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In This Issue: The New Face of Education

Aug 01, 2020 08:30AM ● By Jason Huddle

August '20: The New Face of Education

Jason Huddle, Publisher

 We had originally planned for this issue to be a high school football preview edition, because of the positive response we received from doing the same in our August 2019 edition. However, COVID-19 has seen to it that nothing we plan for this year can be assumed. As of press time, we still do not know if high school athletics will take place in Cabarrus County this fall. So then, why not discuss the issue at hand? What is education for our youth going to look like this year?

Most students have not attended school since the middle of March. Parents and school system personnel across the state had to wait until Gov. Roy Cooper announced his stipulations for reopening until July 14. It was only then the individual counties could begin to formulate their plans to welcome back students. Thankfully, now, we have a few answers and that is what this edition of CM is all about.

We will look at Cabarrus County’s plan for reopening and how it affects families, students and faculty members. We also will give you a peek into two brand new schools opening this year, West Cabarrus High School and Hickory Ridge Elementary. The new high school will house a new aerospace STEM program that will certainly peak many students’ interest.

Finally, with all these new regulations, some parents are seeking out alternative ways to educate their children, including homeschooling and the College Career Promise program at Rowan-Cabarrus Community College. We’ll explain the appeal and concerns of these education paths.

Make no mistake, this is a different world we are living in at present. All plans are fluid. It is possible, by the time this edition is released, the plans stated in this edition may be negated by unforeseen circumstances. We are all learning to adapt and change with every passing week for sure. But the education of our children is not something to be toyed with or politicized. My only hope is the people in charge of these decisions are making them because they believe they are the absolute best for our children and not for political gain. And that’s all I have to say about that.


Jason Huddle

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