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'Up Front' Covers Resolution by Cabarrus County Commissioners to Support 2nd Amendment

Jan 28, 2020 09:58AM ● By Jason Huddle

Cabarrus County and the 2nd Amendment

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Hello, welcome and greetings to another edition of Up Front with Cabarrus Magazine. If you listened to last week's episode or saw the teaser ad in the magazine, you would think that we're going to be talking about our Cabarrus Magazine Reader Award winners and interviewing some of them this week. But unfortunately, scheduling conflicts occurred and we had to drop back and punt a little bit. But that's okay, because in the middle of all that and trying to work out schedules, we had a bit of a controversy this week, with the Cabarrus County commissioners passing a resolution saying that Cabarrus County was a Second Amendment county. Well, I thought, you know what? This is a hot topic. Judging from the turnout at the commissioner's meeting earlier this week, I thought this might be a great subject to talk about, so I brought in an eyewitness to the meeting and friend of the show, friend of the magazine. Actually, he's our official photographer, Mike Anderson, and he's gonna be in studio giving us his impressions of this resolution, what the reaction has been and also give us a little bit of insight into what he feels is the political climate of Cabarrus county coming into this election year. So it's gonna be a very interesting conversation. I want you to stick around for that. But of course, we have to get 1st to our shameless plug time. Did you know that you can get Cabarrus magazine delivered to your very own door for a mere $3 a month? That's right. You can subscribe to Cabarrus magazine and have it delivered straight to your door no more going to one of our distribution points to see if the magazines are still there because they go fast. No more of that. You can have it delivered straight to your door in the mail. All you have to do is go to Cabarrus magazine dot com, click on subscribe now and follow the instructions. It's only $36 for the year, and it is well worth it. Think about that you're gonna spend $3 in gas trying to find the magazine. Because so many places are already out the day after we stock. We can't help it, but you can have it delivered straight to your door. So go online Cabarrus magazine dot com. Click on that, subscribe now and get your very own copy of Cabarrus magazine for a mere $3 a month, and that is this week's shameless plug time. Okay, we have a lot to get to with Mike Anderson, and he is coming in studio next. Right after these messages. Stick around. 
Welcome back. I'm pleased to have in studio with me, returning to the program is Mike 
Hey now.  
Man about town, world famous photographer.  
Well, okay
I'm saying it, not you. But Mike also was on our very first episode almost a year ago.  
That is right.  
So welcome back to the program.
Thank you for having me.
Mike. You were at the commissioner's meeting the other night where they passed a resolution that Cabarrus County would be a Second Amendment sanctuary. I don't think th ey used the word sanctuary.
They didn't use the word sactuary.
What do we call it? Second Amendment?
Basically, Basically, this resolution just says that we as a county, we is community. We support the Second Amendment.  
It's not, we're not a sanctuary county for the Second Amendment. Last time I checked the Second Amendment, the whole country's a sanctuary.
Yes, but just to play devil's advocate, illegal immigration still illegal. But there are counties and cities who have said we're not gonna enforce that. If you're an illegal immigrant, you can come into our city. Yep, You can do that even though it's against the law. All right, so and now you have laws being passed. And I think what spawned all this was this legislation in Virginia.
That goes way beyond constitutional rights.
And I think you and I agree that this law will eventually be struck down the courts. But it scares people.  
Because here's a legislative body that willfully and knowingly passes a law they know is unconstitutional. And yet they expect law enforcement and the municipalities to enforce this unconstitutional law. And so that's why these cities and counties in Virginia felt the need to say we are a Second Amendment sanctuary. We're not going to enforce laws that contradict the Constitution,
Right? Which I totally agree with that because they should not be going with the state law. Its constitution supersedes that

Exactly and so that's what makes it different from, say, a sanctuary City for immigrants is because they're saying we're not going to enforce a constitutional law, these counties and cities air saying, we're not going to enforce a law that's unconstitutional.
So but you don't think it's necessary. You don't think the whole thing is necessary. 
I think it's good. I think it's it's It's a positive move by the commissioner's, by the county. People were concerned in the county. Officials stepped up, did their homework, did their job. I mean, think about this. This is where their first public meeting since all of this uproar started.  
First public meeting. Not only did they add it to their agenda, they took the petition into account. They took in other resolutions into account. They adopt and passed it unanimously in one night. How many times have you seen in our county? In our city council meetings, Town council meetings where somebody brings in a petition or a proposal and it gets adopted past the same night?  
Yeah, that's so incredible.
It just shows the concern that the Commissioner's had about it. They understood the gravity of the situation. They understood the importance of what needed to be said, whether it was binding or not. And then in the long run, it's no legality that this is just basically saying, Hey, we support the Constitution. We support our Second Amendment rights and this is who we are. I have no problem with that I think it's a great idea. But here's my thing. And my concern with some of the folks and some of the supporters that started all this locally was the fact of acting like they're our county officials weren't acting in a timely manner and wasn't doing it fast enough. My question is, if it was that much of concern to them, why wasn't this brought up last year? Why wasn't it brought up two years ago?
Well, because there was no urgency to do so until this law in Virginia got past.
And that was not too long ago and again this the first public meeting since all this started, and they took charge and did their job as elected officials. I feel good. I mean, having the sheriff there speaking, he said some wonderful things to start. He was the first speaker, and I I think we have a fine, fine sheriff.
And what what kind of things did he say? What kind of things? Because you were there. You were in the room. This is why I wanted you on the podcast. Because it was standing room only.
Yeah, I got there an hour before just to get a seat.
And obviously, some, it was politically charged. It was they were obviously a lot of fired up people there, and most of them got what they wanted. At the end of the night.
I think in the night everybody got me, the whole point of it. Was to get a resolution passed, saying That Cabarrus County supports our Second Amendment rights, and that's exactly what we had.
Okay, so let's go to the sheriff. He opens up the meeting,
He talks about his viewpoint and his oath. His obligations and it's to the Constitution, is upholding the laws of the land and the Constitution. And he said exactly what needed to be said.
Did he indicate that if North Carolina were to pass a similar law that Virginia did that, he would not enforce it? Was that the implication?
No, (inaudible) A I`m not gonna get into that part of it. He did not say anything controversial. What he said was what needed to be said. He is doing his job as a law enforcement officer here in the community. As the top law enforcement officer in the community, he is for the people by the people he's not going to go against the Constitution. He's not going to go against our rights. I can promise you that, he is a fine, fine man outside of just being,  uh, a law enforcement agent. Him is a person, his family, outstanding people. And he would support the people of this community, period. I have no doubt about it. He's gonna do what's right every time. That's just the way our sheriff is. It was great, and I was very happy and pleased that the commissioner's asked him to speak first before anybody else before any public talk. He was the first one to speak because that's who people look to is your top law enforcement agent in the community and he is the top one. And it was beautiful to watch.
So the sheriff gets up, says his piece. What happens next?
What next comes the public comments? There were 15 people that signed up for it. Jay White was first and then followed by numerous individuals as regular people in community. Um, Larry Pittman, our state representative for the district, spoke one of that. We have Barbara running for county commissioner, spoke, and just numerous people from there and just regular people spoke. It was great. I mean, some have prepared statements, and then some just spoke from the heart, which is great. I mean, there was one man, I think he was that the last one. Hey, maybe he was, I just loved what he said. It was great to see. It's really good to see the community come out in force like they did, and they did. It was absolutely great. I really wish people would do that more often for other things, too. Not just certain things.
Sure. The other night you did a Facebook live?
Yeah, last night.
Which, by the way, if you ever get a chance to watch, might go off on Facebook live, please do so. It's it's very entertaining. But on your Facebook live, you said something to the effect of and I`m  paraphrasing. But if people would get so fired up about things like the homeless and other social issues, as they do about guns, how much better of a community?  
Would we already have?
Think about it!
Even though we have a great community, how much even better would it be?
Yeah, well, I'm not downplaying it, saying our communities that good. We have a great community, wonderful community, but witnessing what I witnessed and just sitting there thinking, you know, if people would show up, how many county commissioner's meeting are standing room only? Very few.
Very few.
Same for City Council. It's gotta be a hot button topic. Sure, if and it just hit me while I was sitting there like, you know, if people would put this much effort in helping their neighbor or a nonprofit, a church is that complaining? How about getting out there and doing something about it? You know, I can't speak for my son and me and myself about the things that we do behind the scenes in this community for nothing. Sometimes we volunteer.  
Yeah, absolutely.  
I mean,
I will definitely give you credit for that. You, you volunteer your services at so many functions that no one ever really even realizes you don't really even get noticed or credit for it, you just do it.
I just do it. Well, it's just it's my way of giving back to the community in the best way I know how. People like what I do. So that's the best way in my mind to give back. But getting back to that meeting it just It just fascinates me that if we could come together as a community, on, helping homeless, helping churches. I mean, there was a local church recently made news about being so far in debt they're getting kicked out of their church.
Happens all the time, by the way.
I understand, but, you know, I didn't see anybody rushing to help these people. I mean think about this, we just community could come together and help one another like that. I mean, look at Barbara Scotia, for instance. That thing is just basically rotting away right in front of our eyes. All that history, all those wonderful people that went through those doors that got a great education that made not only their lives better, but the people around them and the communities lives better. And it's just sitting there. All that history is just rotting.
And nobody's doing anything about it. Why can't we as a community, make, put that much effort into other things? Positive things?  
You know, I get It`s the Second Amendment. You're talking about constitutional rights. I get that. I understand it. But why can't we do more?
I've got to go to break, But when we come back, I want to talk about a couple of things. First of all, there was a little controversy you mentioned Jay White. You mentioned Larry Pittman a little bit of controversy between the two. We're going to get into that as well as the overall political climate of Cabarrus county heading into an election year. You'll stick around with us. Yes,
Absolutely. I just need a little bit of coffee and some of our local wonderful product called conviction. If we're gonna talk politics, I need to get ready and stress free,
All right, well it's a little early, but we'll see what we can do.
It's five o'clock somewhere.
You guys stay tuned and we`ll be back in just a moment.
Welcome back. You're here on the front with Cabarrus magazine talking to Mike Anderson, man about town, world famous photographer and politico extraordinaire.
Now just say concerned, citizen. Political starting there.
No, I said politico.
Politico. I just I just enjoy watching .
It is fun to watch. It is so fun to people watch, especially in a political situation. So what I wanted to talk about first is this controversy between Larry Pittman and Jay White, cause apparently Larry Pittman was screaming collusion that Jay White got to speak. By the way, the two are running against each other for Pittman seat. In the North Carolina Legislature. So he was screaming collusion that Jay got to speak first, even though he was their first.
Yeah, not only him, but some of the people that were there that let's just call them tea partiest. Um that were there from the far, far right reaches of the Republican Party. Um that were there that
Wait, tea parties were at a meeting with dealing with with gun control, with gun control or gun sanctuary. Second Amendment issues. That's crazy.
I'm not gunna call. Hey, listen they arn`t gunna say their tea partiest they call themselves Republicans. But I'm a Republican, and that does not represent what I think. They they're the type that if you don't play with them the way they want to be played with, they take their guns and go home basically. And you know, instead of a ball, it's their way or the highway. If you're not with them, you're against him. And this is for people, their own party. I mean, this is what fascinates me about the other night there saying disparaging things about our commissioners and Jay White, who are all Republicans. You know, we haven't had a Democrat as a chairman since the late seventies if I'm not mistaken. So there are Republicans sitting up there, so they're talking about people in their own party. I mean, what is,  I mean it's like you're eating your own, so it's. 
Republicans are notorious for doing that.
Well, it's just like I said the other night. On the Facebook live is the fact that It's like we have two different parties here in Cabarrus county inside the Republican Party.
Well, I really think you have four parties totally nationally now. You have  your standard moderate Republicans or Democrats, and then you have your far left,  Antifa ,far right what do you want to call it. Alt right, Whatever.
Well I think the far left I mean, you just plain out their socialist, they`re not even Democrats. They're socialists. We're we're being led by people that live in the extremes what happen to the middle ground and working with each other. But I digress,
Yes. So let's get back to Pittman and White.
So Pittman and his supporters or his cohorts were all upset about why Jay White got to speak first. That was one of the issues, and secondly, why his resolution was better than other people's resolutions, including Pittman's resolution. So collusion was talked about  by our representative Larry Pittman on his Facebook page and the fact that hey, I showed up first J didn't show up until after me. How did he did speak first? Well, I talked with County about that because I found it interesting. And the fact of the matter is that you can go up there to the county building and let him know that , hey, I want to speak at tonight's meeting. You can do that. So,
In advance.
In advance, Yes. So that's just told me that Jake there was no collusion. J just did his homework and made the first effort to do something about the Second Amendment rights. And when it comes down to why his was picked, I mean, they talked. During the meeting, the commissioner's asked the county attorney about this. Now he's an attorney who knows a lot more about constitutional law. I would think them the average person and wordings on resolutions and laws and what makes one better than the other. I mean, he's been a attorney for a long, long time. He's been the county attorney for a long, long time, so I want to take his insight and his expertise over anybody else's when it comes to that stuff. They even asked the sheriff who they, he thought had the better resolution. That would be more feasible, and they both agreed it was Jay White's. Now I mean, I don't understand this whole collusion thing. What happened the other night was our elected officials doing their homework and their due diligence before this meeting and getting the job done. And that's what you elect people today. And they did it. They showed they did it. They stayed above the fray and all this negativity. I mean, even after the resolution was passed, I was looking on some of these Facebook pages about the results of it, and people were still complaining. And this one person spoke up and said, Hey, we got the resolution passed. Why can't we stop with all the negativity? That's my whole point right there. Why can't we stop with this negativity? You're going to have and I know firsthand how supporters of Pittman are. I know firsthand they make things up. They will talk about people without even knowing an inkling about them. I know that firsthand. They will demean you, call you names even your supporters they will call names, and it happens time and time again. Even Larry Pittman himself will demean other people on social media. I've seen it pointed one of them out the other night, on Facebook live, how he was demeaning someone. Our local elected state official, demeaning somebody on social public forum. It's just it's ridiculous. It shows me that it's about themselves. They don't care about the community, as a whole. They don't care about the people that don't believe what they believe. A support where they support. They only want to play with others of their like minds.  
Just so people know Mike isn't making this up about Pittman screaming collusion. I'm reading off his Facebook page, Larry Pittman for NC House, and this is what he said. This is just he kind of had a diatribe going on. But
What's the date of that post?
This is the post of 22 hours ago. So it was  
Yesterday, Okay, Yesterday, meaning the 22nd of January. Okay, All right, here we go. It said last night. I arrived early and had turned in my card to request a chance to speak before 5:30, before anyone else we were told the speakers will be taken in the order they were received, however, I was pushed way down the list, and my primary opponent, who arrived much later, was put first. Their lawyer spoke about looking over the four versions of the resolution over the weekend and recommended the one from my opponent as the one least likely to cause them legal trouble. Naturally, that was the one they adopted. Can you say collusion?
Yeah. And here again, hen he brings up a point about something that causes the least amount of legal problems. I don't know. Call me crazy, but I don't want our county doing stuff that would get as a community and county into trouble.  
Well by the way, when you have legal troubles, that means you have to pay who? 
Lawyers. And where does that money come from?
The citizens.
The citizens
And so I mean again, this just shows the the ones one sided mindness. This this tunnel vision that they have and he has specifically about, if he's not with me he`s against me, and it is all a collusion. I mean, come on, we're reaching here. Aren't we? You talk to an attorney and especially a county attorney, because he's the county attorney about what will be best for the county and that's what was chosen based on the wording of it.
All right, before I let you go, let's just sum up going into this political climate. It's a political year in Cabarrus county.
Always fun.
Always a treat. How do you see this county going? Just your opinion. There's no basis of fact here it`s just your.
First off. Let me just say that we're all in the community right now, living in a great time in our county because I haven't seen in my 47 years being here a time, where all the entities in this county, from the county level to every city and town municipality working together, they meet cordially, for goodness sakes and talk about a game plan for everybody, for the whole county, for everybody to benefit. That's not happened before I can think of. I've talked to other people that's never seen it before, and they`ve been doing this for several years.
20 years ago, the municipalities weren't even talking.
Exactly. See, this is my, we have some wonderful elected officials and we have some that aren't so wonderful. But as a whole, we have got some great great leadership right now. We will always have people that run for office that run for the wrong reasons, run for themselves, keep running and running and running. It's like watching a Forest Gump movie. They just keep running until they just don't want to run no more. I think it's a good climate. I think it's a typical climate. And again, I agree with you about the four parties I know as being a Republican. We definitely have two parties within our party here locally. Without a doubt we do, and I think we have some strong candidates for county commission. I think we have some strong candidates in each position locally here for state. We got some good candidates. It's somewhat quiet right now. I'm driving down the road the last week or so and you start seeing more political signs going up. So you know it's getting ready to ramp up.
Was gonna say it's quiet now, but it`s, just give it some time.
Oh yeah, I mean, we're talking. This is the end of January and the primaries are gonna be up here before you know it. Well, I guarantee you they're gonna be rocking and rolling. Things will be going on meet and greets all these talks. Social media is gonna be blowing up even more. I'm glad to see people getting involved. (inaudible) 2020 my two cents. It's gonna be the biggest election year in the history of this country. I think more people are gonna vote this year than ever before in the history of this country because it's such a polarizing topic. Everything political is polarizing these days. Used to, It would be about sports. It would be about church. It would be about school systems or road your infrastructure or what have you. It's all about national politics. Second Amendment. It's about health care. It's about illegal immigrants. People are paying attention because they're getting hit by every which way they look from social media, to media to talking  to their neighbors to anything and everything.  
But you know what, though, And I'm just going to say this. I think it's all smoke and mirrors. It's all look over here. Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain. James Carville, famous Democratic speech writer.
Yes, and
Said it best. It's the economy, stupid.
Always the Economy.
It's always the economy.
That`s what drives everything.
You can throw out the environment. You can throw out women's rights or abortion rights or Second Amendment or whatever. You can throw all that stuff out into the forefront. It's the economy.
Yeah, yeah, because
Because none of that other stuff pays the bills.
But if I have more money in my checking account, that's what matters.
And then we can start talking about other topics,
And then we could talk about everything else. But anyway, Mike, I'm out of time. I gotta let you go. But thank you so much for coming in and talking with us today. It's been a great conversation.
Thank you. Thank you for having me, it`s good to be back. It's always good to talk local stuff. That's fun. I appreciate it.
You're welcome. Anytime, my friend, you guys stick around, we're gonna wrap things up in just a moment.
I wanna thank Mike Anderson for coming in studio and giving us some of his time today. He's always entertaining to talk with and never short of his opinions. Speaking of opinions, the ones Mike expressed are his and his alone and do not reflect those of Cabarrus magazine, Cab Co. Media Group, Comfort Publishing or any of our affiliates or employees. So please keep that in mind. Having said that, I do want to say this we as a group, we as a publication, we has a podcast. We try to stay politically neutral. But there are some things in this country that greatly disturbed me, and we kind of touched on this in our conversation with Mike, You know, when rights are taken away, they're not taken away overnight. That's not the way to do it. When rights are taken away, they're taken away little bit by little bit by little bit until one day you do wake up and realize you've lost those rights completely, and by that time it's too late to get them back. And I think that's what this is all about. I think that's what this resolution is about. As far as the Second Amendment. I think laws were being passed in order to push the envelope, see how much people are willing to accept an infringement on their rights before they start to buck the system. I think Virginia has discovered they've pushed that envelope far enough, and now even law enforcement agencies are telling them they're not going to enforce this law because it is unconstitutional. The fact of the matter is, the Second Amendment states that no law shall be made to infringe upon the right to bear arms, period. There's no ifs. There's no well, what about this kind of gun or that kind of? No. And people forget that this law was not created for self defense against each other. This law was not created so that I can have a gun in my house in case someone breaks in. Although that is a side perk of it, that's not why it was created. It was created to avoid what the original American colonists Pre Revolutionary War had to deal with when British troops would come and invade their homes and take their property and they had no way to defend themselves. They had no recourse. That's why the Second Amendment was created to defend our property and lives against a tyrannical government. So when you have people that are running for president saying and I quote, hell, yeah, I want your AR15`s that's a problem for me. That should be a problem for every American because you have somebody who wants to be the commander in chief saying I want to take your guns. Where does the slope end? First it's gun control. Then it will be your right to free speech. The snowball will not stop. So people think that all these people are extremists. No one's trying to take their guns. Yes, they are. You have candidates out there specifically saying yes, I am trying to take your guns. These people have a right to be upset. That's just my two cents. You can take it or leave it. You could disagree with me. That's fine. I really don't care. But if we begin to allow ourselves to have rights taken away, I guarantee you one day we're gonna look back at this time and go boy, did we miss the ball? That's all the time I have for today. I want to thank you for listening to me soap box once again. And of course, I want to thank our sponsors. By the way, I should also mention any opinions expressed here are not necessarily those of our sponsors as well, But I do want to thank them. They are Atlantic Bay mortgage, Cabarrus Arena and events center, Cabarrus EyeCenter CERTEC Automotive, Code Ninjas, Concord Downtown Development Corporation, Family Wealth Partners, Merle Norman Cosmetics and Edie`s  Salon and Your CBD Store of Concord. Please remember to support those that support us. I've been your host Jason Huddle and we'll see you next week.

Cabarrus County and the 2nd Amendment

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