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Fall Home Care: 101

Oct 14, 2020 03:57PM ● By Rochelle Ogburn
As the air begins to turn a little more cool and crisp and the leaves begin to take on the beautiful yellow, orange, and red jewel tones, families across the nation are welcoming Fall. Along with getting out the soup recipes, sweaters, and boots, make sure you take time to give your home a thorough inspection. Then complete these maintenance tips so your home will be in tip-top shape to keep you warm and cozy all winter long!

Heating Systems

We all know we need to change out the vent filters once a month, but this month you are also going to want to change out the filters in your furnace. You might consider hiring an HVAC specialist or heating professional to check your heating system and ensure optimal performance It’s always a good idea to discover and correct minor problems before they turn into costly major repairs. Your HVAC specialist will also be able to clean your duct so your heating system runs more efficiently. This will also help reduce household dust (aka less dusting!!) and to provide relief to allergy sufferers in your household. It’s also a great idea to install weather stripping or caulking around windows and doors to prevent drafts and keep your heating system working as efficiently as possible.


To prevent pipes from freezing and bursting, make sure that the pipes are well insulated. Protect them with polyethylene pipe insulation and duct tape. Keeping the heat on and your cabinet doors open underneath your sink until the weather warms up also helps to prevent pipes from freezing. In case your pipes do freeze, it is very important to know where the water shut-off valve is located and how to turn it off. So make sure to locate them now!

Chimney and Fireplace

Call a professional in to inspect and clean your chimney. Fireplaces that are regularly used during the colder seasons should have an annual cleaning to prevent dangerous chimney fires. Chimney inspections can reveal hidden problems with a chimney structure that could be potentially hazardous. Your chimney sweep professional will also test your fireplace flue for a tight seal to ensure your fireplace is functioning efficiently and safely.

Gutters and Downspouts

Clean gutters and downspouts frequently throughout the fall to prevent the build-up of leaves and other debris. Neglected gutters can lead to wood rot problems, ruined gutters, and pest infestations. When checking the gutters, you want to ensure that all support brackets are securely in place so water does not fall down behind gutters and cause damage to your home. You also want to ensure that water is draining properly away from the home and not pooling. Pooling can cause damage to foundations, driveways, and walkways but can be easily fixed with inexpensive materials such as a downspout extender or splash block.

Landscape and Yardwork

As the landscape turns brown, it might appear that the grass, trees, and shrubs have stopped growing, when in fact the roots are growing deeper to prepare for winter. The basic maintenance you do during this "second spring" will pay off in healthier growth and fewer problems next spring and summer. Now is the best time to fertilize and reseed your lawn. It is recommended that you apply a nitrogen-rich fertilizer twice in the fall—the first soon after Labor Day, the second round the last time you mow for the year. Aeration, which helps water penetrate to the roots of your grass so it looks full and lush, is best done in Mid-October for those of us here in Carolinas. Because the soil doesn't freeze here, fall is also the best time of year to repair bare spots in an old lawn or to overseed a dormant summer lawn. You also want to give attention to your trees and shrubs by pruning them after the leaves turn to encourage healthy growth. Trimming tree limbs that are close to power lines or the roof of your house will help avoid costly damage resulting from heavy snow and ice. 

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