NE, Concord, NC 28025

You can send an email for more information at [email protected]

You can also find out more on our website at

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