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Simple Ways To Beat Food Boredom

Mar 15, 2021 09:21AM ● By Kristy Huddle

Are you someone you can eat the same food every single day and not get tired of it? Or do even your favorites get old sometimes? Never fear if your go-to meals feel stale, dull, and mundane. The possibilities of food are truly endless when you think about it. From cultures to countries, to family recipes—there is such a variety out there for you to try, savor, and thoroughly enjoy, no boredom involved!

If you find yourself in a food rut, it’s time to switch things up and get creative in the kitchen. Here are a few simple ways to beat food boredom and dig yourself out of the devouring ditch of monotony. You don’t have to think too far out of the box to reinvigorate your fondness of flavor and fervor.

Literally, Spice It Up

Our palates are vividly able to experience the five main taste sensations of food on our tongues: bitter, sweet, salty, sour, and savory—through the latest addition of umami. Being able to unmistakably recognize and contrast tastes within our flavor profiles creates wide room for unique food experiences.

Is your cooking plain-Jane? Spice it up with various seasonings you don’t typically find yourself using. Rub some spice on your meat or fish, or add it to veggies or side dishes before roasting or grilling. You can literally taste excitement on your plate. The best part is that the majority of spices are affordable, easy to store, and last for years in your cupboards or pantry. Better yet, you can even grow your own herbs.

Initiate a Fresh Tradition

Food has a great deal to do with rooted tradition. We eat certain foods on holidays, in our various cultures, and within our own families. Starting a brand spanking new tradition is easily another of the simple ways to beat food boredom.

Why not get inspired by daily life and originate a fresh tradition in your household? Everyone’s heard of Meatless Mondays or Tuesdays, but you can get innovative with an array of approaches, themes, or ingredients throughout the week.

Seriously Try Something New

New flavors, spices, and traditions are one thing, but working with something you’ve never cooked with or tried before is another. Some engaging ideas include trying lesser-known beef cuts, making a charcuterie dinner board, perusing the produce section for unusual veggies or fruits, or maybe even using specific gadgets or cooking appliances you never pull out of storage.

If all else fails, consider trying out or ordering in food from an independent restaurant you haven’t been to. Supporting local businesses and tasting state-of-the-art cuisine is a win-win situation for all participants. Needless to say, there’s no way you’ll experience food boredom much longer. 

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