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In This Issue: Special Election 2020 Edition

Sep 30, 2020 02:52PM ● By Jason Huddle

October 2020: Special Election Edition

Jason Huddle, Publisher

Every two years, Cabarrus Magazine has made it a mission to inform voters of the candidate’s stances on certain issues, from their own words. Ours is a politically neutral publication, but that does not mean we are politically passive.

Although we do not endorse any candidates, I believe it our duty, as the only publication exclusively devoted to the news and happenings of Cabarrus County, to provide accurate, non-biased information on candidates. This way, you, the electors, can make informed decisions when you step into that voting booth this fall.

But how can you present this information without bias? After all, we all have our own views and agendas. Even journalists are not immune to this.

We have found the most effective way to accomplish this goal is to ask the candidates identical questions and print their answers verbatim, as they were given to us. The only editing would be for brevity, and even then, would be done with the utmost care not to change or diminish the candidate’s answer.

We also feel, as this is a local magazine, that we should concentrate on the candidates that affect us the most on a local level. Chances are, you already know whom your voting to be our President or Governor. But what about County Commissioner or Board of Education member? It is the people in local seats that have exponentially more influence on our daily lives. Shouldn’t we be just as concerned about who occupies those seats, if not more so?

So, it is with great pleasure I present to you this year’s 2020 Political Guide special edition. We hope you will use this issue as a tool to help you make an informed vote.

Please remember, people died to give you the right to elect our leaders. Please do not dishonor them by failing to cast your ballot.



Jason Huddle

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