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'Up Front' Explores How to Lose the "COVID Spread"

Apr 27, 2021 03:27PM ● By Jason Huddle
Spring has sprung and we don't have the shutdown as an excuse not to venture out anymore. Unfortunately, for many of us, our bodies have suffered from not exercising. But fear not! Cole Campbell from House of Steel is on this week's program to give you some basics on how to get started both physically and nutritionally, so you can begin the journey to a healthier you!

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Jason Huddle  00:00

Just a head on Up Front with Cabarrus Magazine, I get bored working out. It's just it's not that fun or interesting for me to sit there and do rep after rep after rep. So what are some cures for that?


Cole Campbell  00:11

Well, a lot of that's kind of mental in developing some mental strength really learn to love the process, right.


Jason Huddle  00:19

This week we're talking with Cole Campbell of House of Steel as he helps us start or restart our workout regimen. Now that spring is finally upon us. Plus we will talk about the other side of getting in shape. What is proper nutrition?


Cole Campbell  00:32

There are tons of bad diets, keto, fasting, whatever else you want to call it. There's a bunch of different ones. I'm not saying they're bad, but I'm also not saying that they're right for everyone.


Jason Huddle  00:46

That's right. This week, we're helping you get in shape on Up Front with Cabarrus Magazine, a presentation of CabCo Media Group and sponsored by Atlantic Bay Mortgage Group, Ben Mynett Family of Dealerships, Cabarrus Healthcare Foundation, Geico Concord Mills office, House of Steel, Level up Realty and New Hope Worship Center. I'm your host, Jason Huddle. Hello, my friends, and welcome to another episode of Up Front with Cabarrus Magazine. I am your host, Jason Huddle. And this is Episode 97. Unbelievable as we close in on 100 episodes, I can't wait to bring that one to you. But today we are talking with Cole Campbell from House of Steel. He is one of our new sponsors. But I thought it was very important to bring him on. Because the sun has come out. I was sitting in a restaurant in downtown Concord just last night. And I was watching people running, exercising up and down Union Street. And I thought well, this is a perfect time to have Cole on to help those of us who are not as experienced in working out and trying to get in shape. Help give us some pointers on what we can do. And also proper nutrition as well. Because that's the other side of the coin. If you're working out but you're eating junk food. Well, you're not helping yourself very much. So we're going to talk through all that today, right after shameless plug time. So you'll forgive me if I pat myself on the back just for a second here, because for the third week in a row, if you were paying attention at the intro, when I was going through all the sponsors, we have added a new sponsor to this program three weeks in a row. It's unprecedented. And so I'm very excited to welcome to our family of sponsors been mine and family of dealerships. Now this is a wonderful company. They have been a great supporter of the magazine practically from day one, and I am so excited to have them on board as a community sponsor now where I get to promote them and sing their praises on this podcast. They have been in business since 1976 have always been family owned. Cindy like her father been before her Cindy, my net and her team have always put the customer first and they have taken great care. I have purchased a car for them myself. So I can tell you they do a great job with customer service making sure you know everything there is to know about the vehicle that you're thinking about purchasing. So if you are in the market for a new vehicle or a Pre Owned vehicle, please go see Cindy and her team at Ben Mynett Family of Dealerships, right there on Concord Parkway south in Concord. And by the way, our sponsor slots are filling up fast, but you can still get one just give us a call at 704-782-2353 if you would like to be a sponsor of this program, and comparis magazine calm and that is today's shameless plug time. Alright kids get on your workout attire. Cole Campbell from House of steel is up next.


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Jason Huddle  05:07

Welcome back to the program. We are joined today by Cole Campbell. He is the lead man over there at House of steel in Concord Cole, thanks for being on the show today.


Cole Campbell  05:18

Thanks for having me, man.


Jason Huddle  05:20

So Cole is a lean, mean fighting machine. He is training people over at House of Steel, and I asked him to come on to the show. Well, first of all, Cole is one of our sponsors, a brand new sponsor. So thank you for your sponsorship Co. You're welcome. But that notwithstanding, it is important information that we are bringing to you today. Because as everyone has seemed to notice, the sun has come out. And the heat has come along with it. And so people are getting out there starting to exercise and do things a little bit more. And so I asked Cole to come on, because his whole speciality is to help people develop a workout that's customized towards their needs. I am a 46 year old man of average height and above average weight, let's just say. So my workout regimen is going to be a little bit different than Cole's who is how tall are you? like six? Six?


Cole Campbell  06:17

Just a little over six? Yeah,


Jason Huddle  06:19

6`, 6`2". We won't ask you how much you weigh. But you're pretty, pretty good shape this man, which I think he kind of a prerequisite for owning a gym. I mean, if I walked out and I was owning a gym, people probably wouldn't. Membership. But yes,


Cole Campbell  06:36

you got to you got to do what you preach. Right? You


Jason Huddle  06:38

got to practice what you preach. That's right. And I am sitting in the chair doing a podcast. So that's why I brought Cole in for information on doing a good workout. Anyway, but I thought it was a great person to come on the show and talk about that. So cool. What are some common mistakes that people make when they're just starting to try to get a workout routine going.


Cole Campbell  07:00

So the biggest thing that I see is, you know, with anything, exercise wise, people trying to start out too much too hard, too fast. Like, especially in today's world, with all the Instagram and tick tock and all that stuff that people watch. They think there's all these flashy ways of things you should be doing. But really, a lot of those, especially if you haven't built the foundation in everything and develop the regiment where your body's used to it and you're used to it, they don't last long, you do them, they seem fun for a little bit. But a lot of times, you go way too hard, and you thrash your body and you're so sore that they may last two or three weeks, and then you're like, I just don't want to do this anymore. So I would say start out way, way, way slower in easier than you expect, and then build up.


Jason Huddle  07:56

That's great advice. What about the complaint I hear from a lot of people, including myself, is that I get bored working out. It's just it's not that fun or interesting for me to sit there and do rep after rep after Rep. So what are some cures for that?


Cole Campbell  08:12

Well, a lot of that's kind of mental in developing some mental strength, really. I mean, the Learn to love the process, right? People, especially again, back with social media and all that stuff, we see the end game, right, the end result all the time, that's what everybody puts up, what you really don't see is the day after day after day after day constant grind. I mean, for myself, for example, right? I've done this, I'm 34 years old, have, since I was five years old, started playing sports. And I have met between playing sports. And then in the exercising, I've never stopped, I got probably taken off a week, maybe maybe two weeks at the most. And it's just been that constant grind. And I've learned to love and enjoy the process. The rep after rep, the constant, you know, because there's also only so many exercises, there's only so much variation you can go through. So you are going to be doing a lot of the same stuff over and over from time to time and you got to learn to love it and learn to enjoy and love the progress comes out of it the increase in your strength or the you know, the loss in your fat or whatever. But I mean, you know, think about marathon runners, how those guys and girls get faster. They run and they run more and they keep running and they keep on running. Right? They learn to love that process of running. There's not some kind of flashy, magical thing that makes them run faster. They got to run more. They learn to love the process of it.


Jason Huddle  09:57

So are you saying that you get to the point eventually Were your body's kind of craving that exercise on a daily basis? 100


Cole Campbell  10:05

Yeah, definitely big time. myself. And I wouldn't say, you know, we'll say on a daily basis, but a little sad piece today, you definitely need to take a couple days of rest. Yeah, 100% you really get to the point of where you enjoy it. And your body's like, man, I, you know, I want to move today, I want to do something today, I want to I want to get going today. And if you don't you feel kinda just blow off. for lack of better term.


Jason Huddle  10:35

What are some simple exercises, people come to you? So first day, and they're just starting out? They have no idea what they're doing? What are some simple exercises you might instruct them to do to kind of get their body? Starting towards that end? Yeah,


Cole Campbell  10:49

yep. That's kind of part of how so we do a doing assessment right after somebody, when somebody signs up and they want to come here I do, I put them through an assessment that basically shows me like their, their abilities. And based on that determines what kind of give them but so say somebody comes in, and they're, you know, never really exercised in their life. A lot of it is honestly, bodyweight stuff, getting them doing some bodyweight squats, getting them doing planks, getting them do a lot of people that that when they come in like that, they can't do push ups. So we'll do push up variations or, you know, dumbbell bench press, or some real lightweight bench press and start working on this the different patterns of movement, right, so the press movement, the pole movement, the squat movement, the hands movement, and developing your core. And doing all those in the, what I'm gonna call, I guess, the, the simplest form for when people you know, first very first start out. So that's that's kind of what I recommend. And then from there some, some easy, cyclical, so, you know, sick turning over and over and over right? work. So getting them walking for a period of time, or hitting the road machine for a period of time or hitting the airbike for a period of time. And just just doing that, yeah.


Jason Huddle  12:24

Let me ask you a question. And this is more for personal curiosity. But also, because I'm sure other people face the same issue. How important is cardio to the overall workout, because I hear different reports on whether it's really helping or not,


Cole Campbell  12:40

yes, cardio is important, going out and having the cardio capacity, the aerobic capacity to go out and run a marathon. Not you don't really need to be at that level, unless that's what your goals are, right? But having some some sort of aerobic capacity is important. It helps you in all aspects of life. But I'm not a highly highly intelligent person, right. So I like to kind of try to dumb things down. So the way I try to explain it to people is, I like to take you and I like to make you strong, makes you strong enough where you can do whatever it is you want to do. It may be, you know, it may be a mom of two kids, she wants to be strong enough to go out and play with their kids, right? Or a dad, maybe he wants to be able to lift up a bunch of heavy stuff out in his woodworking shop or something, right. So I want to get you strong enough to where you can do that with no problem. And then I want to give you the capacity where you can do that over and over and over again. Without tiring. Yeah. So that's where strength work comes into play. And that's where your aerobic ability comes into play. And they both tie in together, right? It's all mixing a robot energy systems or mixing energy systems. But that's kind of a simple way to divide it up in my mind at least. Okay, very good.


Jason Huddle  14:05

Let's do this. Let's take a break. And when we come back, I want to talk about the other side of getting in shape, which is of course nutrition, also, so we'll talk about that on the other side of the break. We're here with Cole Campbell, from House of steel in Concord. And we will be back right after these messages from our sponsors. Stay tuned.


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Jason Huddle  14:52

I get it. You're tired of paying for gyms you don't use or going to the gym and not getting the results you want. It's time to change how you approach your work. house and House of steel in Concord with a customized workout program tailored to your needs plus nutrition and Lifestyle coaching houses steel will help you finally meet your fitness goals plus houses steel is open 24 seven to fit your workout schedule, check them out online at houses steel, NC comm or call 704-202-9636 House of steel, the personalized fitness experts.


Jason Huddle  15:30

welcome back to the program. Once again, we're talking with Cole Campbell from the house of steel. I always like to say it like that



sounds like a


Jason Huddle  15:40

monster truck rally or some house. I'm





Jason Huddle  15:45

So Cole has been instructing us on how to get our bodies in shape. But the other side of that, of course, is nutrition. This is where a lot of people get confused and quite frankly cold. There's a lot of conflicting information out there about what is good, or carbs good or bad. is fat good or bad? is sugar really fat free? Well, technically, yes. But it doesn't mean it's healthy. So I always get tickled when I see candy and it says a fat free snack. Well, okay, but it's pure sugar. So right. It's funny to me. But anyway, so let's talk a little bit about nutrition. I'm sure everybody's different. But what are some core rules that pretty much across the board for for people trying to get in shape?


Cole Campbell  16:32

How I look at nutrition, kind of like I was saying earlier, right? I like to keep things easy, simple, right? Well, I think you're saying I heard like the kiss method or something. You know, keep it simple, stupid. Right? Alright, so I try to kind of do that. Take that philosophy, right. So nutrition, we'll we'll I'll address it two ways. Alright. So there are tons of fad diets, keto fasting, whatever else you want to call it. There's a bunch of different ones. I'm not saying they're bad, but I'm also not saying that they're right for everyone. But again, everybody thinks back to kind of the concept of the workouts and exercising, oh, we need to do these drastic changes these, this new fad thing to do whatever. They they just don't last, they're not sustainable for an everyday Joe Blow. Right? That they're just very hard to do. So keep it simple. The easiest way I can explain it is nutrition as a whole is easy. Okay, you need the good forms of protein. And if you're vegetarian or vegan, there's there's other ways to get about that, then that's kind of going more in depth. So we'll stay to you know, normal or to people like eating meat and whatnot. So get a good normal.


Jason Huddle  17:54

So for us carnivores. Well, yeah. What are some good items of protein in your opinion,


Cole Campbell  18:01

really a wide variety, right? So chicken, steak, beef, pork, any of it really, fish Of course, eggs, all of it. The better. Wide Range the better variety of meat that you get, the better you get, you're getting vitamins and different nutrients that your body needs, right because they all have pros to them and they all have cons tool. Right? So you need to hit a wide variety. To get a lot of what your body needs. In this the same exact way with vegetables. Same exact way with fruits, right. They all certain vegetables or fruits or whatever you want to look at have. They're good in vitamin C or they're good in vitamin B or they're good in you know whatever vitamins and nutrients and all that so you need to get a wide variety of them so that your body is getting everything you need. So I try to get people to eat 10 different varieties of fruits and veggies in a day. Not saying you need a 10 serve or a serving of each one right not saying you need 810 servings of it. But a wide variety throughout your whole day. You know you have kale, you have cucumbers, you can have spinach, you can have an apple, you can have blueberries, blackberries, raspberries and orange asparagus. I don't know what am I missing? avocado or you know whatever I'll cut that that's 10 right there. So you get a good salad in or you get a you know a wide variety of salads in one of your meal. You're going to knock out a lot of that menu you get a lot of the the the vitamins and nutrients and everything that you need throughout the day that way.


Jason Huddle  19:54

So we could go down a long rabbit hole of


Cole Campbell  19:58

very long yeah


Jason Huddle  20:00

Right, but you know, I've heard different things like, okay, as far as fruits go strawberries, great blueberries, superfood, right. But don't eat bananas don't eat too many oranges, those kind of things because they're high on the glycemic index, and they're gonna have a lot of sugar in them. So how mean, it all gets so confusing how to you know?


Cole Campbell  20:20

So you're what you just said, You're right about, right. But let me let me put it to you this way. is a banana better than a candy bar? But for absolutely right. So so then you go to looking at your choices, right? So if you're like, if you're 100%, dialed in, and your nutrition is spot on, and you eat, will you work out? Well, you sleep well, you manage stress, well, all that stuff, then yeah, let's start looking at Well, maybe I shouldn't eat the banana, right? But if you're like, ate and processed food 75% of the time, you're eating a bunch of candy, a bunch of junk a bunch of all that, again, keep it simple, stupid. Right? Right ate fruit instead, I don't care if it's a bad fruit. It's still better than a candy bar. You know? So so you have to look at it from what aspect what what place the person is in, in their health and fitness journey? Sure. Right. So somebody that's never been on a health and fitness journey. I'm not gonna tell them. Don't eat a banana, because it's super, it's got a ton of sugar in it. Right? If a banana I'm like, dude, that's awesome. You ate some fruit instead of a candy bar? I'm proud of you. Right? So Does that kind of make sense?


Jason Huddle  21:38

It does make sense. Like, can we talk about carbs real quick, because there's a lot of talk about, you know, whether carbs are good for you bad for you, good cars, bad carbs, that kind of thing. You know, again, I've heard you know, don't eat potatoes, because they're again, high on the glycemic index, they turn into sugar, you know, have all the veggies you want. But like corn, potatoes, rice, those kinds of things can just turn into sugar in your body. So what do I do with that kind of information? So


Cole Campbell  22:07

yes, I do feel that for the most part, our bodies need some carbs. Right. So I'm not a I'm not a huge keto fan. I'm not to say it doesn't work for some people, because it does. But I'm just I'm not a huge keto fan. So I like to, I like to keep people with some carbs. But we want to keep it minimal, right. And we want to keep it very good sources of carbs. So we want to get a large part of it from fruits and veggies. And then from there you want to get if you're going to eat grains, you want to make sure it's good quality, whole grain food, and potatoes, rice, stuff like that. You want to keep it starchy type foods, all that you want to keep them to a minimum. But should you eat some? Yes. Now here's the kicker for people that are like, more and more performance oriented. That may be training for something or have some goals or whatever like that. They for sure need carbs.


Jason Huddle  23:06

Oh sure. That's where your energy from always eat spaghetti the night before you run a marathon, right?


Cole Campbell  23:11

Exactly. Yeah, yeah. But um, so for for everyday people just kind of trying to get fit, maybe lose some weight, all that you need a little bit of carbs, but keep it to a minimum, like for the most part, and I'm very, I can eat the same thing day over day after day. So I'm not a great example. But for myself, really, the carbs that I eat are sweet potatoes. I just say I eat sweet potatoes about really almost about a meal. So it's easy for me because I'm uh you know, I go on the go a lot with my boys all that stuff. Now Papa sweet potato in the microwave. And that's what I would


Jason Huddle  23:51

like the the brown sugar and the marshmallows and stuff that's not included.


Cole Campbell  23:55

No, no, I put some put some ghee on it. And that's about it. I'm done. But yeah, so I sweet potatoes and Ali Ali, regular potatoes. And I'll eat rice from time to time. But my goat who is his sweet potatoes, again, stay away from like, processed carbs. Right? So somebody that's eaten all kinds of processed pasta or, you know, stuff like that processed carbs. Man if they start eating just potatoes or sweet potatoes. that's a that's a great trade off. Right? So again, it boils down to the person and where they are at in their health and fitness journey. Very good.


Jason Huddle  24:38

Well, in the last minute or so that we have you've given us a lot information. So I'm going to play the shameless plug music and then you get to do a quick, you know, 30 seconds or so plug in, tell everybody about how stealing what you guys do. All right. So please hold for your shameless plug music. All right, take it away.


Cole Campbell  25:00

We just bring you in and have a have a consultation with you try to figure out, again, where you are on that fitness journey that we're talking about and what your goals are and all that. And then I'll take it and put you put you through an assessment. And that gives me a lot of information about what you're capable of doing. And then from there, write your program individually for you. And I help you dial in your nutrition help you dial in your lifestyle, all that stuff so that you can start reaching the goals that you're trying to reach.


Jason Huddle  25:36

Excellent job that has. Thank you. This has been a shameless plug time with cold from House of steel. All right, cool. Thank you so much for joining us today. Give us some great information.


Cole Campbell  25:51

It's there appreciate you having me. Absolutely.


Jason Huddle  25:53

If people want to get more information about you, or house of steel, where can they go?


Cole Campbell  26:00

They can go to our website, House of steel, NC comm or go to our Facebook page, or go to our Instagram, any of those. And you can shoot us a message on any of them. or give us a call at the number that's listed on the website.


Jason Huddle  26:14

All right. And so let me just give you an encouragement. If you are out there listening and you're thinking I do need to get in better shape. Go see Cole and the guys that houses steel, they will take care of you. They will create a customized workout plan for you. And they'll help you get started. Today is the day right. Cool.


Cole Campbell  26:30

That's right. No better day than today.


Jason Huddle  26:33

Absolutely. All right, you guys stay tuned. We'll be back to close out the program in just a moment. April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month, and the color blues symbolizes child abuse. Over 200 children are seen at the Children's Advocacy Center at jeff gordon Children's Center in Concord each year. We are looking for teams and businesses to help us raise funds for children who are victims of child abuse and have to seek medical care pick any day in April to wear blue for a $5 donation with your team or business visit canberras healthcare for more information that's cupbearer us Healthcare Foundation dot o RG and lending Bay mortgage group wants you to remember three letters when you're buying a home to take away the guesswork by knowing how much you qualify for and what information you'll need to provide beat the sellers expectations by closing in under 29 days on average and D deliver the next best thing to a cash offer giving you the advantage over other potential buyers with our TBD process closing it's faster and easier than ever before call Matt dinner he had 704-201-9603 to experience the Atlantic Bay mortgage group difference today when presentations any topic or availability of EDI writings depended on the visual mind scenario information deemed reliable but not guaranteed all on site to income verification credit approval property. Of course not.


Jason Huddle  27:47

I would like to thank once again, Cole Campbell for coming on to the program to talk to us about getting our bodies in shape, eating the right things to help us live longer to help us have a better quality of life. It's so important. And I know I don't look like the poster child. But I am trying I'm trying so hard to live longer for my kids and my wife, my family. And so if you don't do this for you do it for the ones that love you. It's very important at least start with trying to eat better use that as a launching pad and then you can move into exercising later. But I promise you you'll start to feel better if you're just mindful of the things you are putting inside your body. And if you feel like you need some help, go talk to Cole Campbell and the people at houses steel. They will help you out next week. I am so excited because we're going to be talking about something else that's coming back to life around here. Tourism. We're going to be talking with Julie Henson from the Cabarrus CVB and we're going to be discussing how our local tourism is getting back on track. Very excited to bring that information to you and that will be coming up in next week's edition of upfront with cupbearer magazine. It has been presented to you by CabCo Media Group and sponsored by Atlantic Bay mortgage group been mine that family of dealerships careers Healthcare Foundation, Geico Concord Mills office, House of steel level up Realty and new hope Worship Center. It is produced and hosted by yours truly Jason Huddle. Until next week, start pumping that iron

Episode 97: It's Time to Lose the COVID Spread!

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