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First 'Up Front' of 2020 All About New Year's Resolutions

Jan 10, 2020 04:32PM ● By Jason Huddle

Episode 42: New Year's Resolutions

Welcome to Upfront with Cabarrus Magazine, sponsored by Atlantic Bay Mortgage, Cabarrus Arena and Events Center, Cabarrus Eye Center, CERTEC Automotive, Code Ninjas, Concord Downtown Development Corporation, Family Wealth Partners, Merle Norman Cosmetics and Edie's Salon and Your CBD Store of Concord. I'm your host, Jason Huddle. It's our first episode of 2020. Happy New Year! Let's talk about some resolutions.
Welcome to this brand new addition of Up Front with Cabarrus Magazine in this brand new year -  brand new decade. I know, I know. There's someone out there right now saying, Well, technically, the decade doesn't start till 2021. Stop. Just stop with that. It's the twenties 20 It's the twenties. It's a new decade. Get over it. Don't be technical. People hate that. Anyway, I want to thank you for your listenership. I want to thank you for continuing to listen to our program this week. We are talking about New Year's resolutions and what is usually at the top of everybody's lists. You know it. It's getting in shape. It's getting fit. It's losing weight. Well, we happened to stumble across a brand new fitness facility right here in Concord that we wanted to introduce you to, and we're gonna be talking to them about how to get in shape, how to get fit and how to not get discouraged when you have so much work to do ahead of you. So we've all been there. Well, most of us, anyway. I know I have several times and I want to help you guys out, if that is your New Year's resolution. Before we get that, it is time for shameless plug time.  
The new edition of Cabarrus Magazine is on stands and online. This month, we are featuring the winners of our Cabarrus Magazine Reader Awards, which we announced back in December at the Celebrate Cabarrus event at the Speedway Club. Thanks once again to Visit Cabarrus, the Cabarrus County CVB for hosting that event and allowing us to be part of it. So, yeah, we decided we've never done that before, where we actually featured the winners of our readers awards, and we think this might be a regular thing and be sort of an extra perk for winning the award. And the voting was very close this year, so I encourage you if you haven't already checked out this month's edition, go ahead and grab that off a stand or online and check out our winners of this year's Cabarrus Magazine Readers Awards. And that is today's shameless plug time.  
Alright, when we come back from break, we're gonna be at OPEX Fitness in Concord to learn how to get in shape for 2020. Stay tuned. 
Welcome back to this first episode of 2020 here on Up  Front with Cabarrus Magazine, and I am sitting here, at OPEX Fitness in Concord, with Alfred Wilson. He is the co-owner of the gym. That is, we'll tell us exactly. First of all, Alfred, let me thank you for coming onto the program and let me just tell us a little bit about what OPEX Fitness is and what you guys philosophy is. 
Okay, cool. Um, thank you for having me point of the program and onto the show. This is really cool. So, Opex Fitness is a in a grand scheme of things, it is a place where people can come to the gym, and find their physical capability. Everybody's looking for something, whether that be physically or financial or something, wherever it is in their life. OPEX is a place where you get your own coach that develops a fitness program so that you  not only develop and grow physically, but that stuff also transfers over to which you do from one day to the next. So we take in a lot to make it super simple, right? If you ever had a personal trainer, people have been to a gym with a personal trainer. Have you ever been to a group class where you jumped around? You ran down a bunch of things and not so much structured just inside of the group? OPEX lands right in the middle of that, and we tie in the personalization of personal training because everybody gets their own coach drone program with the community of small groups so that you get to have the atmosphere that you're looking for and growth physically.
So you have that one on one customized program for you. But you also have a group of people that are gonna be there to support you and encourage you and do all those things that you also need when you're going through this process. Right? Meaning any goals, whether it's trying to lose weight or or get ready for a marathon, it doesn't really matter right?
We really cover the gambit in here, but because it is individualized, that's that's why we do. There's not one specific. If I had to narrow it down to a group of people, majority of our clients are looking to very simply look better, feel better and move better for the duration of their lifetime.
Wonderful. So tell us a little bit about how you got into fitness. Most people have a story or something that they went through, and they decided I need to get my body, right, And I don't know what your story is. So why don't you tell us how you got into this?
So I don't have that kind of story per se, like the typical I was this way and I wanted to look that way. Fitness was always for me, something that I just did because it was part of just being active. Did sports as a kid, ran track wrestle, did some boxing, and I got to play around with all that stuff, and just really mess around -  baseball, football, you name it. I dabbled in it. I always enjoyed the exercise and practice part more than I actually enjoyed the game, So
Yeah, I was never really a fan of game day. Um, I guess nerves didn't didn't do well with me, but that's okay, but I really enjoyed the process of learning new skills and figuring out how to do things physically.
That has to be the first time I've ever heard that from any athlete that they like the practice more than the performance
The practice was always a little bit harder moments than than the game generally for me. So that was a fun part, cause that's what the challenge was. Then I was after high school, and I was an average athlete in high school the whole time. After that, I went into the military. I was a medic in the  military.
Thank you for your service.
Yes, sir. Thank you. Um, medical and military for a very long time. Everyone. About 10 years. I still currently serve in the reserves of the Air Force branch, Air Force, Army, active duty, and then Air Force Reserves. And my that job dependent on me being physically capable to do things. What things we were never told. So I just figured why? I just have to be ready to do all of that. And so that's don't lead to more practice and learning new skills physically for me. And then I got interested in personal training and kind of a concept of how the body moved. And really, just curiosity carried me forward with that, and I've never really not exercised.
So how did you come up with the philosophy of this particular? I hesitate to call it a gym because it doesn't feel like a gym. It's a fitness facility.  
We call - fintness facility is a good word for it. I'd say. I tell people in my client states, whatever it is that they needed to be dependable the day right. Some people just mallet for them to come in and move a little bit through their program. For others, it's very social. So they come in to get to talk to their buddies and meet up with him here and go out and have some food and drinks afterwards. And for some, it's literally a place where they come in and they just execute on what the goal is, and they're hyper focused about it. So it's really whatever anything but the individual needs it to be. So, as personal as it can get without being out of control is really what it is. But we fitness is what binds all of us together.
So is there a particular philosophy that you have that you feel like sets you apart from similar facilities?
So the OPEX is a larger the larger business, right? So it is. There's a bunch of different OPEX gyms in the nation.
Okay, so this is a franchise
It's a license, but similar to a franchise. The big difference is that we get to have some guidelines we can can't do. But we set the culture inside the gym and we write the programs and we grow our business. So sure, and they have. They have supported things inside of that in the license to make sure that we're taking care of. There's a certification that is done, specifically bio pecs. It's a year long, and this is probably I like about it the most. I have a bunch of sickness certifications. This is the only one that took me a year long to complete, and that required me to finish a final project  about somebody else before they could say, You could have a gym.
So what kind of things are we talking about here?
So for the for the assessment for the certification had to take seven people, and I had to run them through our physical assessment process that all our clients go through, had to write out a program for them for 12 weeks right out of nutrition plan, and I had to put all that packet and then send it to our headquarters, and they had to look it over and say, Yeah, that's what we're looking for a coach.
All right, Alfred, when we come back, I've gotta cut to break because they have sponsors that I have to pay some bills. But when we come back, I want to talk about our theme this week, which is New Year's resolutions. Obviously, losing weight is, or getting physically fit is a big popular New Year's resolution, and I want to talk to you about how people can get started with that. All right? We're gonna go to break, and we'll be back with Alfred Wilson from OPEX Fitness in Concord, in just a moment. Stay tuned.
Welcome back. Once again, we're sitting here at Opex Fitness in Concord. That's O P E X Fitness in Concord, with Alfred Wilson, and he is the co-owner here. And we spent the first segment talking about who you guys are and what your philosophy is. And I did that deliberately because I wanted our listeners to get a feel for who you are and what qualifies you for this next segment, which is about New Year's resolutions. Obviously, top of the list for just about every New Year's resolution is getting in better shape, whether it's losing weight, whether it's just making yourself more physically fit training for a marathon, whatever it is, it has to do with physical fitness. And with some people, that seems like a goal that is realistic. Okay, if I'm already physically fit, then I think training for a marathon. I could probably do that. But if I'm 100 pounds overweight and all I want to do is get to be physically fit, that can be a daunting thing to look at, and it's difficult at the beginning to begin taking those steps. So what are some processes that people can take to begin that journey without getting frustrated just a couple weeks in and throwing up their hands? And more specifically, maybe, what is some things that you would do with clients in that position?
So I'd like to try to if I can add some value where people can take some action immediately. Sure, if I won't put it in what we would do with clients on the front end. We'll talk about that, obviously, but something that people could hopefully take out and all I could do that that seems easy enough. So you'll execute on that. With that being said, either one of those can be done by on your own or with us, right? So the first part has clients that do it or people could do it on their own. Just really begin with the end in mind. So I think most people, when they make a New Year's resolution, I it's think too small. We always ask your clients to go a little bit bigger than what it is. They think that we have something reach for, and if they fall short, it's still pretty successful. But the goal is high when the goal's high, people tend to get nervous. For people in here, hat left a lot of weight, and I tell them when they walk up to the bar, if you walk up to it and you don't feel a little nervous about it, you're not quite ready yet, because it should you kind of scare you a little bit. Not that it's a bad thing, but you gotta want that because little bit motivating for some people, not all. So understand what the end is and where you want to be, and then take an honest look at where you are now. That's what I think. Most people really fall apart when they looked like, 'Aw Man!', like you said, it's really daunting. 'There's a long road I have to take.'
It's a huge journey.
This is 2020 and I want to get X done would say, lose 60 pounds in the year. That's huge and realistically, and by realistically you have to include the other lifestyle factors that fall in place. You start to talk about have kids, a family, a job have a social life.
I only have so much time to work out. I only have so much time to cook, healthy and eat healthy and all that stuff. I know at our house, we have all intentions of eating healthy, every opportunity we get. But sometimes, you know, you come home from work, you're wiped out. You got to be at some practice or somewhere in an hour and 1/2. You don't have much time. Let's just order a pizza. Forget about it. So those are things that you have to work through. But tell us, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to interrupt, but I want you to take us through the steps that people can start with on their own. 
So, easy enough. Simple, simple plans. Three things to start with. Increase your level of activity. Most people think it needs to be in the gym. New Year's resolution?Don't get me wrong. I'm a fan. You gotta go to the gym. I grew up in the gym. That's my favorite part. But, um, I like that more than the other stuff. But it's not for everybody. So usually there's an activity you enjoy. Start doing that X amount of minutes a day. We always say 30. Can you walk for 30 extra minutes a day and 30 extra minutes? Could be I walked for 10 minutes in the morning. 10 minutes a night. 10 minutes in the evening. And I do that like clockwork.
Does that work the same to do 10, 10 and 10? Does that work the same? Is that the same amount of exercise with the same benefit to your body as doing 30 minutes at one time? 
It is a benefit to your body and that you're doing 30 minutes versus not doing anything.
Well, okay, I grant you that.
So this is the starting point. And then there needs to be a movement forward. So start with 30 minutes a day. You do that five days a week. That's well over three hours of movement for the week. Right? That's three days a week, which -
if you're not walking at all that's -
well, you're moving your body, right? That's a win. Um, next thing we tell people is to drink more water. Why do you need to drink more water? Because water is the medium that allows everything in your body to work. Right? So we're trying to get you to move efficiently and move blood better and get things moving like you're supposed to. Eat more vegetables. Eat more protein. How much more? A little more than what you're eating now. Start with those two things. Eat those first off the plate, and then, if you still feel hungry, eat the other stuff. And start there.
And less sugar, right? 
Yeah, yeah. Less sugar. All that stuff. Solid. People know that. Yeah. Able know that. And that's -
It's doing it. That's - 
That's a bigger conversation. What we've seen happen with these these little things, right? He's a little more protein, more vegetables with your body every day. Drink more water is you start to just feel a little better in general. Yeah, And the cravings for those things that usually come from stuff like stress, lack of sleep, really busy schedule, kind of fall back a little bit. This isn't an end all-be all. You have to - these are just steps. And going into the next problem, we tell our clients we have them start their and our goal is to build consistency. If you're consistent, then you can add layers to that consistency. And you can see really great success in the longer.  And then a year doesn't look like I need to lose 60 pounds in this year. It looks like I just need to drink a little more water these next two weeks. Sure you can win that?
Sure. My personal philosophy is you have to take it on a day to day basis. Like Okay, Yeah. I wanna lose60 pounds this year. Well, what could I do today to make that goal happen? I'm not gonna lose 60 pounds today. But what can I do today, since I can control today? What can I do in order to reach that goal long term?
Absolutely. And then what's your first day is done. Then just do it again. I has a client in here a couple weeks ago, she did the exact same thing. She was working on her pull ups. She did X amount of pull ups with assistants. She's like 'I did it! I can't believe we did it!' Yes, she did. Do it again tomorrow. So we celebrate the win for the day and then we repeat it, right? Because if you can't repeat it, then It's not a learned skill. You didn't improve getting - you missed the opportunity. I won't say you didn't improve because you obviously did. You miss the opportunity to improve if you don't continue to practice the skills, so that's that's the big thing. Consistency and practice.
Very good in the closing minutes, any other advice that you can give us as far as long term, reaching those goals and pushing through to become better fit in 2020?
I put out a tweet earlier. It's 2020. The only thing stopping people from reaching their goals is their limitations, whether that's self imposed or imposed on somebody else. If you're not reaching them with the amount of resources and technology that are available - you're traveling to a podcast. That's awesome right?
But if you're not doing those things, it's only because of your limitation, not because you don't have access. So look for the resources to get you to where you want to be. You'll find some wins, some losses. There's some good. There's some bad. It is overwhelming. Pick one. Stick to it. Stick to whetever you're listening to for a period of time and see if it works. And if it doesn't, move on, if it does, keep nailing it. Stay consistent, stay moving.
I think, too, that people need to realize it's not a race. You may say I want to lose 60 pounds in a year and maybe you get to six months down the road and then you plateau for two months and you're doing things. You're doing what you need to do but you're keeping that same weight or whatever. People need to realize it's not a race.
We talk about that, the foreverness of fitness in here. Like it never - there's never like this point where you're like, check I'm fit. I've been working out since I was eight. Like, I'm pretty fit, but, like, have I arrived at fitness? No. There's still stuff that I can't do physically.
Unless you're training for a marathon, then it literally is a race, but that's a whole -
Right. Actually a race. But yeah, that's a different conversation. But there's a foreverness to it. And when you commit to it and you're in it, you accept and you kind of go with the ups and downs, right? It's like - You have kids?  
I have two kids, and sometimes it is the hardest thing in the world for me to be a good parent. And I feel like I'm failing that. All the time. Other times, I'm like I killed it as a dad today. I should get an award. Fitness feels the same way to me. Sometimes I'm doing for a long time, and I think a lot of people go through that, cause you're gonna have wins,. you're gonna have losses. But the payoffs can be great for what you can do for a lifetime.
Sure. Good. Before I let you go, Alfred, just tell us. Where can they find Opex Fitness, both physically and online. And what are your hours?
So you could find us? Our location is 7144 Weddington Road, Suite 120. We're right at the corner of Weddington and Pitts School Road in an industrial park. You can also find us online at our website, You can request to speak with the coach there if you like. All of our social media tags are @OpexConcord. We're on Facebook and what's the other one. Instagram. And um -  
I'm on Twitter.
 Do you give out, like like motivational tweets? 
I do motivational tweets. I share a lot of stuff from Instagram on Twitter because it just shares easily.  
What's your Twitter handle?
Um, coach Alfred Wilson. Okay, or coach Alfred W that's the same. It's the same for Instagram, and Facebook is just Alfred Wilson.
Very good. Alfred Wilson. OPEX Fitness in Concord Thank you so much for hanging out with this today. Give us a little motivation for the coming year. Thanks for your time.
Absolutely, thank you very much.
You guys stay tuned. We will be back in just a moment.
I want to thank  Alfred Wilson for taking time out of his day to spend it with us to help us get educated on what we can do, if getting fit are getting more healthy is our New Year's resolution. I had posted the question online. What is your New year's resolution? And we got some interesting responses. Jennifer Parsley, who has been a guest on this program a couple of times, she said. I don't make them. Um, I try and pick a word and set an intention to be more present or drink more water. I have done them in the past and kind of gotten disappointed when I failed. I do try to look at the new year as a chance to reset. It's a point well taken, Jennifer. A lot of people do not make New Year's resolutions for that purpose because they don't want to let themselves down. But I don't think that's the point. Respectfully, I think that the point is that we go out. We try to better ourselves in some way, and yes, sometimes we fail. Most of the time we fail. But I'll tell you this. It was 10 years ago. I decided I am going to stop drinking sodas. Now. Let me set this up for you. I was drinking anywhere between 4 to 5 Sun-drops a day easily, like no question. I probably would have bled yellow number five if you had pricked my finger. And I knew it wasn't doing my body any good. And I just felt bloated and terrible all the time. So I decided, heading into 2010, that one of the big changes I was going to make was to stop drinking sodas. New Year's Eve. I loaded up. I had every soda I could that last day, but January 1st I stopped cold turkey. Now, I will tell you. The next two weeks were absolutely horrible for me. I had terrible headaches. I just did not feel well at all. I was grumpy, but onceI got over that hump, once I got over about that two week period and realized I didn't need the sodas to get through every day. Well, let me tell you something. That was 10 years ago. It's been 10 years since I've had a soda, and I know that my body is better for that. Yes, I know that I can work on other areas of my body and I still need to get more fit. But that is one area that I succeeded in, and I feel good about that. And then it got to the point when I got tempted to drink a soda here or there that I would think, Why stop the fast now? I've done so well for so long. Why should I do it? And now I don't even think about it. I it doesn't bother me at all to not have a soda. I just assume drink water. It's fine with me. So I love room temperature water, even that, it doesn't matter to me. So that's great. And plus it saves you money. When you drink water instead of sodas at a restaurant, think about how much money you're spending. If there's a family of four and each of you get a soda, that's about what $2.50 a piece. So you just spent 10 bucks on soda when you could have shaved $10 off your meal by just cutting out the sodas and everybody drinking water, so it's a big deal. So, Jennifer, respectfully, I understand exactly what you're saying. Set a word. Make that your mantra for the year, absolutely. But don't not set a New Year's resolution because you might let yourself down. If setting a New Year's resolution is what you need to do to give you something to strive for, by all means, do it. Maybe you'll make it. Maybe you won't. That's not the point. The point is that you are making the effort. James Castonguay says, "Same goal as always. Be a better me each day." Isn't that the truth? Ron Sword has a little bit more specific perspective than I do, he says, to "not only complete Spartan races, but to look the part." I think every one of us guys would love to look the part of a Spartan racer, Ron. So good luck with that. And finally, Margaret Dabbs says, "to be in the moment, truly be in the moment and be fulfilled with gratitude." And that is some wonderful advice from Margaret. We thank you guys for participating on our Up Front with Cabarrus Magazine Group Page and I also want to mention that Alfred will be available. He has joined our group on Facebook. It's Up Front with Cabarrus Magazine Podcast. He has joined that group and he will be available if you want to reach out to him through our group and get some advice from him on fitness. He has already indicated to me that he would be more than happy to answer any questions that you have. So make sure you do that. Well, I have taken up enough of your time today and I appreciate you spending your time with us. Once again, I want to thank our sponsors, Atlantic Bay Mortgage, Cabarrus Arena and Events Center, Cabarrus Eye Center, CERTEC Automotive, Code Ninjas, Concord Downtown Development Corporation, Family Wealth Partners, Merle Norman Cosmetics and Edie's Salon and Your CBD Store of Concord. Always remember to support those that support us. I've been your host, Jason Huddle. Go out there and be resolute.

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