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Living in Harmony: Tips for Decorating as a Couple

Feb 12, 2021 03:40PM ● By Kristy Huddle

Falling in love is easy. Learning to live with your partner’s style is hard. When you’re moving in together, you have to blend your belongings and tastes into a new aesthetic. It can mess with your identity—and your relationship. Tread carefully and use these tips for decorating as a couple. If all goes well, your surroundings will be as harmonious as your life together.

Talk About It

Communication is crucial when moving in. Don’t just try to sort it out later. Discussing your new home means talking about what the interiors will be like. Start by deciding on uses for each room. Explain why your favorite pieces are important to you and share what you like about their style. Be as fair and equal as you can and be prepared to make some compromises or even sacrifices.

Use a Unifying Color

If you managed to plan a wedding together, you should be able to decide on a color palette you’d both enjoy for your surroundings. It’s easier to bring together elements with different structures, finishes, and styles if there’s a common shade that makes it work. Reupholstering seating can be a bridge for your approaches, or you can include throw pillows and blankets to tie it all in.

Focus on Balance

Matching furniture isn’t as interesting as a thoughtful mix, so don’t start from scratch or feel like you have to stay with one type of interior design style. Prioritize pieces—the bed, the sofa, the dining room table—and add other things that make sense to both of you. Disparate items will look cohesive if there’s asymmetry to the room. Step back every now and then to survey the big picture.

Laugh About It

One key tip for decorating as a couple is to remember that you’re still getting to know each other. You might think you know the person inside and out until you try to discard their favorite band poster. You’re both probably sentimental about your things, so use this as an opportunity and adventure to forge a new environment. Your interior design efforts now don’t need to be permanent, and as you share your viewpoints, you’ll discover more common ground. You’re growing together, and your surroundings will evolve with you.

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