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Latest Episode of 'Up Front' Offers a Little "Humor Therapy"

Jun 19, 2020 02:24PM ● By Jason Huddle

Episode 64: A Little Humor Therapy

The Up Front with Cabarrus Magazine podcast welcomes comedian, Sid Davis, to offer some much needed laughs in Episode 64.

Jason Huddle  00:00

It's Up Front with Cabarrus Magazine, The Late Show edition, presented by Cabco Media Group and sponsored by Atlantic Bay Mortgage Group, Cabarrus Arena and Events Center, Cabarrus Eye Center, Certec Automotivem, Concord Downtown Development Corporation, Family Wealth Partners, New Hope Worship Center and Walk Cabarrus, I'm your host Jason Huddle! Hello, my friends and welcome to another edition of Up Front with Cabarrus Magazine. Thank you for that warm welcome from our completely real but totally fake studio audience that we have in for the show today because I felt like after the last several episodes, not just the past two on race relations, because those were intense, but pretty much the last couple of months everything has been so heavy and we've had so many deep discussions about so many issues. And I just thought, you know what, let's have some fun today. This week, we're gonna laugh. I think the world needs to laugh right now. So we have with us today the very funny. Sid Davis is going to be on the show today, huh? Right. Right. So he's gonna be on the show. He is a comedian that lives in Morrisville, but he's toured all over the country. He's open for some big name acts. And we're going to talk about that in a little bit. But before we get to sit and have some laughs We are going to have shameless plug time. You know, people come up to me all the time and ask Jason I love your Magazine, but where can I find a copy? And of course, I always respond, go to the website, go to Cabarrus Magazine doy com, click on the tab where to find us and there's a Google map there. And their response to me was always well, I tried that but it's kind of outdated and some of the locations aren't current and blah, blah, blah. And so we took it upon ourselves to take over 230 locations and redo the entire map. So that is what we have done. So now if you go to Cabarrus Magazine dot com, you will find a brand new where to find this map it has all the locations where you can currently find copies of Cabarrus Magazine to go home and take for yourself to read. But don't forget you can also subscribe and have the Magazine delivered straight to your door for the rock bottom price of $36 a year just go onto Cabarrus Magazine dot com click on subscribe now. Fill out the information you're all set. You will start getting the magazine with the next issue. And that is today's shameless plug time. All right, you guys stick around, our totally real completely fake studio audiences ready? Are you ready for Sid Davis he's very funny and he's coming up right after the break. 


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Jason Huddle  04:42

Welcome back to Up Front with Cabarrus Magazine. I am joined today in front of our real live fake studio audience with Sid Davis. He is a comedian who has toured the country and is in fact open for Joan Rivers, but lives right next door to Cabarrus County in Morrisville, North Carolina. Sid thanks for being on the program today.


Sid Davis  05:04

Thanks for having me, Jason. 


Jason Huddle  05:06

So let's talk about this shutdown man. It has been rough on people and obviously it's been rough on gentlemen like yourself that kind of need an audience to perform in front of. How have you how you`ve been getting by man.


Sid Davis  05:21

I'm very lucky. My wife's a schoolteacher so that and she's had to teach from home. So I have a studio upstairs, that's green screen and all that that was taken over by her so she could do.


Jason Huddle  05:32

Her lessons?


Sid Davis  05:32

Virtual teaching. 


Jason Huddle  05:34



Sid Davis  05:34

Perfect acoustics, so I'm just lucky. I'm enjoying my break, I'm catching up on to do stuff on a list that's 13 years old. So I've been taking advantage of it. I love doing home projects and in that I've been very lucky. So I'll leave it at that.


Jason Huddle  05:55

I think every husband in the country has finally had to catch up on their to do lists, I know I did. Because we don't have an excuse. It's not like oh, I gotta go. No, you're not going to work today.


Sid Davis  06:07

And I was walking in the neighborhood you know and and then you hear somebody through the screen. Yeah, a husband and wife yelling at each other and husband yelling like you're the one wanted me to be home more often. And oh, yeah, that's what I yelled at my wife before I slammed the door and took the walk. So it's getting there.


Jason Huddle  06:33

So tell us about opening for Joan Rivers. What was that? What was she like? What was what was that experience like? 


Sid Davis  06:38

Let's see, I was in, I think I was a comedian about 10 years or so but it was 2014. It was very shortly before she passed away but Joan pays from the comedy zone called and said, just out of the blue, you want to open for Joan Rivers. I go yeah and usually you submit tapes and all that. And she has now she's already picked you. If we can get you your at the top of the list, which is awesome. And your job is to be the, you know, when she has a show at eight o'clock, you're the 20 minutes between eight o'clock and eight twenty, people are going to be late and they need everybody wants to be in their seat when the headliner hits the stage, and that's what my buffer zone is. And I have an audience except you when you have not, they're not there to see you. You're the opening act, and they assume you're a lesser act, like, you know, and I went out and killed, it was, it was amazing, but she was such a professional. I had to show up two hours before the show and go over my introduction and my exit multiple times until I had it right. I mean, it was just so professional.


Jason Huddle  07:46

So did she did you actually get to have any conversation with her or was it just you know, very just business and that was it.


Sid Davis  07:53

Mostly business but you know, after the show when she was on, you know, I came off stage very excited. And we crossed each other and she's just like, terrific, you know, but she had to go out and work. Her mind was focused on something else. 


Jason Huddle  08:09



Sid Davis  08:09

And her manager came into my dressing room. It was a theater, I mean, it was 2000 people. 


Jason Huddle  08:15



Sid Davis  08:16

And said she just stood in the wings and watched you after every joke and said, this guy's terrific. Why haven't I heard of him before? This is, you know, so that's a third party compliment. Talking behind your back. Maybe you got something nice to say it's okay to talk behind somebody's back, you know, I say and then she came backstage after the show and said, you know, you're at the top of my list. I want to work with you as much as possible. And then I went to the Bahamas and then in the Bahamas, I found out she had to go for the throat operation. That's when she when she passed away.


Jason Huddle  08:47

Yeah. Wow, well, regardless of her fate, you know, if I were you, I put that on the on the front of my page. My webpage, this guy is terrific, Joan Rivers.


Sid Davis  08:59

That's what it is, and I, you know, she is not one to come in and compliment you if she really didn't believe it. So that's another thing, I was just so thrilled. That's one of the best things I have on my resume.


Jason Huddle  09:13

Well, of course, I mean, it's hard to top that, right.


Sid Davis  09:16

Yeah and I love her writing style. And my writing style is similar to hers. I mean, I when I write jokes, I kind of watch the cadence of David Brenner. I really like him. I don't use this material, I'm not saying that. I'm just saying his data data data da, certain cadence that makes the jokes work and I call it old school comedy, but I don't know.


Jason Huddle  09:39

So if somebody comes to your set, I mean, is it are you basically just talking about your life and or, you know, what is your what is your schtick?


Sid Davis  09:48

Yes, life, family, how I deal with problems and you know, self help books and all this and just kind of looking in like everybody does. Looking in to themselves and wondering, you know, how do I make it in this world? And how did I get this far and, you know, and then you add your family and your kids into it. And it's, it's got to be relatable because I do cruise ships a lot. Okay and it's a very diverse audience. And you, there's so many things you can talk about, that everybody can agree upon and bring an audience together. And that's what separates you know, that that is a certain brand of comedy, that is the structure it's, you have to be not only good, but you have to, it's like, I can snow ski, but it doesn't necessarily mean I can snowboard, you know, to your Hill, and it's got to be approached in a different way. And there's some great comics out there work well, I used to work out on those boats.


Jason Huddle  10:53

Once, once upon a time before,


Sid Davis  10:56

I remember back when I had these big boats and there were comedy (unaudiable).


Jason Huddle  11:00

And petri dishes all at the same time. 


Sid Davis  11:03

Yeah, I think they get a bad rap. I don't know. I hope they come back very soon.


Jason Huddle  11:08

So the COVID in being home, they said she talked a lot about family in your clips, and I've watched some very funny stuff. You're welcome. It's kind of given you some new material, right?


Sid Davis  11:22

Yeah and it was like you come up with the drugs they have out here. The the new one now is, you want to make a joke about a drug Dexamethasone. That's it, and then you know, you write a joke like the last time I use Dexamethasone was a miraculous comeback and a game of Scrabble. As soon as you post that on social media, there's a guy that says, somebody will post it and say, hey, there's only so many squares in Scrabble. And you can't help but start an argument on social media. It's inevitable, and then and then you know, when I say see a post when I go on there anymore, and I get down to it says read more. That's when I read the less, you know, these comics come up to me for advice. And I said, I have three words of advice, word economy. And that's kind of where I got my start. I mean, I had an advantage getting into comedy. I was a copywriter for radio and media. And I had to do a commercial I had to do it in 15 seconds, I had to sell a product. So every word counted.


Jason Huddle  12:37

Yeah, so I've done that myself, in fact, I do that now. Writing commercials for our clients for our own podcast and other radio stations as well. It's, that's so tough to get the whole message in and 15 or even 30 seconds. It's, it's tough work. So but how did you hone that from copywriting into you know, 20 minutes, 30 minutes sets.


Sid Davis  12:59

In comedy classes, or you'll write five minutes a material and then at what an all shakes down, you'll have maybe two minutes or one minute. You know, it's like panning for gold. And you have to find somebody that was willing to tell you what you need to hear versus what you want to hear. And that's funny and not running material by my kids who always need money is they're the worst because everything's going to be funny. When they need money. It's gonna be hilarious. So I don't test any material out on kids or wife or anything. You just there's certain people that I trust to run material.


Jason Huddle  13:37

Well in the middle of the shutdown, test material out on?


Sid Davis  13:40

Sometimes you post it on social media, I mean, things write themselves because there's a whole social distance and mask thing. A Circle K and there's a lady at the counter finishing up her business and she there was a guy standing right behind her wasn't wearing a mask and she excuse me, would you stand six feet away he goes, why are you worried about something you got a one in a million chance of catching. And then he steps up to the counter and buys a Powerball ticket. Oh, I got her. I got to write that down. But as soon as I write that down, I have to spray hand sanitizer on my fan and my pencil. 


Jason Huddle  14:23

Oh, good stuff. Yeah, go ahead. 


Sid Davis  14:25

My 2020 tax return is going to be a snap to fill out. There's nothing but goose eggs.


Jason Huddle  14:31

You're gonna be able to do the easy form, I think.


Sid Davis  14:33

Oh, yeah, easy.


Jason Huddle  14:36

Well, we're gonna cut to a quick break Sid and when we come back, we're gonna give our absolutely real fake studio audience, a little taste of your, your set. Is that cool? 


Sid Davis  14:46

Okay, yeah, that's fine.


Jason Huddle  14:47

All right. Sounds good. We're gonna take a quick break. Sid Davis comedian and former opener for Joan Rivers. He's coming up right after the break.


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Jason Huddle  16:49

Welcome back to the program. We've been talking with comedian Sid Davis. He lives in Morrisville, but he tours the country and does quite well for himself. Well he did before the shutdown and but he's on the program today to kind of lighten our hearts said I gotta ask you how does a bit even come around?


Sid Davis  17:08

You know I don't have this stories like a lot of comics do about you know about being in jail and all this I was happy growing up and well I don't know not happy but there's I have ADD, dyslexia, mild cases just enough where I'll move to something else before I finish something a thought or a project or something so and I have this story it's true where I can't do what I do without confidence you know and and and then confidence comes from within and sometimes when you're distracted you don't realize you're being confident and it works and the story I'm getting at is funny bit I do. The bit is I was asked to do motivational speaking and I said I'll tell these kids about confidence and when you do something with confidence, you can do something you can't do otherwise People view you differently. You feel differently and this confidence is inside you sure seems legit. So I told these kids about the time I was in Walmart shopping for sunglasses, which I always need because I have the add I like sunglasses laying around. And and so I settled for a $10 pair of sunglasses. I tried them on and, and or I mean a $50 pair that looked really good. I was very bad. But then I realized I don't, I'll leave them laying around. They're too expensive. So then I settled for a $10 pair that just looked back. And it's true. So I went home. And there were no sunglasses at the Walmart bags. There were no sunglasses in on the receipt, and I figured I left those things laying in the cart. That's what I do. And then I went in the bathroom and I looked at myself in the mirror and rely in these glasses. Were perched up on my head with the tag dangling down. And I don't not only had I walked out of there Without paying for them, I realized that I had a conversation with the cashier while she rang up the stuff that I did pay for. I had the greeter, you know how they stopped, look at your receipt, make sure everything in the receipt matches what's in the card. With these on my head the whole time, the security guard said, goodbye. And I have a message to the kids was, you know, had I known I was stealing the sunglasses. I would have been shifty eyed. I would have had a different demeanor, but I walked out of there with confidence. These are on the top my head and I belong there. And it didn't take long for me to realize I was teaching 10 year olds, shoplifting for Dummies. And and then I and then and I thought, well, maybe I can salvage this talk. And I asked the kids I said I know it sounds bad. But can Is there anybody here knows the point of the story and this kid's Amjad because yeah, if you didn't know it had been an easy to take in the $50 pair.


Jason Huddle  20:00

He's not wrong.


Sid Davis  20:01

Yeah, so that's, that's one of the next story behind that bit. It was just one day walking out of Walmart. And I've done it before I've done that before and then you know when you when you accidentally shoplift something, I've done that because I have hands full. I've done that at Home Depot where I needed a measuring I'm always measuring I don't have so I'll go to the department I'll borrow a measuring tape and then I'll get home realize I stuck that thing in my pocket just out of habit. And I did it just so leisurely. I didn't look around or anything. It's just and it's it's more nerve wracking. Taking it back to put it back than it was to steal it. You know, because I don't want to get caught taking this thing back.


Jason Huddle  20:47

Oh, man. Oh, so when you finally get back out on the road, you've got some funny stories about your son and some new stories to tell. 


Sid Davis  21:00

I'm going to be a grandfather. Oh wow, and so it's it's time to pay back. You know? I'm buying the loudest noisiest toys for this kid, you know, because my son will at one time that will be a father he'll be trying to take a nap. And that my Christmas gift of the popcorn popper or the lawn mower or something is going to come back to haunt me because there'll be no quiet toys from this grandfather. It'll be noise noise noise.


Jason Huddle  21:33

So what you got to do is get in that the big oversized bat you remember those the big plastic bats, man that he can take one right to the crotch right after he goes to sleep all that.


Sid Davis  21:45

Noise is what I'm shooting for, marracas, the triangle, trumpet. I'm gonna give him a trumpet little you know, as soon as he's able to blow that. But now, my son's a good kid. I'm very lucky. And this these are one of those You have as a parent that happens, and he's been very good about the bit because it gets exaggerated over the years, you know, to get a pull the to get a bigger laugh.and he knows that helped pay his college and all that.


Jason Huddle  22:13

That's a good trade off. Yeah. So I have to ask you real quick before I let you go today, can you tell us the story about the car going in the lake?


Sid Davis  22:24

My son's was a gifted student right? And my sister and it was, I mean, I know a lot of gifted people and I know they can read a book and regurgitate all this and they're so smart but right it's like me when you when it comes to doing simple tasks, or thinking in common sense terms, something happens a groove is skipped, so to speak. And this story actually came from a guy I used to work with whose kid was gifted, I mean, from the time I worked with this guy for 15, 20 years, and his son was (inaudiable), his son was gifted. And then we had he had a next door neighbor that would come in, you know that we all work together and would talk about all the stupid things this gifted kid would do along the way. So at one time, When, when, years later, this kid rolled the car into the lake when my son that did it was his car rolled into the lake. And I was just, you know, I wasn't the class clown or the clown in the break room, but I would listen to these guys and they throw in these funny shots and they said, Oh, can you man, I said, when I pulled that car out of the lake. Was there a bumper sticker that said, My son's a gifted student? So I started telling him when I was at open mic and start telling that story, I realized one time I said, this is funnier if I make it about me. Yeah, make it about a frustrated parent. So I started this writing style of walking sitcom, you know, and this is, and I'll hear people's story and I'll say, Well, now what if this happened to me? What would I do? And it's so that's what would I really think about that? So that and then I and I have jokes on it about in the middle of the night, you know, you get woken up, and I want to know what time it is. And I can't see the alarm clock and all I need to do is rub my wife's thigh and she'll say, Oh, please, it's 2:30 in the morning. They always know what time it is without lifting their heads. So that's that's how that that bit came together. And then there was the one where I have done this before and I added it to the bit where you approach a situation and like at the like, I go down and I want to go down see what's wrong with the car in the lake and the sheriff said hey, you can't go down there. It's a mess. Some dumb (cencored) kid put a car in that lake and and on stage, you know, you got to play it out like oh yeah, oh yeah. And then you're you, you say, well, I happen to be that dumb kids attorney. Sighing, you realize how stupid it was. So my, my son's been very good about rolling with the punches on that. It's a very funny but it's a funny story. 


Jason Huddle  25:22

It is a good story. If you want to hear the whole thing I suggest you go to Sids website and there is a clip of that on there very funny stuff. Sid Davis once they start scheduling you again for for bookings, where can they find your schedule? Where can they find out? Where are you going to be?


Sid Davis  25:39

Sid Davis or just google Sid Davis and my website information comes up. I'll be doing some land work and then I'll be back out on the ship. So I love doing those. Hopefully by the end of the year. 


Jason Huddle  25:52

Awesome. Well, totally real, extremely fake studio audience. Let's hear it for Sid Davis. 


Sid Davis  25:58



Jason Huddle  26:00

All right said thank you so much for being on the program today. 


Sid Davis  26:04

Thanks, let's talk again sometime anytime.


Jason Huddle  26:05

Alright absolutely we'll see you later. All right, you guys stay tuned we'll be back to wrap up the show right after these messages.


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Jason Huddle  27:25

Thank you guys, you have been an awesome, completely real but totally fake studio audience. I want to thank Sid Davis for being on the show today. Very funny guy, go check him out when he's back out on the road. I encourage you to do that and again, check out his clips on his website. The reason why I did this show, as I said at the beginning is because I just feel like there is so much tension in the world and so much pent up anger, that if we don't stop and take a breath and laugh at ourselves, we're going to explode. And so I hope that this episode allowed you to do that for yourself to relieve some tension in a healthy way with a little bit of laughter. I hope you found this episode funny. I enjoyed having sit on and the conversation and putting it together. And I want to encourage you to look for more ways to find some laughter in the world. Next week, if you are in the real estate market, whether you're buying selling thinking about it, you want to make sure you tune in because we have some very special guests coming on that are going to help guide us through that in the middle of this whole COVID pandemic thing. So make sure you're here for that until then, we are presented by Cabco Media Group and sponsored by Atlantic Bay Mortgage Group, Cabarrus Arena and Events Center, Cabarrus Eye Center, Certec Automotive, Concord Downtown Development Corporation, Family Wealth Partners, New Hope Worship Center and Walk Cabarrus as always, please remember to support those that support us. Not only real but completely fake studio audience. Thank you so much. You guys find some laughter in the world.

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