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In This Issue: Open for Business - Facing Our new Normal

Jun 01, 2020 08:30AM ● By Jason Huddle

June 2020: Open for Business - Facing Our New Normal

Jason Huddle, Publisher

Welcome back, my friends! After two long months, we have finally been granted permission by the almighty Governor Cooper to emerge from our domiciles and rejoin society – at a safe distance, of course.

Whether you’re on the side of pro-shutdown, or anti-shutdown, the fact is, it happened. Hopefully by the end of this month, it will be completely over. We, at Cabarrus Magazine, are incredibly happy to bring you this edition. As you may know, we were only able to produce a digital version of the April issue and did not produce a May installment at all. Bringing you a June issue gives us a feeling of accomplishment that we have weathered the storm. No doubt, many of you feel the same way, so we wanted to pay homage to that inside these pages.

This month, we take a look at Johnny Rodgers BBQ & Burgers, who led a campaign to relieve the entire county of school lunch debt right before the COVID crisis arrived. Then, almost as soon as they had written the check to the school system, they were told their entire way of doing business would have to either stop or be drastically different. The story of what they did for this community, and how the community has given back to them, is not to be missed.

Sadly, there are some who are dealing with mental fatigue because of the shutdown and will probably continue to have difficulties reacclimating to society for some time to come. We have some important information you need to know as the shutdown ends.

Finally, in a first for this magazine, we offer up an opinion article that asks some very tough questions. Have we sacrificed our rights in the name of safety? Did the government go to far? What will happen the next time a pandemic sweeps the land?

Again, we are so happy to have the privilege of bringing you this publication each month, but bringing this one to you is extra sweet, because we still can. Remember, as we begin to get back to our normal lives, to do so safely.


Jason Huddle

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