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FOOD FOR THOUGHT: Taking Stress Off the Menu

Feb 18, 2020 07:06PM ● By Kimberly Brouillette

Written by: Sibyl English

How do you change the unchangeable when battling inside the throws of ongoing stress? Usually, we can’t find the answers we need right away. Coping with long-term stress can be an arduous and lonely process. Too often, the build-up of stress is like a silent stalker that seemingly waits for the most inappropriate time (at your most vulnerable), then blindsides you –– hitting you like a ton of bricks that comes from out of nowhere. 

Suddenly, you find yourself paralyzed, rendered helpless and out of control. No longer can you rationalize or compartmentalize all that’s coming at you. Your mind refuses to function as usual, able to tell the body what to do. Instead, your body takes over, the parasympathetic nervous system kicks, and just like that, you’re out for the count.

However, who knows when enough is really enough? How do you juggle the struggle when everyone you love and care for needs a piece of you? When do you tell yourself that stopping or slowing down is not an option and just a dream?

As women, mothers and caregivers, we unconsciously and instinctively choose to normalize the mindset of being overwhelmed, literally to the point of making it a lifestyle. By the time we realize we’re at our very wit’s end, that mountain of stress has moved into a full-blown anxiety attack. We can barely breathe, while sleep is non-existent. To make matters worse, we can drop fifteen pounds because our nervous system won’t allow us to eat.

This is the moment in a woman’s life when true self-care with no apologies must come into play. You need to take the necessary steps to seek the social support you need. You must integrate the ideal of health and well-being into your life to restore emotional balance and self-awareness. This is when your invitation to step inside “The Circle –– A World of Wellness for Women” is most profound.

“The Circle” is where the healing begins. You'll join with others to learn various emotion-focused coping strategies, incorporate affirmative vocal & vibrational sound-healing techniques, all as a pathway toward self-healing. “The Circle” facilitates and hosts a variety of programs for women who are at the beginning stages, wanting to learn more about energy work and intuitive healing.

Each session creates a safe space to learn how to reduce your daily stress levels while guiding you to a renewed state of mindfulness and personal self-healing. Explore and breathe through the dynamics between grounding, centering and focusing.

Presently, “The Circle” hosts three ongoing programs in the Cabarrus area:

            1. “I AM” Wellness Women's Circle      (Weekly. Local Intuitive & Energy-healing Sessions)

            2. “I AM” Online Support Circle           (Weekly. Online Group Life & Spirit Coaching)

            3. “The Circle” EXPO                           (Annual. Empowerment & Wellness Event)

Come and join us every THURSDAY night from 6:45 - 7:45 PM.

Location: David W. Phillips Activity Center, 946 Burrage Road. NE, Concord, NC

For more information, visit:
Call 704-920-5600 or 5604 to sign up, and reserve your spot today!

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