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How To Get a Glamorous Bathroom

Feb 24, 2021 05:17PM ● By Kristy Huddle

If your morning routine is starting to feel bland, it might not be your energy level or even your routine to blame. Your boring mornings could be due to a boring bathroom. Bathrooms that don’t exude personality can’t effectively hype you up to start your day with the confidence you deserve. Check out these tips on how to get a glamorous bathroom so that you can start each day with confidence and glamour.

Get a Framed Mirror

Most bathrooms come with a thin, frameless mirror that reaches nearly from the sink to the ceiling. This oversized mirror reflects everything in the bathroom. Builder-grade mirrors work just fine, but they’re not attractive or luxurious at all—which can really throw a wrench into your morning.

Peel that old mirror off your wall, and head to your local home improvement store to pick up a mirror in a glamorous frame. Hanging this new mirror on your wall will give your bathroom an instant refresh.

Replace Those Old Tiles

Most bathrooms have old or outdated tiles. It’s so common that a new trend is to paint over old, ugly tiles—but this isn’t a permanent solution, and there’s so much potential for disaster. Instead of putting a bandage on the problem, fix it once and for all by replacing your old tiles.

For the most glam look possible, opt for a dark tile such as a black or deep grey, and use a trendy, luxurious gold grout.

Get Rid of Those Ugly Products

Many people accept that the only option is the standard packaging all their bathroom products come in. Sure, they’re not visually appealing, but they get the job done. To take your bathroom aesthetic to the next level, go out and find reusable containers that look the part of a glamorous bathroom product and fill them with your daily use products. This simple solution gives your bathroom a cohesive and “put together” feel.

Each of these ways to get a glamorous bathroom offers different levels of updates. If you’re not looking for a huge project, getting a framed mirror is quick and easy to DIY. If you want a more significant change but can’t or don’t want to change the tile, the product packaging update is perfect. Tile replacement is a bigger job and may require an avid DIYer or a professional, but the payoff is enormous. Whatever way you decorate your glam bathroom, make sure to note how different you feel using it.


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