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Top Eco-Improvements for Homeowners

Feb 25, 2021 08:15AM ● By Kristy Huddle

Green homes are becoming the trend as homeowners have become more and more environmentally conscious. But being green is more than a mere modern fad—and it’s not about making your neighbors green with envy, either. You can certainly earn more green if you happen to sell later on, but owning a green home is about the now. Eco-friendly living is about reducing your carbon footprint.

Eco-friendly home improvements add value to your home. Because of their design, function, and performance, eco homes promote greener lifestyles through sustainable materials and technologies that reduce energy and water needs. Here are the top eco-improvements for homeowners to prioritize.

Upgrade To Higher Efficiency Appliances

You don’t need to make an instant changeover to energy-efficient appliances today, but investing and installing high-efficiency home appliances is one change you can make over time. These appliances offer enhanced performance with overall reduced energy usage, not to mention their modern aesthetic appeal.

Your current appliances will become less energy-efficient toward the end of their life, so keep your eye on their life expectancy. When you choose to upgrade, refrigerators, dishwashers, washing machines, and dryers are on the top of the list. Switching them out will save you money on utilities.

Utilize Solar Panels and Power

Solar panels used to be specialized gimmicks within more niche industries. Now, they’re mainstream features for homes. Times have certainly changed, as homes are one by one being decked out with solar panels. Solar power is undoubtedly one of the top eco-improvements for homeowners. Even solar water heating is a viable solution for clean energy.

Opt for Smart Technology: Thermostats and Lighting

Highly programmable thermostats are considered the up-and-coming innovation of smart home technology. These thermostats program temperature preferences and provide homeowners with info on where savings could be made.

While changing out your light bulbs for LEDs is another eco-friendly switch, it’s also smart to consider installing automated lighting. Automated lighting is just one of the components of a smart home that could be beneficial to you as a homeowner. Instead of the old “clap on, clap off” lights, this smart technology lighting option uses a timer to cut back on energy use. The potential for smart home tech and energy-efficiency is truly limitless.

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